Lululemon Warehouse Sale – Toronto January 2007

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Lululemon – Toronto Warehouse Sale
Jan 25 – 28, 2007

I’ve said my piece about Lululemon, but I’m sure many readers would like to know about this sale. If you follow the link you can see a discussion forum related to the sale. It can help you decide if it’s worth the line up. You can also see the thread I started at

473 Adelaide Street West (2nd Floor)
Toronto, Ontario

UPDATE: Readers I want to hear your comments about this sale. Please come back and comment about your experience. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. omg!!! i nearly fell out of my chair! can’t wait till the 25th lol

  2. just wondering, whats the price difference between going to a near by lululemon and going to this sale. i live in richmondhill is it worth the drive?

  3. I’ve never personally been to the Lululemon sale. I have no intention of going either. That being said, check the line to the sale title as that will take you to a forum where they are discussing it.

    In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it. Not only will you have to drive, you will have to line up.

    If you are looking for women’s clothes, try La Senza Spirit, I can’t say enough good things about their clothing. I’m not sure what the men’s selection will be like at the sale, I would imagine it’s will be better than the womens.

    my 2 cents, but I’m not a good person to ask about Lululemon.

  4. Some of my friends at work who have been to the sale in the past are actually taking a vacation day to go on Friday. They say its amazing…things for as little as $10. They did say it is pretty crowded. I am not convinced that it will be worth it if you consider what the stores had out for boxing day.

  5. people love their lululemon. I might just have to walk by on Thursday to check out the line. perhaps chuckle a bit too.

  6. Hey, I have every SINGLE thing from lululemon, and i was wondering, why is this sale so good? i want to buy the new lulu scuba plaid hoodie, and i was wondering, how much will it be on sale?! thanks for all your help, i would totally appreciate it if someone helped. THANK YOU MUCH LOVE!!!
    see how upssed i am?!

  7. I personally think it’s a lot of hype, but then again I don’t like lululemon. Maybe the chance of saving some money is what drives people to the sale.

  8. I don’t really understand the hype of lululemon much either, but my friends love it. So, thanks so much for posting it. I’m sure they’ll be excited about going. =)

  9. No problem. I leave my personal bias for my non sale posts. I hope they find something cool, please tell them to come here and comment afterwards. I would love to hear their thoughts.

    Hell, all readers, I want to hear your thoughts about this sale, come back and post.

  10. I went to the sale 2 years ago and got there early and waited in line for 3 HOURS!!! I got a few things but nothing great at all. There is no way I am going again this time around. too cold and not worth it.

  11. my friend is working the sale and told me herself that the ‘big sale’ really means 5% off. What a waste of time!!

    have fun.

  12. Bah, pure hype. I’m telling you people La Senza Spirit, cheaper and no line up. I just bought a great tank for $12.50, $12.50 people.

  13. Look, it was a waste of time. Average price was 30%..I mean really. If you’re gonna have a sale, make a real sale…with real deals. I went to the last sale in Toronto and it was wrote the wait. $10, $20 even $50 max on items. I wish there was a way to warn people…DON”T GO!!! Everyone should just stop shopping there…just for kicks ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. What time did u go at? And, how long did you have to wait for?

  15. I was wondering, is there a specific reason why you don’t like lululemon? Just curious because you keep mentioning that you don’t like it and that it’s all hype or something.

  16. Well, I think their stuff is overpriced crap. I dont’ care for the fit of the pants, althought I do own two sweatshirts. I have the same feelings for Lululemon as I do Nike. It’s for the masses and not athletes. There is a bit of snobbery about the whole thing on my part, definitely.

    But hey to each his own, if people want to line up in sub zero weather to save 20 bucks that’s their choice.

  17. I went to the sale this morning and I waited for 4 hours! What a waste of time!! The sale was terrible…as noted above 30% off is the best discout and most of the items there are ugly…DON’T GO!!

  18. DO NOT GO!!!! The last sale in 2005 was much better (all under $50, good classic pieces)…. BUT, this time, it is NOT worth it…. I only bought something to justify waiting in line in subzero temperatures…. forget getting pants or shorts or cute tanks – if you want ugly coloured clothes (all priced over $39) that I’ve actually never even seen in a Lulu store than go… or if you are a guy it’s not bad – otherwise, do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I’m actually embarassed I went through all that nonsense this morning – NEVER AGAIN – lesson learned!

  19. What a complete waste of time. I’m posting this in hopes of saving others from freezing their feet off. I went thursday morning at 8am and didn’t get in until noon. I think I got frost bite. Everything in there was garbage and on average 30% off. The prices weren’t great and there was a large selection but it was a large selection of crap. The colours were ugly. It’s all the stuff they couldn’t sell in the store and on boxing day. Definitely not worth going. Next time even if there was no line up and I was walking by, I wouldn’t bother going in. You’re better off going to the store and paying full price or just waiting for boxing day where you don’t have to wait 4 hours to get in!!

  20. Wow! I’m glad I found this discussion board. I booked tomorrow off work, and was planning on going to the sale early in the morning. I’m a fitness instructor, so I always need clothes. But if they’re ugly and not really a great sale price, I may just sleep in and enjoy my day off:)

    Thanks to all of you who shared your experiences!

  21. lululemon warehouse sale was a waste of mine time

  22. There is nothing like making everyone waiting outside in the freezing cold when there is hardly anyone inside. To make matters worst, they only give us $10 off.

  23. I also went Friday…
    took a day off, woke up early, paid for parking, stood in the cold (-20!!) for 1.5 hours

    and of course, the deals weren’t great, the merchandise wasnt really nice. (unless you like the idea of baggy red pants for $50)

  24. I’m glad I came on here first bc I was thinking of heading down there today (from Richmond Hill), and now that I’m reading all your comments it doesn’t look like a good idea! I don’t own anything from lululemon yet but I was hoping to get a pair of black pants on sale which it doesn’t look like is going to happen….Guess I’ll have to pop into the store (or check out LaSenza!). Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Alise

    I bought a pair of black pants from La Senza Spirit and I love them. They are a good fit for me which I couldn’t get from Lululemon.

  26. Hello,
    I am just wondering if there are any plaid scuba hoodies left! I am IN LOVE but they are sold out in Saskatoon and ebay doesn’t have my size! Please reply, THANKS!

  27. You just saved me gas, parking and my sanity. Was planning on driving down. Sleep sounds better!

  28. edit – original comment had my old blog addy! This one has the correct one.

    Wow! I know the sale is over, I know that I wouldnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt have gone anyway (not overly impressed with Lululemon either) but it was still great reading this thread.Fantastic interaction. I could not believe anyone would stand out in the cold for even 1 minute for a LLL sale.

    GG – are you going to post a similar for the Holts Sale Now that one I just might considerรขโ‚ฌยฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I didn’t go the first three days because I heard about the lineups and lack of selection but my husband and I decided to check it out today just on a whim because it was the last day. We went around noon and there was no lineup and we got in there and they announced that every jacket was $19, every short $15, every top $15, every skirt $9, so we totally cleaned up. And for every $100 you spent you got a free Jetset bag which is worth $49 in the store. It was totally worth it to wait until the last day as we got a tonne of great stuff!

  30. Well, I’m glad to hear there were some discounts to be had. Maybe the lines will be large for the end of the sale now instead of the beginning.

    Thanks for your story Muffy ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Whenever there is another sale please let me know!
    Thanks soooooooooo much

  32. Hi Dina,

    I don’t do personal emails for this type of thing, but you can get posts from I want – I got emailed to you. See the I want – I got consumption methods section to sign up.

  33. heyy ! i lvoe lululemon alot, and please let me know when there is a sale as soon as possible !
    thank you alot ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. lululemon rockss my sox rite off
    there clothing duzn’t pill
    doens’t shrink
    and doesn’t get loose and stuff
    they rock
    better than tna cuz it pills and stuff
    so for acouple of dollars more
    its soo much worth itt

  35. I attempted to go to a lululemon sale ONCE years ago, and departed once I saw the line-up. I heard there were only colourful stuff anyway which I wasn’t keen on spending oney on.
    However, their black pants have lasted me since 2003 without a snag, I can’t say the same for Nike.
    Unfortunately..although I wish there was a cheaper alternative, and I have tried believe me, La senza spirit pants are horrible for people with cellulite. Not a single one of my friends looks good in them and neither do I no matter what colour. Their bras are ace, but the issue they have mixing mesh light fabrics with tight lycra in their tops recently is ridiculous and gives you little ‘mice’ boomps all over the place like you are wearing a too tight garment even if it is the right size. ..buyer beware. They look great on the mannequins and on my ‘buns and legs of steel’ class instructor though. Regular women, watch out.

  36. I get all my Lululemon Online at they are the BEST, and the service is AMAZING. No waiting in line for hours, but cute Lulu delivered right to my door and office whenever I like. They also gift wrap and ship items as presents – I can’t tell you how many times this has saved my bacon for a Birthday Gift, and they’ll even add a personalized note in the Birthday card – awesome! They’re like my personal gift shopper assistant. I LOOOOOOOOOOve them, and would NEVER wait in the cold when I can shop from my nice warm office with my coffee in hand ๐Ÿ™‚
    Check out

  37. can someone tell me when the next Lululemon sale is


    Miss J

  38. does lululemon sell pants in size 0? i foudn that many ppl can not find a size fit like the tna pants are supposed to be tight, so they get a size large and wear it baggy

  39. heey
    is there gonna be one this year?
    like in december 2007/january 2008?
    please tell me!
    if you know of any other sales in etobicoke..stores such as lululemon or aritzia PLEASE tell me if neone knows
    && whats the price ranges? like is it a big defference from mall price?

  40. It will probably be the same time as this year. Use the I want – I got consumption methods to keep track of sales here. I don’t email anyone personally about sales.

  41. I have a love-hate with lululemon. I agree with GeekGirl, their clothing is designed for the masses, not for serious athletics. Having said that, they fill a niche in the market; there are not a lot of places that make well-cut, cute athletic clothing.

    I know that La Senza has been mentioned, but I’m not really a fan. Girls, where do you go for athletic clothes?

  42. can anyone confirm if there is a sale for 2008 ? If so, when is it ?

  43. Haven’t heard anything yet about the sale. I can’t remember how I found out about this one originally. I imagine it will happen around the same time as last year though

  44. I just called the CEC at Lululemon – there are two warehouse sales this year one in Ottawa and one in Calgary. They are not holding a warehouse sale in Toronto in 2008

  45. Went to the Ottawa sale this morning…-20 outside, loooooong line, an hour after the doors opened i was still in line and nooo one was getting out…and i wasn’t even half way through the line so i gave up. if no one was out after an hour it’s either the stuff was good and they were loading up or they were looking for something good and could not find it…i’m in love with their pants but can anyone tell me if this one sale is worth it cause I am considering going mid day friday, less people…but won’t go if nothing good available…

  46. I went to and it SUCKS! Those are terrible prices, the STORE is way cheaper. Isn’t ebay suppposed to be good deals!? Lululemon is just so expensive. They say “Floss” “Be happy” and have all these peace, saving the world sort of adds— how about saving the world instead by not buying a pair of $115+ dollars and feeding a child in a poor country for over three months with that money. That is medical, food, and education for a child. Try instead of “”.

  47. I agree we should think about other people before our selves. If you donate a lot of money and care for those people then its ok if you have one or two things of lululemon but don’t just wear them becasue every one else is wearing them!
    Be Yourself!!!

  48. i was wondering if u will have a luluemon wear house in toronto or in londo b.c i am right between those places b.c ottawa is to far away

  49. Brittany,

    You’ll have to contact Lululemon for that information. I’m not holding any kind of sale.

  50. If you are interested in lululemon at warehouse sale prices, try You can buy online without the warehouse sale lineups!

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