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geekiviews: Tickled Pink Foundation Garment by Saxton Chayse

Foundation garments are a staple in my wardrobe. The use slips, camisole and tshirts are a common practice in my fashion world. I’ve added a new must have item to my foundational garment roster, the Tickled Pink undershirt. It’s the perfect garment as it works as an undershirt and prevents sweat marks and pit stains without resorting to using those underarm adhesive pads. Saxton Chayse sent me a Tickled Pink undershirt to test drive last summer. It wasn’t something that I thought of using during that season so I didn’t look at it until the fall. I was in love…

i want: Patchwork Raglan Check Sweater by J.W. Anderson

I’ve packed away my winter gear and I shouldn’t be thinking about sweaters right now but here we are. This cashmere, silk and cotton sweater from J.W. Anderson has the perfect combination of colours and stripes. I’ve noticed the J.W. Anderson does really great sweaters. I’ve seen the Patchwork Raglan Check Sweater online starting from $540 from Shopbop and Farfetch. images:,,

I want – I got Editorials – Philip Sparks Spring 2013

A lot of bloggers love to the do the photoshoot of themselves thing. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that’s not my thing. I rarely post about my daily outfits because I honestly don’t find it or them interesting. For those of you that are curious about what I’m wearing, your best bets for glimpses are to follow me on twitter or instagram. You can search geekigirl to find me. So, I don’t like outfit posts and that kinda shit but I enjoy doing the occasional editorial. Some of these editorials I’ve organized and others I’ve just played… Now Shipping to Canada or I’ll Never Step Foot into a Zara Store Again

It’s absolute genius at how Zara can make every single piece of clothing look desirable on their newly launched Canadian ecommerce site. I’m floored. Zara is my favourite of the fast fashion shops but nothing ever looks this good in the store. That’s right folks, you can get Zara shipped to your door anywhere in Canada starting March 6, 2013. To celebrate the launch Zara blanketed the city with $150 gift card according to all the tweets and Instagram post I saw last week. I too received this lovely gift which allowed the recipient to shop at ahead of…

I want – I got Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

So, this year I lost my mind and I decided to create a holiday gift guide. I’m usually anti-gift guides because I’m not much of a Christmas person and gift guides are a shit ton of work. I don’t know what made me change my mind this year but here we are. People have told me this is a good idea, so I hope you find it helpful or amusing. This is the part one of four in the I want – I got Gift Guide series. I have so many favourite things I wanted to include. This gift guide…

i want: Dagger Print b tee by Primary

Primary has a really cute fall winter 2012 – 2013 collection. I love the black and chartreuse Dagger Print b tee. Make a statement in our dagger print b tee with our fall signature chartreuse hue that curls out on the sides. A powerful office look with a fitted black skirt, or an easy fall blouse option paired with a pant. images:

i want: Houndstooth Best Friend Pullover by Valentine K Designs

Valentine K is a local label who specialize in cashmere sweaters. I love cashmere and I love sweaters but I’m not big on the elbow patches that much. Elbow patches are a big design feature in Valentine K. I didn’t think I would waver on this dislike but then I saw the Houndstooth Best Friend Pullover. This is good stuff. images: courtesy of Valentine K

Mulberry, Spinning a Yarn

This Mulberry documentary on the women who hand knit the chunky wool pieces from the Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 collection is fashion porn. What a brilliant little film that takes you into the lives of those that make the clothing and their specialized skills. I love that Mulberry uses traditional British crafts. I’m now obsessed with getting myself a Mulberry sweater. Mulberry’s short documentary ‘Spinning a Yarn’ focuses on Margaret and Valerie – two of the women responsible for hand-knitting the thick, sheep’s wool pieces from the Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 Catwalk Collection. Margaret and Valerie, knitting veterans with 70…

i want: Tunic by Dinh Ba

This knit tunic by Montreal designer, Dinh bÑ popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. It got me thinking of how cosy knits are in the fall with pleasure instead of summertime disdain. i’m not ready to purchase knits yet but this tunic can be found at distill gallery in Toronto. image:

Line Knitwear x Roots City Sweaters

My heart fills with Canadian pride when looking at the Line Knitwear and Root sweater collaboration. Line and Roots teamed up to create a capsule collection of four sweaters all based on iconic cities in Canada. The collection uses Line Knitwear’s top selling sweater styles with a bit of Roots Canadiana. I’m a fan of all the styles and I think it’s fitting that Toronto’s is the most bland for some reason. I think it’s because I work in the financial district and all I see is shades of white, grey, navy and black. These sweaters will be available at…