I want – I got’s Holiday Gift Guide – Gagdets

It’s that time of year again and I want – I got is putting together massive Gift Guides of things I think would be perfect to give as gifts this season. So the fashion route is out for holiday gifts. I can’t blame people for that, it’s hard to get the right piece. Don’t worry about sizing, colour or style as this third gift guide in the series is all about the gadget. My Mom is always asking me to print her photos of my nephew and niece. I didn’t have a proper photo printer until I went to an…

geekiviews: Sodastream

Believe the hype. The Sodastream is an amazing kitchen appliance. The Sodastream system allows you to carbonate plain old tap water at home. Pair this carbonated water with many of the different flavours of sodamix and you have an alternative to buying pre-packaged bottled and cans. Most Sodastream systems carbonates tap water without electricity or batteries. It uses an exchangeable CO2 carbonator that can be refilled with beverage-grade CO2 drawn from the air. The company also makes flavoured syrups so you can make your own drinks like cola, root beer and even tonic. The flavours have less calories and carbs…

geekiviews: Microsoft SurfaceRT

I’m a Microsoft Girl. It’s not sexy and probably not cool but Windows is my operating system of choice since the DOS days. Now while I might be a windows junkie, I’m also very, very slow to adopt new versions. I ran Windows 2k and XP till the bitter end. I skipped everything in between XP and 7 and only reluctantly started using Windows 7 when it came pre-installed on a Dell laptop. So just as I’m getting comfortable with 7 here comes Windows 8. My aversion was at high alert again. I read about how differences in the OS,…

i want: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II

I was in Bay Bloor radio looking for some spare earbud covers but somehow ended up getting a demo of the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II. My earbuds were sold out but I started talking to the Sale Associate about the Beats Pill, a portable speaker. The wasn’t sold on Beats but mentioned that Bose has the best portable speaker in the business right now. I was intrigued so it was demo time. The speaker connect to devices wirelessly via Bluetooth which makes it available for use by any Bluetooth enabled device. A major plus for those that love…

I want – I got Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

So, this year I lost my mind and I decided to create a holiday gift guide. I’m usually anti-gift guides because I’m not much of a Christmas person and gift guides are a shit ton of work. I don’t know what made me change my mind this year but here we are. People have told me this is a good idea, so I hope you find it helpful or amusing. This is the part one of four in the I want – I got Gift Guide series. I have so many favourite things I wanted to include. This gift guide…

geekiview: Velocity V50 Compact Vapor Generator Iron

I’m a total garment care nerd. I love my clothing and I take care of it so it lasts. I hang dry a lot of my wardrobe and that results in lots of ironing and steaming. I ditched my old iron years ago when I learned about Rowenta steamers. However for garments like dress shirts and pants I really, really missed that crisp feeling and look an iron provides. I tried for many years with a steamer but I just can’t replicate that look. Last year, I broke down and bought a shitty cheap iron for pants and shirts. It…

Q Collection by iWatchz

I get a lot of email and I’m not very good at keeping up on top of it. I get my fair share of  WTF and shady type emails too. I usually ignore these. Last weekend, I got a short and cryptic email about an amazing watch that I just needed to see. I would be getting a scoop and the company is Toronto based.  Looking at my BlackBerry Torch (Thanks RIM) I thought, Do I reply or not? I was very skeptical but my desire to reply for shits and giggles over took me.  Hell, I like watches too.…

geekiviews: Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

Zi8 Pocket Video Camera
I received the Zi8 Pocket Video Camera just in time for LGFW this year. I’ve used the HD video feature on the Olympus E-PL1 so I was curious how these dedicated video cameras function. I guess the Zi8’s main competitor is the Flip video camera. I’ve never used the Flip camera before but I’ve held it. The Zi8 is a bit wider but they are very close in size.

The camera has the following features:

  • Capture video in 720p HD at 60 fps, or 1080p HD at 30 fps
  • holds a up to 32GB SD/SDHC card
  • External microphone jack
  • takes 5MP 16:9 Widescreen HD photos
  • built-in image stabilization
  • 2.5 colour LCD screen
  • Internal USB connector, no extra cables
  • Includes HDMI cables so you can hook it up to your HDTV
  • Included KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery
  • Compatible with PC and MAC
  • Includes video editing software

The Kodak site has a great video that explains the features that the Zi8 offers. In perfect lighting the Ki8 takes some great video. It packs a lot of punch for $200. Here are a few short clips I’ve created

Holt Renfrew Presents

I didn’t use the included camera software but I like that it’s preloaded on the device so you don’t need a CD. The software has easy to share to YouTube and Facebook features.  These things aren’t features I normally would use. The software is always available if you want to use the camera on a different computer. I don’t usually edit videos I take because I’m lazy, not very good at it and don’t have much time. Thankfully the software isn’t needed to copy video and I just use windows explorer to browse the device. I don’t have an HDTV so I never played with that feature either. I don’t usually use the included software in media devices unless absolutely necessary. I took a lot video of during Toronto Fashion Weeks. Some of it isn’t pretty but most of it is very watchable.

Denis Gagnon Spring Summer 2011

I do have some complains about the camera though.  I was trying to film the entire Denis Gagnon Spring Summer 2011 runway show at LGFW. Pressing the middle red button starts and stops recording. It’s also used for the zoom feature with up and down motions.  During the filming I was zooming in and out capturing details of the handbags and the clothing. It was after the show was complete did I realize that I only captured the first 3 minutes of the show. I turned off recording when I was zooming and it wasn’t really noticeable on the screen that I wasn’t in record mode. I was a bit steamed about that. This wasn’t the first time either.  I found it a bit difficult to film details with this camera.  Video is jerky when using the zoom. It doesn’t help that I don’t have the steadiest of hands either.  That’s probably more a critism of my technique more than the camera but I didn’t find it as easy.

The size of the Kodak Zi8 is a disadvantage to me. I’m already such a gadget whore that I hate adding another device to the mix. There were days when I was carrying my Blackberry, iPod Touch, Kobo eReader, Olympus E-PL1 digital camera and the Kodak Zi8. It’s too much. I can see myself bringing the Zi8 it along if I don’t carry the Olympus E-PL1. My Blackberry Torch doesn’t have HD quality video so the Zi8 is preferable. The Olympus takes very good HD video, so the duplication isn’t necessary. I acquired the Nokia N8 smartphone last week and the HD video and Dolby sound blows the Kodak Zi8 and many others out of the water. It also is way smaller. A geekiviews post for the N8 will come later.

This would be a good product for someone who doesn’t have HD gadgets like an iPhone or HD-ready camera already and is looking for something very simple and easy to use. It’s an all in one gadget which makes it easy for beginners. There are no cables to keep track of or lose. It seems pretty durable so it would be good for kids or travel.

There are some more videos taken with the Zi8 during Toronto Fashion Weeks after the jump

Kinect for Xbox 360 Experience Centre

I raved about the Kinect for Xbox 360 when I played it at the X’10 Canada: Xbox 360 Holiday Preview Event. Now the public can experience the Kinect at the new Kinect for Xbox 360 Experience Centre on Yonge Street. I was invited to the private launch party where I got to drink beers and play Kinect for 4 hours. IT WAS AMAZING! I really can’t think of a better way to spend an evening. I predict lots of drinking and Dance Central parties once I get my hands on the Kinect for my place. I brought my friend Mark…

X’10 Canada: Xbox 360 Holiday Preview Event

I don’t do much on I want – I got that deals with video games. People send me links to their iPod/iPhone apps but nothing from any of the game companies. That was until the invite to the Xbox 360 holiday preview came through email. Jackpot! There were all types of games at this preview event like the new incarnations of Halo, Fable and Mortal Combat. The Kinect for Xbox 360 system impressed the hell out of me. I want a Kinect Xbox 360 system. I NEED a Kinect Xbox 360 system. Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment…