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Tô Long-nam Spring Summer 2011

Tô Long-nam is still keeping me up to date with his collections.  I’m hoping to hear some news about fall winter 2011 soon.  Spring Summer 2011 is heavily influenced by the butterfly. As the butterfly shape corresponds with a X-structure it represents – as the ying and the yang – the two sides of the same coin. On one side the butterfly – with its soft body of curved lines, beautiful but fragile and precious through its colors – literally embodies all aspects of eternal beauty and femininity. And on the other side the X-structure which represents the masculine pole – rational, cold, straight but at the same time strong and protective. Two elements which complement each other, and which perfectly reflect all the characteristics of the TÔ LONG-NAM aesthetics. It combines the mixture of traditional masculine and feminine elements to create strength with its lines and soft harmony in its composition. images: courtesy of TÔ Long-Nam

Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day Windows

I hate Valentine’s Day but even the Holt Renfrew Valentine’s Day themed windows brought a smile to my face. Holt Renfrew’s Valentine’s windows celebrate all things love. For the month of February at Holt Renfrew stores across the country, cupid shoots his arrow at whimsically –themed mannequin couples. Each window is its own love story, with mannequins expressing their love for one another while wearing the colourful fashions and accessories of the spring 2011 season. Some of the window themes include, the romance novel, friends of Dorothy, dating games and kissing a sailor. images: courtesy of Holt Renfrew

i got: Camilla Skovgaard Drop Cut Out Sandal

I got a the beautiful Hermès L’air de Paris Gavroche for my birthday. I didn’t talk about the other really awesome birthday present. Oh yes, it’s these babies. Camilla Skovgaard makes the most comfortable heel I own.  They have been getting a lot of wear since June.  I’m loving the last so much that I’ve been toying with the idea of another pair of Camilla Skovgaard shoes in the future, perhaps many pairs in years to come.   Not only are they comfortable, they are a smoking hot shoe. Available at: Holt Renfrew, Carte Blanche, images:

Balmain x Oliver Peoples

Balmain x Oliver Peoples I have to admit the Balmain x Oliver Peoples collaboration is pretty nice. For the 2010 season, Paris couture house Balmain collaborated with Oliver Peoples to create its first eyewear design. This Limited Edition sunglass, named simply Balmain I, is a bold, unisex style that reflects the edgy aesthetics developed by designer Christophe Decarnin on the runway. Featuring an exaggerated teardrop lens shape in a form-fitting wrap, the Balmain I is a mixed-media style, crafted with a metal top bar and temples, and an acetate eyewire. Unified with four screws along the backside, the frame also features a flexible hinge for added comfort. Two color options are available: solid black and a black/silver combination. EDIT: I’ve discovered a Canadian retailer. Unfortunately it’s only in Toronto, Spectacle. images:

i want: Douglas Coupland x Roots

I like a few items of the Douglas Coupland x Roots collaboration. The ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection includes apparel for women/men/children, accessories, leather goods, design items, furniture, limited editions, original art and a series of pop-up stores. This is the first time Douglas Coupland has designed fashion wearables. He is best known as the internationally best-selling author of “Generation X”, “JPod” and “Generation A”. “For more than 10 years I’ve been intimately exploring what it means to be Canadian,” says Coupland. “This partnership with Roots is an amazing opportunity to keep that dialogue going with an even wider, more diverse audience.” The theme created for the ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection is “Canada Goes Electric” and brings together Douglas Coupland’s recognizable perspective with the Roots reputation for quality goods and craftsmanship. “For the first time in our history, we stepped back and left the design to an outside designer,” explains Don Green, Co-founder of Roots. “Visually the collection is strong but beyond that, Douglas Coupland has once again shown his trademark humour and brilliance …

i got: Criss Cross Sandal by Marais USA

These Criss Cross Sandal by Marais USA are my new favourite summertime flat. They are super comfortable and not expensive. I love the discussion and stares these shoes bring. They are so bright and neon. I love it. I picked these up at Chasse Gardee. They carry Marais USA in Toronto and they range in the $85 – $120.

Jason Wu At The Room

Jason Wu at The Room

Jason Wu and I have similar shaped heads. I can’t get that thought out of my mind whenever I look at this picture. I met Jason when he came to The Room for a Trunk Show and cocktail party in his honour. Jason Wu’s bio reads like one of the those prodigy kids. At 16 he was well on his way to becoming a designer creating couture like clothing for dolls at Integrity Toys. At 17, he became the Creative Director of Integrity Toys. Jason studied fashion design at Parson and started his namesake label in 2006. He created Michelle Obama’s ivory inaugural gown which pushed him into the limelight and made him a household name. I never appreciated Jason’s collection until I saw it up close. His style is very ladylike; socialite wear if you’d like. The details and fabrics that make his clothing interesting aren’t noticeable in photos. I was really surprised at some of the luxurious fabrics he used in the collections. All clothing is manufactured in the United States. The Room …

Manon Mini Bag by Tila March

i want: Manon Mini Bag by Tila March

This is a fun little crossbody bag from Tila March. The 4-year-old company is the brainchild of a French fashion editor, Tamara Taichman and a marketing executive in the leather luxury goods business, Nicolas Berdugo.  The Japan Times has a great little article on the brand and some history. Tila March handbags are available in Canada exclusively though the online handbag retailer A TO ZANE. images:

Desert High 3 by Acne

i want: Desert High 3 Boots by Acne

I’ve been preoccupied with these Desert High 3 boot by Acne even since I saw Tommy Ton of JakandJil wearing them. I mentioned that I was all over this lepoard print right now. Tommy just looked at me, smiled and said, “It’s because of Dries“. You can purchase these boots at the Acne online Men’s shop. images:

Diego Suede Studded Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang

i want: Diego Suede Studded Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang

The Diego Suede Studded Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang is my ultimate Spring Summer 2010 Bucket Bag. I was playing with it at Holt Renfrew and fell in lust with this bag. The hardware is beautiful and it’s pretty heavy and solid.  I appreciate the masculine qualities of  Alexander Wang handbags.  My aversion to animal print is slowly being broken down.  I love that there is a short and long strap for the bag. You can purchase this bag at Holt Renfrew or online at

G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010

G-Shock and G-Shock Mini Spring Summer 2010

There are a few items I associate with my youth: Neon, Oakleys, Converse and G-Shock watches. I loved my old G-Shock watch, it was a man’s version but I didn’t care. I loved it’s chunkiness and digital display. I think women’s watches are a bit to delicate; I need the feeling of the huge watch on my arm. I’ve been slowly acquiring these old artifacts of youth and now that these G-Shocks come in bright colours I think I’m going to have to buy in again. Casio created the G-Shock Mini for women. They feature the same G-Shock style in smaller size for women’s proportions.  They are cute too but I love all the bells and whistles that come with the men’s G-Shock. You can find G-Shock watches in Toronto at The Bay, Livestock, Solestop, Wal-mart, Sears and Little Burgundy. You can find G-Shock watches online at Zappos, Bloomingdales and Karmaloop. images: courtesy of  Casio

Lanvin Bridal Spring Summer 2010

Lanvin Bridal Spring Summer 2010

Leave it to Lanvin to make bridal I like. I was trolling Net-a-Porter and saw items from the bridal line that I’ve heard lots about but never have seen until now. I’m a big fan of the dresses on the right in the images. The short ruffled one is my absolute favourite. What a fun dress to get married in and you wouldn’t even have to change for the reception. After the wedding, dye it another colour and you have a dress you can wear at other occasions. images:

Alaia Lace-front peep-toe ankle boots

i want: Alaïa Spring Summer 2010 Shoes

Alaïa Leather wedge sandals Alaïa Lace-front peep-toe ankle boots I didn’t see any of notice the Alaïa sandals when I was at The Room taking photos.  I love the detailing on both shoes and the Lace front peep-toe are my favourites. You can find both of these styles online at Both Holt Renfrew and The Room sells Alaïa shoes in Toronto. images:

Givenchy Nappa Leather Open Toe Boots

i want: Givenchy Spring Summer 2010 Booties

Givenchy Nappa Leather Open Toe Boots Perfect little adjustable slouch bootie. Available online at and Givenchy Lace-insert patent-leather sandals I love the lace and patent sandal in this colour but you can also get in it black. The shoe is available online at Net-a-porter, (black version) and (both colours). images: net-a-porter,

Parachute Short Dress by All Saints

i want: Parachute Short Dress by All Saints

Inspired by an original wartime parachute, this double layered cotton dress features 6 cotton ties to create a truly unique silhouette. The parachute dress comes complete with authentic raw cotton calico bag. I’m totally smitten with the Parachute Short Dress by All Saints. I love the volume of the skirt and the delicate neckline contrasting with the strings. images:

Primo Lace Up Wedge Booties by Elizabeth and James

i want: Primo Lace Up Wedge Booties by Elizabeth and James

I don’t know why I’m loving the Primo Lace Up Wedge Booties by Elizabeth and James . They are blush coloured for god sakes. There is something about the laces, the snake-embossed leather trim and tweed. You can find these booties online at and Bergdorfs. Bergorfs has a black and blush version in addition to the regular blush version. Holt Renfrew carries Elizabeth and James shoes.  I haven’t seen these yet. images:

Spring Summer 2010 Bucket Bags - Mat & Nat

i want: Spring Summer 2010 Bucket Bags

The other type of handbag I’ve been obsessing over is the bucket bag. I have no idea why they are calling to me at this moment. Alexander Wang – Diego suede studded bucket bag MATT & NAT – Commix Drawstring Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs – Party Girl Tribal Pixie Bucket Bag These are a few of the more interesting ones I’ve seen. UPDATE(May 4, 2010): I saw the black version of the MATT & NAT bucket bag for sale at Over the Rainbow. It’s pretty fun in person. I like it. UPDATE(May 10, 2010): I saw the Marc By Marc Jacobs bucket bag at Holt Renfrew on the weekend. It’s pretty nice in person also. images:,