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Theme Change

So I decided that since I moved to a new place in April, the blog should get a new look too. I finally purchased Thesis after debating it in my mind for years. It’s still pretty minimal as a theme and I really like that. Hopefully you see faster loading times too. I’m still working out all the kinks so let me know if you run into any trouble in the comments. Sorry it’s been pretty quiet on the site. March was a month I won’t forget anytime soon and the blog too a backseat to real life. I plan on changing that this month. Thanks for reading. Anita

Page Navigation Fixed

Hi Thanks to some kind readers they notified me of a problem with navigating to older posts using the options at the bottom of the homepage. I believe I’ve fixed the issues for good. Please let me know in the comments if you can see older posts. Please remember to clear your browser cache and repeat if you do run into issues. Cheers Anita

I’m Baaaaack!

Hello Dear Readers, I’m back from vacation and have some great posts for you lined up with wonderful pictures and video from my trip to Whistler. Posting will return to normal tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.   Anita  

I want – I got 2009 and 2010 in Review

Happy New Year I want – I got readers. Thank you so much for reading this blog and being so supportive. I really appreciate you all. I feel like I should reflect on the crazy things that happened to me since the last time I wrote a year in review post for the 2008. I had one lined up for 2009 but just never got around to publishing it. So, this round up will be for 2010 and include highlights from 2009.  Let’s start shall we. My namesake dresses, The Anita Dress and the The Clarke Dress created by Greta Constantine for the 2010 seasons. Words cannot describe how much I love this gesture by Kirk and Stephen. I love you guys and the GC crew. The House of Constantine: OUR GIRL ANITA CLARKE post was an emotional one for me too. There are two the Anita dresses in my closet now: the original red sample and a new black one. I want – I got debuts at the Holt Renfrew Blogger Windows – I …

TIFF Madness

It’s film festival time and I’m kinda going crazy right now. I’m also on vacation. Posts are a little light right now because I’ve been out a lot. However I got lots of stuff to report on: FT 25th, TIFF Gifting suites and TIFF parties. It’s been fun and I had a couple celeb sightings and interactions. Thanks readers. I <3 you.

What a crazy week

Hi folks, Just dropping you a note to let you know that blog posts will continue this evening. It’s been a crazy week in Toronto with the Earthquake, flooding and of course the G20. I also went on a crazy day trip to NYC and I’ll have the deets for you in a series of posts because it’s just too insane for one. Sit tight and Thank you all for reading. Anita

Ask a Geek Post Updates

I continually update my Ask A Geek post when new information becomes available. Here is a list of Ask a Geek posts that have been recently updated. Ask a Geek: Bridal on Consignment in the Greater Toronto Area – Updated May 29, 2010 Ask a Geek: Consignment Stores in Toronto – Updated June 15, 2010 Ask a Geek: Where to find Prom and Formal Dresses in Toronto – Updated June 15, 2010

It’s fashion week, can’t you tell.

It’s the last day LG Fashion Week. Just wanted to apologize about the lack of timely posts but fashion shows, after parties and job obligations make sleep the first priority. I’m also enjoying trying to learn to use the Olympus PEN E-PL1 that Olympus loaned to me. You’ll see the results of that in the photos :). Tomorrow will have my full round up of show reviews and general thoughts. Anita

Kurta Jumpsuit from Juma

I want – I got Advertiser Love

I want – I got Advertiser Love is a way for me to say thank you to my direct advertisers.  I also provides me a way to let you know about companies behind these banner ads you see.  This will be a weekly thing, don’t worry. I want an Ardor necklace from Bijouxbead.  Bijouxbead is a local jewellery artist that has created a special collection for Valentine’s Day.  Join designer, Darlene Martin at Magnolia (333 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto) for the Embrace Valentine Cocktail on Feb 11, 2009 from 7pm – 10pm. View posts about BijouxBead on I want – I got. I want an Acorn Necklace from Femm. Femm is a local fashion and bridal jewellery company created by a trio of women. Everything is handmade and there is a few one of a kind items available. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I want – I got readers get a 20% discount when they use the code LOVE during checkout at the Femm online shop. This code expires Feb 28, 2010. I want a …

Looks like I’m back

It’s been a hellish 3 days.  I’ve learned how much this blog means to me.  I’ve also learned that it’s time to get a better foundation under the house of I want – I got.  There will be some backend changes and hopefully none that affect your I want – I got browsing pleasure. Cheers Anita

I’m back in Toronto from New Delhi

Hi, I’m back in Toronto now and trying to get used to things Western again. Don’t worry, I still have some more India Diaries to pump out. It was a life changing trip and I can barely remember the person I was before I left and what was important to me at that time. However, I will be hitting the ground running as TIFF is here and I want – I got has access to some interesting things. Things should return to normal soon. I’m slowly getting my time bearings back. geekigirl

India Diaries Housekeeping

Hi, While I’m in India don’t expect quick replies to any email sent to me. I’m only replying to the most urgent of email as I’m here for work and don’t have much time for personal business. I will be back to my regular schedule on Sept 6, 2009. Thanks

I want – I got goes to India

Hello dear readers, On Friday, the day job is taking me to India. I’ll be away for two weeks. So starting now blog will be on what I call India Mode. There will be one regular post a day during until I return in early September. I’m hoping add to those lonely posts with adventures from my trip like I did with Whistler. Hopefully, you’ll get to see things as I go along. If not, there will be a round up post when I return. I’ll be trying to keep up with communications while in India. Most likely I’ll return emails once I return to Canada. So India Mode at I want – I got starts today. I have a ton of packing and prepping that needs to be done.

I want – I got, Now Malware Free

Hi You might have had some strange behaviour visiting I want – I got recently. There was some malware on my site in old directories which I’ve completely removed thanks to the great support folks at Dreamhost. It’s days like this I’m so glad I can do this myself with a little help from my friends. I always like getting into the shell and messing with things. I want – I got is safe to browse again. Sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks Anita

Welcome to I want – I got

Hi, I thought I would write a post to say hi since a lot of new visitors are stopping by because of the Holt Renfrew Bloggers Windows. Here are some tips for making the most of my site. Photos – Most photos open to larger images, please click. I’m a fan of big images so any thumbnails will link to the larger version. Sometimes I post slideshows. You definitely want to check them out as I have lots of pictures. RSS feed – You can subscribe to I want – I got via RSS using the I want – I got RSS feed link on the top right hand side of the page. Email – You can get a daily digest of I want – I got posts delivered to you via email. Sign up using the Subscribe By Email link on the top right hand side of the page. Search – Looking for a post from way back. Take advantage of my Google powered website search at the top right hand corner to find …

I want – I got 4 years strong.

I want – I got is 54 years old today. It blows my mind that I’m still doing this. It’s a good thing of course and I’m still enjoying myself. I thought you’d get a kick out of my first ever post which explains the concept of the site. It’s amazing to see what has happened in the 4 years since the concept I threw together without thinking has conceived. why? Lot’s of things have changed since I wrote that. In 2006, I started writing for blogTO and that got me entrenched in the Toronto fashion scene. During that time I want – I got’s popularity was rising. In spring 2009, I resigned from blogTO to make I want – I got my number one priority. My writing for blogTO had been dwindling over the last year. Working fulltime and dealing with I want – I got resulted in a lot of priority changes. I knew it was time to move on. So, I’m hoping for continued success with I want – I got over …

Making the most of I want – I got

Hi I thought I would pass along some tips that might make your use of I want – I got easier and more enjoyable. Photos – Most photos open to larger images, please click. I’m a fan of big images so any thumbnails will link to the larger version. RSS feed – You can subscribe to I want – I got via RSS using the I want – I got RSS feed link on the top right hand side of the page. Email – You can get a daily digest of I want – I got posts delivered to you via email. Sign up using the Subscribe By Email link on the top right hand side of the page. Search – Looking for a post from way back. Take advantage of my Google powered website search at the top right hand corner to find what you need. Comments – I love comments. I’ve changed the wording on the site. If you see the words “i need comments” that means the post has no comments, please …

Tech Problems

It’s been a week of technical difficulties at I want – I got. So much so it’s getting me pissed. My site had some downtime earlier this week and I apologize to my readers for my host’s screwup. Anyone who is trying to email me at right now is getting a bounce message. I’m trying to get this resolved right now and hope that will be fixed quickly. Just a reminder to you folks that receive I want – I got via email. If you got this message in your inbox, then you have nothing to worry about you are on the correct service. If you are wondering why you haven’t received I want – I got emails in a week then you are on the discontinued service and need to re-subscribe using the Subscribe by Email link at the top right of the page. I’ll update this post when my email returns to normal. Until then please email me at

I want – I got email via Feedblitz is stopping.

You’ve been warned and now I’m shutting down the Feedblitz email service for I want – I got posts. I wrote previously: For those of you that subscribe via email, I’m slowly going to move away from Feedblitz to Feedburner Email. I can’t switch all the subscribers over myself, so if you are currently receiving I want – I got by email. Please sign up for the new service and unsubscribe your Feedblitz based subscription. I will be maintaining both for now, but I will be dumping Feedblitz in the near future. So Subscribe to I want – I got via Feedburner Email so you don’t miss any updates. The near future is NOW. As soon as this last email warning to everyone goes out via Feedblitz I will be shutting down the account. If you wish to receive emails for I want – I got, please re-sign up using the handy submission form at the top of the page.


UPDATE: I’ve tweaked things again. So I’ve changed up the site theme once again. I’m hoping to showcase the photos much better with this site and have improved lightboxish display of the images. The theme I was using before was very wonky in this respects. I’ve scaled down the sidebars to one and they have less information than before. You will still have access to the Event Calender, search features, subscription options and the small Toronto blogroll The top of the page now display the page listings and select categories. After talking to friends, offering all category options added too much clutter. I’ve chosen the categories that I think are most relevant and useful for my readers. To see the complete list of categories please use the Archives page. The Archives page is listed by Date and by Category. I’ve also switched over to Google Search for my blog which I hope will benefit people better when searching the blog. The built in WordPress search functionality wouldn’t search all attributes and sometimes results were left …

I want – I got 2008, a year in review

Here are the noteworthy moments on I want – I got in 2008 according to me, your humble Editor, Anita. Chloe and I played in the changeroom of Holts. Vogue Patterns by Steven Meisel blew me away Blogging Whistler. Day to day updates with photos. Hoping to do it again in 2009. blog.mode the MET’s blog I saw some Spice Girls in Holt Renfrew Sasha in French Vogue Prada Spring 2008 James Jean Lookbook I scanned. I grabbed the lookbook from the Prada store on Bloor Street L’Oreal Fashion Week Fall 2008 and Spring 2009. I stepped up the coverage on I want – I got for the Spring 2009 shows. The Buy Design Ad Campaign and party. I was in Fashion Magazine, pretty cool. Italian Vogue – I wrote a few posts or three on the subject FAT 2008 Media days at the ROM.. The ROM loves me and I love it. Seeing Eleven Minutes with Final Fashion OMG, freaking VEGAS! DOUBLE OMG!!! Mille Femmes. I’m one of the Top 10 Toronto Style Cliques. …