Month: December 2006

i want: Frye Fall 2006 Boots

My most active commenter “wondering” got me thinking about Frye boots again after this post, so I decided to see what was new on the site. I hit the shoe motherload. Frye definitely makes some of the hottest boots ever, I’m drooling. Riding Back Zip Riding boots of my dreams, they would be perfect in all black Dorado Low

La Senza Spirit vs. Tom Ford

I love La Senza Spirit. I don’t lounge around in activewear, I sweat and I run. I expect a lot of out of my gear. I recently bought some workout clothes and was very impressed with the fit and construction. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than Lululemon. I saw these sunglasses in the store recently. I love the shape and the frames. It should have been no surprise to me when I discovered that they were basically a knockoff of a pair by Tom Ford called Whitney The La Senza Spirit version are $16.50CAD, Tom Ford $300US. I tend to lose sunglasses a lot, so I will be looking at the cheap version. I was surprised at how cheap things are on sale at La Senza Spirit. I bought 2 pairs of capris at 20 bucks a piece, a pair of black pants (that fit amazing) for 30 bucks and 2 tank tops for $12.50 a piece. That’s 5 items for the price of one pair of lousy lululemon pants (I’m not a big …

Do you like Snap?

You might have noticed the website preview on the hyper links on I want – I got. I added this new tool called Snap Preview Anywhere after seeing it on someone else’s site. I thought it was kinda neat, hope you like it. 😀 What is Snap Preview Anywhere? Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you’re linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted “trips” to linked sites. Do comment on how it works for you all, I’m interested in your thoughts about it

i want…

Anna Sui Antique effect boots I’ve been pinning over blue boots for the last few years. Last year I was hoping to score these blue Frye boots. They were half off and not in my size. I saw these Anna Sui boots and fell in love. The detailing is amazing.

i want…

Met Sandal by Devi Kroell It’s taken awhile but I finally have an appreciation for the metallic accessories. I love these metallic python sandals from Devi Kroell which are available at Zola Shoes in Toronto. image: and

i want: Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2007 Shoes

The new Louboutins for SS2007 are out. Here are my favourites This shoe is called Cosette which is funny because I’m giving Les Miserables(the book) a second go. The first time I got halfway and then lost my copy of the book. I was very pissed, this thing is 1300 pages long. I found another copy but it was months later and I would have to start all over again. So it got delayed a few years.

What is Trendi?

I was looking at my webstats one day and I noticed all these readers coming from this site called I follow most referrer links and was suprised to see that my post about Eley Kishimoto Shoes was linked. I joined the sight after poking around a bit. I’m always looking for new inspiration and thought Trendi would be a good reference. I also thanked Mr. Trendi for the link love. Needless to say, Trendi is a friend of I want – I got. What is Trendi? Trendi is a new site that lets you decide what looks are cool in fashion RIGHT NOW, what music is hot, who’s hot in the celebrity world and who’s not. Basically you are defining the current trends and shaping the ones for tomorrow. Trendi is all about letting you TELL THE WORLD what’s in style and what’s popular today. This will influence the decisions being made by companies. There are so many DIFFERENT styles in each area of the USA and each part of the world, we expect …

i want: Biba Ball by Alexis Bittar

Biba Ball by Alexis Bittar Handcrafted Lucite orbs with Abalone-inspired sheen on tattered brown ribbon and gunmetal link chain. 11″ long. Love this necklace, but I have a tendency to like round things. This thing is beautiful and that brings a heavy price tag. $1000! You can find Alexis Bittar in the following shops in Canada rubaiyat, calgary posh, kelowna holt renfrew, montreal, toronto, vancouver rosenstein chausseur inc, montreal eko, toronto fabrice, toronto gypsy, toronto magi, toronto zola shoes, toronto hills of kerrisdale, vancouver misch, vancouver moule, winnipeg

i got: Foxy Originals Necklaces

Jasmine Necklace by Foxy Originals Chai Necklace Foxy had a booth in the small vendor area at L’Oreal Fashion Week. I have looked at different designs from Foxy before but never were jazzed by anything. These two necklaces however struck me. I picked up the Jasmine in bronze colour and Chai in gold. All necklaces from Foxy are made from pewter. Enamel, stones, leather and ultra-suede are incorporated in different pieces. images:

I don’t get it.

I think I’m like one of the only people who think the ScarJo Louis Vuitton ads suck. I guess she’s there so that people don’t realize that the bags are fug. [poll=2] Also, what kind of fashion victim buys those crazy Balenciaga shoes, one of the rich hobos that’s who. They were great for the runway show, but some things should be left there.


Hi I just wanted to let readers know that if your comment goes into my moderation queue, it’s not because I don’t like you. I’ve been getting bombarded with spam, which was manageable until the trackback spam started. So I have had to add an extra layer of security on the comments. If your comment gets stuck, I will have them posted by the end of the day, my work doesn’t allow me to access my blog. Thanks for your patience and fuck you spammers! 😛

Celeb designers need to stop

This is just one of the fugly shoes from House of Dereon. I remember seeing these shoes in the store one day (I can’t remember what one). I laughed my ass off. Not only where they freakin’ ugly, they were almost $300 bucks. Of course, they are made in china and are going to be complete crap. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you fall for this crap. I wonder if that fur is from a cat or a dog, I’ve heard some of the horror stories about China fur.

i want…

Cougar Winter Boots If you were a child living in Canada in the 80s, like me, then you remember Cougar boots. Man, these things are like a blast from the past. I want a pair of these again. I would totally rock these. If the 80s are back, I should be reliving the good things of that era I found these at the Canadian Design Resource site. It’s amazing for all things canadian. Check out the fashion links. image:

Rendering judgement on the S/S 2007 collections

Gap Press has hit the newsstands. I don’t pay much attention to shows until the Gap Press books come out. I enjoy the experience much more with the magazines. My favourite collections: Balenciaga – I’m loving futurism shit. It’s all about the C3PO leggings, love them. Alexander McQueen – Of course, he can do no wrong in my book Christian Dior – JG took a step back this season and it’s amazing Miu Miu – Loved the pallet and prints Prada – Who cares if there were no pants Comme Des Garcons – The jackets were so incredible Dolce & Gabbana – I totally blew these guys off awhile ago. Boy was I wrong. The runway show was awesome too. God, that runway. images:,

i got…

I’m happy that I finally have my Stam inspired handbag now. Please note this is a real Stam bag. Town Shoes and Browns both had Marc Jacobs Stam inspired handbags this season. I spent many days wishfully looking at the bag and wondering if I should take the plunge. Well, Town Shoes made it irresistible, not only it was on sale, I got $25 dollars off. WOOT!. Dear Marc, If I could afford the real Stam, I would buy it, really I would 😀 image:

i got…

Ever since I did The Owl Files Series (Apparel, Jewelry, Accessories), I’ve been on the lookout for Owl necklaces. It seems that they have reached critical mass and are now readily available in local stores. These pictures are pretty horrible, but you get the idea. These two came from Want Boutique at Yonge/St. Clair. The right one is very similar to necklaces that I featured in the post. These two came from Obsessions Fashion Accessories which is located in the Path of the TD Tower. It’s a great place to get jewelry. Four necklaces is looking a lot like a collection. I’ll have to talk about my other collections in later posts. I have a collection of vintage Adidas track jackets that need their praise.

Just a reminder

Hi, I got an email today with a person requesting invoices from me. Of course I didn’t know WTF she was talking about and thought she was a scammer. I wrote back a fairly nasty email cause I hate scammers. For some reason, that baffles my mind, she thought I was associated with a particular company. Amazingly, she didn’t have the contact information for this company even though they had been billed. I DON’T WORK FOR ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. I want – I got is NOT a business. Do you see any advertising here. I don’t make money off this, it’s purely for pleasure.