Holt Renfrew x Canada Goose Toque x Polar Bears International

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bear International

Holt Renfrew has partnered with Canada Goose and Polar Bears International to created a limited edition toque. A portion of the proceeds goes to Polar Bears International. The Toronto Uniform crowd will probably want their matching Canada Goose toque in either black or red. It retails for $50 and are available at Holt Renfrew stores across the country. Previously, Holt Renfrew x Marc by Marc Jacobs x VisionSpring came together to create a limited edition tote with a portion of proceeds going to VisionSpring.

Just got my Canada Goose toque from @HoltRenfrew. It's super warm

Holt’s sent me a black toque and even thought I don’t own a Canada Goose jacket I think the toque is nice. It has a merino wool exterior and a fleece interior. It has a good shape on my head for a beanie type toque. I don’t really wear that style because you need hair to pull it off. The toque is very warm and I can’t wait to see how it does in colder weather.

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bears International

The Bloor Street store has a large in store display for the toques that is pretty cute.

Limited Edition Canada Goose Toque for Polar Bear International

Marni Fall Winter 2010 Accessories and Shoes

Marni Fall Winter 2010 Accessories and Shoes

This Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection from Marni has me wondering if Consuelo Castiglioni was a Canadian in previous life. These accessories look warm and are perfect for our crappy winters.

Marni Fall Winter 2010 Accessories and Shoes

I really like the hoods. They look so fuzzy and warm.

images: tooklookbook.com

Fun With Hats


I was playing around with the hat options at the Philip Sparks Spring 2010 lookbook photo shoot.

IMG00209 IMG00208 IMG00207 IMG00206 IMG00205

i want…

hat trick – hat, hoodie and scarf from Where Did You Get That?

hat trick - hat, hoodie and scarf from Where Did You Get That?

This is the ‘all-in-one’ defense against winter: The coverage of a hat with the wrap-around protection of a scarf. This blend of cashmere and extra fine merino wool makes this piece exceptionally soft. We are Canadian – we know how to keep warm and look great at the same time.

You can get this from a new Toronto based online retailer called Where did you get that?

Where Did You Get That began with a childhood friendship. As teenagers growing up in Toronto, Canada we shared our clothes, our secrets and an insatiable taste for fashion. But our styles were always very much our own. It’s amazing how two people can wear virtually the exact same thing and yet pull off two completely different looks – it is the very essence of personal flair and a perfect reflection of our partnership.

Our differing styles and personalities, experiences and expertise, are echoed in our diverse and evolving collection. Yet our shared standard of quality, uniqueness, beauty and function remain at the heart of every Where Did You Get That find. And it’s the find that motivates us to continue hunting and gathering the best of the best, from California to Calcutta, and now to you.

Where Did You Get That is not only a question we’ve heard time and again over the course of our careers, but it is also one we’ve been asking each other for 30 years. So while our new venture is a natural culmination of our common passions, pastimes and professional interests, it is the demand for something different that inspired us to create this picturesque portal for all our most fabulous finds.

i got: Soviet Air Force Cap

Regular readers will know of my military love. I’ve added this awesome Soviet Air Force cap to my collection. You will see me with this on the streets with this hat, I love it.

Soviet Air Force cap

On side is full of these great soviet era pins and the other has 3 patches.

Soviet Air Force cap

Soviet Air Force cap

I got this from Save More Sport Store at Queen and Jarvis, which is one of the best army surplus places for hats. I got my amazing East German ushanka from them and I’ve been thanking them ever winter afterwards.

Save More Sport Store Ltd
114 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
info at savemoresportstore dot ca

i got: Clear Shoe boxes from the Shoe Stör

Clear Shoe boxes from the Shoe Stör
Wayback in 2005 I won a contest by one of the owners of the Shoe Stör. It’s taken me two years to receive the product due to lack of contact on my part and a nasty data loss problem on the Shoe Stör’s end. It’s all be cleared up and now I’m the proud owner of some clear shoe boxes… and I love them!

Clear Shoe Boxes - Shoe collection
I’ve organized my shoe collection and now everything is at my fingertips. I won’t forget about any of my shoes because they are in the back of my closet in a non-clear shoe box again.

Clear Shoe Boxes - handbag collection
They come in various sizes and I use the boot size for my handbags also.

Those Prada turbans are damn small

So Prada has made the turban a hot item for spring 2007. I actually got to touch one in person at Holt Renfrew the other day.
Prada turbans
These things are tiny. I have a pretty small head and I couldn’t fit into a medium. Is Stam’s head that tiny? I think the turban cost $250 bucks.

I also saw the knockoff version from M by Madonna for H&M this weekend, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper ($14.99). Man is that collection boring, I’m sure it will sell though. As you can guess, the H&M version wasn’t quite as nice as Prada.