More Than Just A Yardage Sale 2013 – Call for Fabrics

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More Than Just A Yardage Sale 2013 - Call for Fabrics
More Than Just A Yardage Sale 2013 – Call for Fabrics

The dates have been set for the TMC Volunteer Association’s annual More Than Just A Yardage Sale. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 24 – 25, 2013.

If you’re clearing out your attic or basement, downsizing your home, or reducing your stash, please consider donating to our annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale. We’re seeking donations of buttons, quilting fabric and notions, fabric, ethnic clothing and costumes, small equipment, craft supplies and more. Not sure what to donate? Here is a handy list of what we do, and don’t, accept:

We Do Accept:
• Fabric yardage–both dressmaking and decorator
• Yarn
• Books
• Buttons
• Hand tools for all textile crafts
• Incomplete craft projects
• Buttons
• Notions
• Trimmings
• Ethnographic & vintage textiles, including vintage clothing, drapery & household linens
• Designer, children’s and vintage patterns
• Selected textile magazines such as Threads, Piecework and Selvedge, any beading or high-end knitting magazines and some embroidery or quilting publications

We Don’t Accept:
• Fabric scraps less than a ¼ yard
• Soiled or musty items
• Incomplete or non-designer sewing patterns (such as Butterick, Burda, Simplicity, New Look or Basic Vogue)
• Used/dried craft paint or any craft tools “bigger than a bread box” such as quilting frames, looms, knitting machines, spinning wheels, console sewing machines, etc.
• We are rarely able to sell multi-disciplinary magazines such as Crafts Plus, Family Circle and Good Housekeeping.

Please see the More Than Just A Yardage Sale page for more details about donations and information about the upcoming sale.