Anatomy of a Balenciaga Boot Trend 2006 to 2009

Sam Edelman Zoe Boot
Sam Edelman Zoe Boot

I was browsing the site and came across the Sam Edelman Zoe Boot.

Balenciaga Boot Fall 2006
Balenciaga Boot Fall 2006

They look exactly like the Balenciaga Fall 2006 boot. What a to die for collection. 3 years for this Balenciaga boot to be knocked off, interesting. I posted about the Balenciaga Spring 2007 Lego shoe trickle down effect last year. I will have to gather more evidence for my 2 – 3 year public palatability theory of Balenciaga shoes. I’ll be watching.

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i want: Guillaume Hinfray Flats

Guillaume Hinfray shoes
I fell in love with these shoes at George C in Yorkville. I love the box toe of the latest crop of hot ballerina shoes to come out this season. They were 50% off when I saw them as it was during their boxing day sales. If you are lucky you might be able to pick some up. I bought myself a cheap and dirty pair at Winners. They are burgundy fake velvet upper.


La Senza Spirit vs. Tom Ford

I love La Senza Spirit. I don’t lounge around in activewear, I sweat and I run. I expect a lot of out of my gear. I recently bought some workout clothes and was very impressed with the fit and construction. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than Lululemon. I saw these sunglasses in the store recently.
I love the shape and the frames. It should have been no surprise to me when I discovered that they were basically a knockoff of a pair by Tom Ford called Whitney

The La Senza Spirit version are $16.50CAD, Tom Ford $300US. I tend to lose sunglasses a lot, so I will be looking at the cheap version.

I was surprised at how cheap things are on sale at La Senza Spirit. I bought 2 pairs of capris at 20 bucks a piece, a pair of black pants (that fit amazing) for 30 bucks and 2 tank tops for $12.50 a piece. That’s 5 items for the price of one pair of lousy lululemon pants (I’m not a big fan of the fit).

via Outblush

i want…

Anna Sui Antique effect boots

I’ve been pinning over blue boots for the last few years. Last year I was hoping to score these blue Frye boots. They were half off and not in my size. I saw these Anna Sui boots and fell in love. The detailing is amazing.

i want…

Met Sandal by Devi Kroell

It’s taken awhile but I finally have an appreciation for the metallic accessories. I love these metallic python sandals from Devi Kroell which are available at Zola Shoes in Toronto.

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i want…

A pearl and silk necklace by Knotty Girls

I first saw this necklace at the Style Revolution Sale. It was held at the Design Exchange. The quality of the vendors at the show was amazing. It’s a shame that the turnout wasn’t great. The financial district on a weekend is devoid of people. If they had held it during the week, they would have made a killing. I work in the financial district. Women like to shop on their lunch hours. Look at the Winners in Scotia Plaza between 12pm – 2pm. Madness.

This necklace comes in red/black, black/grey, purple and black/navy. Danielle Kerr loves ribbons and they are the focus her designs. She only uses luxury ribbon from places like Mokuba and silks from B.C. Semi-precious stones, base metals, glass beads, yarn or silver can be accents to the ribbon.

You can purchase Knotty Girls at:
Made You Look
Nathalie-Roze and Co

Knotty Girls will be at the following shows:
November 26, 2006: The Artisan’s Gift Fair, The Tranzac in the Annex
December 2, 2006: The Artisan’s Gift Fair, The Tranzac in the Annex
December 7, 2006: Speakeasy Holiday Sale, The Gladstone Hotel
December 9 & 10, 2006: The Artisan’s Gift Fair, The Tranzac in the Annex
December 16, 2006: Last Minute Craft Fair, Trinity-St.Paul Church @ Bloor & Spadina
December 17, 2006: The Artisan’s Gift Fair, The Tranzac in the Annex

i want: Shoes from Fluevog

Fluevog has some great shoes this season. I was in the store with Carolyn. This was on Sunday after the TFBB at The Drake. We both fell in love with the Sienna’s and had to try them all.

I’ve been looking for a great bootie this year and the Sienna is it. The heels look pretty daunting on these shoes and I thought they would be just another great looking pair of torture chambers. I was wrong, they are the perfect heel height, the platform in the front is perfect. I love a heel between 2 and 3 inches after that it gets a bit sketchy. At L’Oreal Fashion week the L’Oreal makeup show used white versions of the Sienna that were so freakin’ amazing. Unfortunately, they were specially made and will not be available to the public.
I tried on the booties below from Aldo a few weeks ago and really liked them.
They are made in China and I decided that I have been burned enough. The ban must be upheld.

Viktor & Rolf at H&M – girl on girl violence

I did not attend. I really though about it for a moment. I’m just not ready to beat people for H&M clothes. Real Viktor & Rolf clothes at H&M prices would warrant me getting into the girl stomping mood. I’d make sure to wear my best stomping boots. I was in H&M on Friday and a sale associate told me the collection sold out in 15 mins. He also mentioned that it was ugly. I did see few pairs of the tuxedo pants left. They didn’t seem any different in quality to any other H&M product.

I thought the collection was pretty nice overall and there was a few pieces I liked. The only thing I wasn’t jazzed about the hearts. I don’t think I’ll ever try to buy anything from an H&M collection, even if it was Alexander McQueen. It’s just too much trouble and I don’t care enough.

image: H&M

I’m out of the patent club

I recently blogged about buying these great patent shoes. For those who haven’t read the comments, the damn things broke on me after I wore them for the first time. I took them back to Town Shoes and I thought I would get an immediate refund/exchange. This was clearly a manufacturer’s defect and I have a right to a new pair of shoes. Well, I was told that they would have to go to repair first and then they would see if they could fix them. These shoes couldn’t be repaired, I could tell. I was told it was policy and didn’t’ really push the issue. They would go to repair and I wouldn’t have to pay. I was told it would take a week and they would call.

Thursday was a week and I had no call. So I decided to give them a call and find out what the hell was going on. They found the shoes in the store and they were still broken. I was prepared to give them hell about them not even being sent out when I was offered a store credit or exchange. Town Shoes has renewed my faith in them again. It was starting to waver.

i got…

So I bit the bullet and got myself some patent shoes. I spent a lot of time looking at what was out there before I settled on Bea by O Oscar an Oscar de la Renta
They have a little bit of a platform and they aren’t sky high like the styles that are out there. My favourite part is that they have a rounded toe.

I picked these up at Town Shoes in Toronto and online.

Now I need a black patent handbag to match. 🙂

i got: Sorina mary janes from Me Too

Sorina mary janes from Me Too.
I couldn’t resist these old school heels. I’m a big fan of the rounded toe. I like the almond toe shape too, but frown on the stiletto point. With a 2.5 inch heel height there are no issues walking in these.

I picked these up at the Shoe Company.

i want…(Chic Blesk Krasota)

Chic Blesk Krasota skating jackets
I want to live out my inner figure skater with these fun jackets.
This is so great with the tail.



I’m not really a velour wearer, but I could be persuaded with these jackets. I could live out my figure skating fantasy on Rollerblades.

There is only one retailer in Canada
525 West Georgia street
Vancouver BC
Canada V6B 1Z5
604 632 0132

i want…

A bag by Renee Davide
I love the shape and minimal nature of this tote. The colour is amazing and I love the white thread detail. A red bag is classic and paired with some red shoes, love that. I have a perfect pair of boots to go with this bag, sigh

just what the hell is this

What is this abomination of the Sorel boot. I spit in your general direction.

Seriously, what the hell is this? Michael Kors, why!.