Month: April 2008

Drowning in email….

Hi I just wanted to say if you have emailed me and haven’t heard a reply yet, there is a good chance that I haven’t gotten to it yet. I do a lot of triage with email because I just don’t have enough hours in the day. A lot of stuff gets put on the “I’ll get to it one long weekend” pile. I’ll most likely reply to you, unless you’re like this idiot From: hussein [] Sent: April 30, 2008 9:37 AM To: geekigirl Subject: I want – I got visitor submission hussein wrote: hi i want aske you if ther is glass for sex i can see everyone witeout clothe Like seriously, what the hell is this?


HOMETOWN HEROES Friday, May 2, 2008 So my brother is a DJ and is in a band called HERO. Since I’m a loving sister and I want them to do well, I thought I would use this platform for a shameless plug of his gig on Friday. Check out this making of a video video on Facebook, My brother is DJ Taktiks. The Academy loves their hometown Canadian talent, and we’d like you to show your love as well. Toronto hip hop fans have continued to show love to the out-of-town A-list, however a significant portion of those who love hip hop in the TDot, do not show the same support to the amazing local talent we have at home. There’s many who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk as far as supporting their own, and this situation needs to change. Having confidence and pride in our local hip hop, will translate to their success internationally. A revival and re-birth of Toronto and Canadian hip hop is a necessity, and that begins with …

Buy Design for Windfall 2008

Buy Design for Windfall 2008 On Saturday, April 26 2008 Toronto’s Distillery Historic District will play host to the 5th annual BUY DESIGN charity gala: Buy Design 54. Supporting Windfall Clothing Service, Canada’s only NEW clothing bank, party-goers will strut their stuff in Halston lamé or polyester pant suits to the tunes of the 70’s.

Holt Renfrew interviews Victoria Beckham

The newly designed Holt Renfrew site now has content. It seems they are going for the Net-a-Porter model but without the online shopping aspect. Overall it’s a big step in the right direction, although there are some aspects of the website that I absolutely detest, that’s for another post. Holt Renfrew: What was the inspiration behind dVb by Victoria Beckham? Victoria Beckham: I’ve always collected denim and I could never find a pair of jeans that fit me particularly well. As a woman, you want something that fits relatively tight on the leg but big enough on the waist. [dVb jeans] are incredibly simple and basic: you can wear them with flip-flops or heels. Perhaps there is a reason you can’t find jeans that fit you Victoria. Read the rest of the interview on

I <3 Italian Vogue

Thanks to Fashionista I just heard about this. This just in from a source: Steven Meisel has just shot an entire issue of Vogue Italia with all black models, hoping that other issues of Vogue start to diversify their own portfolios. Apparently, all of the photo shoots have already happened, as model bookers at various agencies have been contacted and sourced for new, beautiful, not-white girls — and now they’re twittering about how cool the issue will be. No word on when the issue will hit stands or who’s on the cover (Jourdan Dunn? Chanel Iman?), but whatever: Steven Meisel you rock my world!

Ford Models Supermodel of the World Canada Search

Lauren from Ford emailed me to let me know about the Toronto stop on the cross country Ford Models Supermodel of the World Canada search. Ford Models Canada will partner with Maybelline, Diesel and Redken, to hold a cross-country scouting search in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax. Scouts will be looking for fresh faces to compete in the Ford Models Supermodel of the World Canada Search. The winner will move on to compete in the Ford Supermodel of the World competition in January 2009. Throughout the day, Ford Models partners Maybelline, Diesel and Redken will invite participants and their families to take part in an extra special experience, the Beauty Trends Workshops. Each of the event sponsors will provide demonstrations and preview spring/summer beauty and fashion trends. Redken experts will focus on hair products to help create the latest hairstyles while Maybelline artists will guide people on how to wear and apply this season’s must-have makeup colors and looks. Diesel stylists will be on hand to provide an interactive Diesel denim experience. You can …

Vintage Naomi

Naomi is one of my all time favourite models. It’s awful, but her stock rose with me when she started beating on people. She’s completely crazy and I guess I kinda like that. image: foto_decadent: VOGUE (Italia) settembre 1996

geekiviews: Revealing my beauty secrets tag challenge

Bargainista decided to tag me in the Revealing my beauty secrets tag challenge. This should be interesting and you’ll get an idea of my minimal approach to makeup. My Foundation: Don’t wear foundation. I probably should, but I’m lazy. My Mascara: I love Mascara. Right now my favourite is Cargo in Electric Blue. Day Cream: Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer and Total Eye Care eye cream. My Beauty Product Brand: I don’t really have a favourite and Dermalogica doesn’t do makeup. My Essential Beauty Product: Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer and Total Eye Care eye cream My Favorite Makeup Product: Lip gloss. Loving the Make Up For Ever super lip gloss in clear. I like the wet look. My Perfume: Flowerbomb and before that the lavender perfume you get when you stay at the Hotel St. Paul in old Montreal. God, I need to get back there. Three Products to bring on a Deserted Island (besides solar): Dermalogica, Dermalogica and more Dermalogica. I would need my Active Moist, special cleansing gel and Total Eye Care Woman I …

Toronto is the smallest of towns.

Yesterday, I posted about these earrings I got. Samara, Petitsbijoux, emailed me and asked if I received the package. I replied and said I did and that I loved them. She replied saying that maybe I’ll see you around wearing them. I really didn’t think that would happed, but it did and quickly. I was walking to Ossington on Queen from The Drake Thursday evening and who do I run into; that’s right Samara! It was surreal, but very cool to meet the designer. Toronto is such a small place.

i got…

Petit flock earrings by Petitsbijoux The Mother of pearl birds were so cute I had to have these. Petitsbijoux is a local Esty user so I got my earrings super quick. I loved the packaging and the presentation. image: