I want – I got debuts at the Holt Renfrew Blogger Windows


So the Holt Renfrew Blogger Windows are up. I threw a party last night and we then went to see the windows all together. It was a blast and thanks to everyone who attended and to those who sent their well wishes.


I have a huge post to write about last night but here are some sneak peaks at my windows.


The rest of the windows are so much fun. Check them out at Bloor Street.

Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got www.paulbaikphoto.com

23 comments on “I want – I got debuts at the Holt Renfrew Blogger Windows

  1. Ann June 27, 2009 9:01 PM

    congrats congrats congrats! awesome displays to say the least!

  2. Patricia June 27, 2009 10:13 PM

    This is amazing, great job! You look fantastic too…

  3. jyotika June 28, 2009 2:15 AM

    @geekigirl Saw the window today – looks fab! Working on a post for tomorrow.

    • geekigirl June 28, 2009 2:26 AM

      @jyotika Too bad you couldn’t make it out last night, it was a freaking spectacle. Wait for the pics, total paparazzi styles

      • EdenSpodek June 28, 2009 2:29 AM

        @geekigirl Your window was beyond awesome. What were the others like?

        • geekigirl June 28, 2009 2:33 AM

          @EdenSpodek But it was the tamest of them all

          • EdenSpodek June 28, 2009 2:39 AM

            @geekigirl I can’t wait to take a look on Monday. Heading to YK tomorrow. Wonder what they did there to compliment the flagship stores.

          • geekigirl June 28, 2009 2:42 AM

            @EdenSpodek Well that’s the thing, I hear it’s only Flagship stores now. So I don’t know if they got any treatment at all

          • EdenSpodek June 28, 2009 2:50 AM

            @geekigirl I’ll let you know.

      • jyotika June 28, 2009 2:37 AM

        @geekigirl Love the jumping one you just posted.

        • geekigirl June 28, 2009 2:39 AM

          @jyotika Oh man, I was jumping around like a mad fool, expect many many more to follow. @HairyKnuckles only gave me a few of what he has

          • jyotika June 28, 2009 2:40 AM

            @geekigirl as you should have been! look forward to them…

  4. Nadia June 28, 2009 1:23 AM

    Congratulations! The windows look great :)))

  5. meghan June 28, 2009 5:39 PM

    This is so great! Congratulations!

  6. Victoire June 29, 2009 7:14 PM

    I think this is such a fabulous idea for a window! Congrats on being featured!

  7. Ali de Bold June 29, 2009 10:59 PM

    Wow, Anita!! This is amazing!!! I’m excited for you!! Display is beautiful and love the Anita dress too. Congratulations!

  8. Wanderlusting June 29, 2009 11:04 PM

    That is SO awesome. Holt Renfrew in Vancouver is only a 10-minute walk from my apartment, so I will walk down this week and see yours. SO COOL! LOves IT! Loves YOU!!

    xoxo Lusty

  9. Kitty June 30, 2009 8:27 AM

    Congrats!* The display is beautiful and totally reflects your style!

  10. nikki June 30, 2009 9:07 PM

    wow thats great! congrats. i really like your blog

  11. Rolyn Chambers March 4, 2011 12:11 AM

    WOWZA! I never actually saw this but….AH-MAZING! Congrats Anita!

    • geekigirl March 4, 2011 12:20 AM

      Thanks Rolyn

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