Month: December 2012

i want: Raya Backpack by Rimanchik

It’s always funny how everything runs in circles. The backpack was my staple bag during high school and university. The thought of using a traditional bag was absurd at the time. After finishing my school years, I ditched the backpack and never looked back. Now backpacks are everywhere and I’ve been broken. I want in on this action. Enter the Raya Backpack in fall’s trendiest colour, oxblood. Rimanchik is a Montreal based accessories brand that started in 2003. They keep things local and they also manufacture their products in Montreal. I like how streamline and sleek this backpack is. It’s the size of handbag but gives you the hands free advantage without resorting to something messenger style. The Raya Backpack is available online at for $260.00.

MYKITA MYLON x Moncler Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

It come as no surprised to regular readers that I’m obsessed with everything Moncler. When MYKITA and Moncler teamed up in the spring I was excited. Two brands I really love coming together for a special collaboration. I’m also a sunglasses nut but the only thing preventing me from owning a pair is the cost. They are so expensive and not available in Canada! With shipping, duties and foreign exchange I’d be looking at around $1000. OUCH! I can’t justify it, even my Prada Baroque’s didn’t cost that much. Well, MYKITA MYLON x Moncler is back for the Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 season and I’m still obsessed. “From mountain peaks to the city streets” was the credo this time, and with model LIONEL we’re moving a bit more into the urban context. LIONEL is available in the following colour combinations: khaki with brown reflective lenses, brown with gold reflective lenses and black with silver reflective lenses – all three featuring mineral glass from traditional Italian manufacturer Barberini, boasting excellent durability and clarity of vision. …

I want - I got's Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference

I want – I got’s Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference – Updated February 21, 2013

I want – I got’s Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference This is a listing of links to fashion trend forecasting reports for the upcoming Spring Summer 2014. (yup, it’s that time!) They are posted for reference and easy access for your fashion trend researching needs. This page will be updated as more fashion trend forecasting reports become available. Updated February 21, 2013 – Fashion Forward Trends S/S 14 Updated February 21, 2013 – Spring / Summer 2014, Menswear Color Trends Updated February 21, 2013 – Spring / Summer 2014, Women’s Color Trends Updated February 21, 2013 – Kids Summer 14 Fashion snoop Updated February 21, 2013 – Trendstop interior Summer 14 Updated February 21, 2013 – Spring Summer 2014 Intimates Inspiration Updated February 21, 2013 – Spring / Summer 2014 Inspirations Updated February 21, 2013 – JUNIOR HIGH SUMMER 14 COLOR PALETTES Updated February 21, 2013 – DIVE INTO TREND COUNCIL’S SS14 FASHION DRESS TREND REPORT Updated February 21, 2013 – TREND COUNCIL ONLINE FORECAST : LADIES SS14 HIGH SUMMER PALETTES Updated February …

Monika Chiang Zinc D'Orsay Stiletto Metal Heel Mirrored Pointed Toe Pump

i want: Monika Chiang D’Orsay Stilettos

I love these D’Orsay stilettos by Monika Chiang that are available at Intermix. I’ve recently come to realize the value of the simple stiletto as a complement to an outfit. Crazy fun shoes are important and necessary but I’d always find myself in a situation where the outfit is perfect and my shoe collection just doesn’t fit. Zinc D’Orsay in cobalt and Metal Heel Mirrored Pointed Toe Pump are available online at the Toronto Intermix store. images:

Get Your Own Snowflake by Ideas Factory

Ideas Factory is a full service creative agency and they created this little web application that generates an individual snowflake based on the mathematical values of your name for the Holidays. I thought this was super cute so I did one for me, Anita Clarke. Of course, I had to do one for I want – I got also Get your own snowflake at the Ideas Factory. images:

Cougar Pillow Boot Quilty Pleasures

Cougar Pillow Boot Collection Fall Winter 2012

Cougar Boots had a mobile installation going around the city showing off the new Pillow Boot collection for the season. I stopped by the King and Brant intersection where they had set up shop one November day during lunch. The installation was there to show off the new Cougar Pillow boot styles to the public. Media was also invited to check out the new styles. I was really impressed with the new styles added to the Cougar Pillow Boot line. The reworked original Pillow Boot is back in different colourways like black, sienna, rust and tan. New styles are a bit more feminine with wedge heels and different textures. I love the tall Pillow Boot called Quilty Pleasures. They come in black and chestnut. They are calf Leather with quilted nylon. These were the boot I received from the collection courtesy of Cougar. I wore them yesterday because it was the first below -10 degrees day. I seriously forgot how cold it could be as we’ve been spoiled with mild winters for the last couple …

Happy Holidays from I want – I got

Jenni Kayne has the best holiday greeting. It’s so damn cool I had to post. (Hat tip to Fritz Helder). Swans – Happy Holidays from Jenni Kayne Watch our holiday windows come to life as dancing swans take over the Jenni Kayne store in West Hollywood! The swans are dressed in one of our favorite looks this holiday season: the feather mini. Now available in white & black

Another Adventure with Dancing Phil

It’s hard to get me to smile at something these day but man Phil Villeneuve gets me every time. Phil’s public dances are well know and this little one to Solange at Bay and Bloor is so fun. Be sure to check out Phil dancing to Robyn in the Eaton Centre. So Good.

Madness is part of Life by Ernesto Neto at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

I came across this interesting exhibition called Madness is part of Life by Ernesto Neto which is being hosted at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo on the site the other day. I thought it was pretty damn cool and wanted to share it. Ernesto Neto is one of Brazil’s biggest contemporary artists. He creates large installations that often fill an entire space. His works are sensory intensive and works with touch, smell and sense. Through this title we would like to challenge some human positions which place us at the center of the universe, multiverse, etc. The idea that takes our mind out of our body as if it were something supernatural beyond nature, as culture would be out of nature and not part of it. Life is bigger than us and we are part of it; if there is a God, God is nature, we are a special little part, but still a part It is a sculpture from the family Balanço (Swing), made of a skin and a catwalk, this catwalk is in …

i want: Fountain Dress by Preen Line

Preen Line is the diffusion line to Preen offering clothing at prices that still aren’t the most affordable. It doesn’t stop me from loving the designers though. The Fountain Ruffled Jersey dress is exclusive to Net-a-Porter and it’s a re-issue of their best selling Fountain dress in a neon green and charcoal colourway. I love the pop of neon on the back of this dress. Unexpected but definitely not forgotten. Preen Line can also be found in Toronto at Rac Boutique. images:

Ornate Expectations – How to Spend It Magazine

I’m in love with the Ornate Expectations editorial in’s How to Spend It magazine. It gets all baroque crazy with the season’s trend and lots of antiques. I’ve included my favourite shots from the editorial here but you can see the entire shoot It’s worth pursuing just for the information about all the items in each of the shots. View the complete Ornate Expectations editorial at How To Spend it Magazine. Photographer: Andrew Yee Models: Nina Porter, Laura O’Grady, Louisa Facchino-Stack, Mary Ballantyne, Edda Oscars, Kiera, Elenor Hayes and Sam Rollinson Stylist: Damian Foxe Hair by Ernest Montenovo Makeup by James O’Riley images:

OPI – Instinct of Color

OPI created their first international “brand film” called Instinct of Color. The results are very well done for a completely bizarre concept: “a surrealistic dance-off between four female dancers and a gorgeous Thoroughbred, as trained by equestrian stuntmaster Mario Luraschi.” Umm, WHAT! OPI is owned by Coty so I wondered about the boardroom in which this concept was decided on. Did they choose horses because of their nail length or because typically chicks dig horses? Did the dance off idea come before the horse was decided upon? “I always say that nail lacquer can change your look – and your outlook,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director. “Today, nail color can convey feelings and emotions, expressing on the outside what the wearer is feeling on the inside. In this short film, four women communicate through dance and color. With a trained Thoroughbred who could replicate the dancers’ moves with very little digital enhancement, we were able to capture the unique, energetic and creative culture that epitomizes the OPI brand.”(source) The horse’s name …