Month: July 2008

The Clothing Show – Call for Designers

The Clothing Show – Call for Designers The Clothing Show is inviting emerging FASHION DESIGNERS to exhibit their designs on the RUNWAY at the upcoming Fall 2008 show! Fashion Show dates: September 26, 27 & 28, 2008 Location: Better Living Center, Exhibition Place DEADLINE: September 1, 2008 Please submit 5 -10 images and/or illustrations of your proposed submissions and a one paragraph BIO to for review. All designs must be original Minimum Submission: 4 complete outfits Artistic, wearable art encouraged! For forms and pricing information please contact Sarah Power 416-516-8959

geekiviews: Zune Edition – Zune Premium Headphones

This is the second post in a series about the Zune. You can read the first post here. To recap, I’m a guinea pig testing out the Microsoft Zune – 8G. I have Matchstick to thank for this. I’m one of 300 people in Canada in the program. So I’ve been fully immersed in the Zune for the last couple of weeks. I have a lot to say, but I’m going to talk about the Zune Premium Headphones right now. All headphones provided with media players are crap, so I was pleased when I was provided the upgrade. I have a pair of Shure Headphones which I love to death, so these would have to be pretty good for me to be impressed. The Zune Premium Headphones are a step up from the standard but they aren’t my Shures, that’s for sure. (bad pun!). I took the headphones blading which is my standard for determining sound isolation – they failed unfortunately and I heard way too much wind for my liking. I think that might …

Ask a Geek: Petite Fashion Advice

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got reader Jo wrote: Hi there, I was wondering if you have any tips for petite clothing. I’m really struggleing to find work cloths even banana republic petites don’t work for me. Any suggestions for stores or particular styles would be great! I don’t know a thing about petite clothing to be honest. I’m 5’5″ myself; just over the hump. I know the perfect site and person you can contact who has a whole ton of experience regarding the subject. It’s Christa Jean at Petite Fashionista The site has tons of advice and she also takes questions. She also organizes sales and events geared to petite women.

Ask a Geek: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in NY

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got reader Alex wrote: Hi, TO local married male here, both my wife and I love fashion and shopping. We Wanted to know if you have any info or tips on the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in NY? because We’re considering going but want to know if its worth the trip I’m not an outlet person really. I even stayed away from them when I was in Vegas. I’ve never been to the Woodbury Common, but I did some digging and came up with some reviews on the following sites: As with everything on the internet you have to take these reviews with a grain of salt. However, most people seem to think that Woodbury Common is a good outlet.

Paper People Clothing Party

Paper People Clothing Party Saturday, July 26, 2008 Meet the designer Jennifer Fukushima. Check out never-before-seen items as well as pieces from the Fall/winter’08 collection. We will also have wine snacks…….. 6:00pm – 10:00pm THE RAGE store 13 Kensington Ave. Toronto, ON 4165885177

i got: Ipanema Gisele Bundchen sandal

Ipanema Gisele Bundchen sandal I always thought of the advertising campaigns and not the product with Gisele’s shoe company here. However, I saw some and thought there were cute. Surprisingly comfortable sandal and I use them a lot when walking to and from the office. I wore them to see Dark Knight in IMAX Saturday morning at 8:30am. They were perfect for standing in line at 7:30am with the rest of the geeks. The only thing I don’t like is the crystals embedded into the strap. I got these at Stoneridge in the Eaton Center. I think they were $25.

Ditched ClickComments

So I finally ditched ClickComments. I’ve incorporated a little ranking widget instead. Hopefully there will be a little speed boost with the site because of this. Let me know if you feel a difference. So, the new voting! It’s still anonymous and no login required. The scale is 1 – 5 stars, with 1 = sucks rocks and 5 = rocking my world. So lets change these boring grey stars into yellow ones!

Viktor & Rolf, to be swimming in cash!

This is very, very interesting! Renzo Rosso, the Italian industrialist behind Diesel, has acquired a majority stake in the Dutch designer firm Viktor & Rolf with ambitions to build it into one of the “top reference fashion houses of the future.” Financial terms were not disclosed, but Rosso told WWD he plans to make major investments to bolster the duo’s ready-to-wear business, add licensed products such as eyewear and jewelry, plus open freestanding stores in high-visibility locations. via Fashion news, retail news, beauty news and more from Women’s Wear Daily

Jason Kottke gives very good fashion advice

I was reading Jason Kottke’s site and came across one of his Twitter entries. It was the second funniest thing I’ve read all day. First thing was my friend trying to convince me that the Tom Cruise Nazi movie is going to be a blockbuster. I’ve reproduced Jason’s twitter entry here. For those of you that are wondering what the hell is a AT-ST is. For those of you that have no idea of what they look like clomping around, I’ve provided video evidence. Warning: This is probably the more irritating thing you will see all day. Unfortunately this is the only Star Wars clip I could find. Fast forward to 0:43 You can learn the supermodel walk here. image taken from Jason’s Twitter page

Heidiwood Fall 2008

Longtime readers must know by now that I don’t do celebrities on this blog. I don’t really frequent celeb style blogs and I can’t stomach to write about the topic. I do read some gossip blogs (dirty habit) and I came across this lookbook photo: I can’t take it. Seriously! via ohnotheydidnt: Heidi Montag’s second collection for ‘Heidiwood’ Look Book image: same source

i want…

Plant labels These unique sets of hand foil-printed plant labels by a London artist make a great gift for gardeners. Each pack contains ten 15cm long pine labels of various colours and designs. good gift for the gardener in your life.

geekiviews: Zune Edition – Microsoft Zune, initial thoughts

So I’m a guinea pig again this time it’s for Microsoft instead of Motorola. I’ve been asked to test drive the Microsoft Zune – 8G. I’m not particularly attached to my iPod so I said why not. I have Matchstick to thank for this. I’m one of 300 people in Canada in the program. So you’ll be seeing some Zune posts on the site as I give you my thoughts about the product and if it can be an iPod killer. Initial thoughts: 1. Interesting packaging. They are really trying to emulate the Apple way of packaging. The player is packaged great, not a lot of waste. I can’t say the same for the headphones and AC adapter that came with it. 2. Not sure about the packaging colour scheme, brown, orange. It’s unobtrusive I guess. 3. It’s a lot smaller than I thought. 4. Don’t like the scroll wheel 5. The interface is very flashy, with animation and all that. I’m definitely not used it to, so I’ll reserve judgment for now 6. It …