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I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler – Visiting Orb Clothing

During the Vancouver portion of my trip, I visited Orb’s Vancouver flagship store and headquarters. Orb is a Vancouver based women’s sport lifestyle clothing line that started in 2001. Orb is part of the Global Collective Design company, established by Vancouverites by Glenn Taylor and Leslie Lee in 1992. The Global Collective Design company now has two labels that they design and produce: Arson and Orb.  The two brands also have sub brands Orion and Orb Outerwear. Orb is empowered. The intent of Orb is to inspire all to live empowered lives of generosity; creating and attracting brilliance, beauty and well-being. The Orb design triad of mind, body and soul represents an active, fashion-forward lifestyle, designed to enhance the momentum of people engaged in living purposeful lives – to live like you mean it! Orb is very big on corporate responsibility and have implemented ways of reducing waste in their business practices. You can read more about those initiatives on the Orb website. They also have manufacturing initiatives to reduce harmful chemicals. They also incorporate …

I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler – ROXY All Star Snow Camp

I wasn’t interested in snowboarding. I was a happy skier who didn’t really understand the appeal of these kids riding around on one plank and their feet strapped to it. Thanks to Seema Dhillon and Kelly Etsell of Roxy was provided the opportunity to learn how to snowboard with the ROXY All Star Snow Camp at Whistler Blackcomb. The Roxy Snow Camp is a two day snowboard and ski camp for legal age women of all abilities from absolute beginner to experts. The idea of the camp is to give women a chance to learn or improve in a women friendly environment. All the instructors are amazing women riders who are there to impart their wisdom to the attendees. It’s pretty cool to have these great role models to learn from and break the male stereotype of hardcore riders. This program is designed for women over the age of 19 in all skill levels from their first stages of skiing to those who like to dabble in the park. This is a warm positive environment …

I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler – Skiing Whistler Blackcomb

My first 4 days in Whistler were spent skiing, sleeping and eating. I kept up with the blogging a bit. I tried to keep up with the fashion weeks unsuccessfully. Once the craving for sleep got to me the blogging dropped off. I usually ski 4 or 5 days in a row while in Whistler. This trip I did 7 days. Two of those days were spent learning to snowboard at the Roxy Snow Camp. My body is hurting. I did a lot of skiing alone this trip. My friend Eric came out a few times but had to work. He’s a local and has a season’s pass so he gets out a lot. I’m very jealous of his lifestyle. Eric likes to tease me with text messages about the conditions while I’m sitting at my desk in the Financial District. It’s absolute torture. I was hoping to meet up with my friend Mo who took me on my first double black diamond runs that last time I was in Whistler. Our paths weren’t meant …

I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler – Vancouver Stopover

Getting to Vancouver was hell. I missed my flight with the perfect seat setup. I ended up on another one that way flying to Hong Kong. It was huge 777  the 3-4-3 seat configuration. I had a middle seat. It sucked, but thank god I was so damn tired that I slept the whole way. I was totally off my vacation vibe and was a super stress ball. That disappeared when I saw Denise and her car at the airport. Denise is the wife of my one of my best friends from childhood, Andrew. Denise is awesome. She arranged a surprise reunion with Andrew and I on my last trip out west to hit up Whistler. Facebook is how she tracked me down. I posted about being on the west coast and the rest was history. It was great to reconnect as we hadn’t spoken in a several years. The weather in Vancouver was a trip. It was like Toronto, cold and snowy. I was astonished and sad. Where was my 12 degrees dammit! I …

I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler

  Hello my dear readers, I’m on vacation. I’m in beautiful British Columbia right now hanging out with friends in Vancouver. Tomorrow I’m heading up to Whistler for some fun ski times. I’ll be keeping you up to date on my adventures. I’ll be trying to keep an almost regular schedule here on the blog with my travel updates in between. Things will return to normal when I get back on March 9. Cheers Anita

Whistler Style

I look a couple style shots for you all. So here they are. Hands down the hottest outfit on the mountain was by this British woman (who was the 2nd black person on the mountain besides me on Sat.). She was a wearing an Adidas by Stella McCartney snow suit. It was hot and I told her so. I didn’t take a picture though 🙁 There were a lot of great outfits on the mountain. I got the shots I could without having to talk to people and explain the whole fashion blogging thing.

Whistler Day 5 – The Bane of My Existence

I talked about White Out conditions on Day 3. Those conditions were a joke compared to Friday’s outing. Friday we did Fresh Tracks which is breakfast at the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler and first access to the mountain before opening to the public. It was snowing so we were looking for a good time. It was puking snow on the mountain all day. The freeze line was kinda high so at one point we were skiing in rain. It was awful returning to the freeze line because then you’d get cold again. The peak was insane. 60 – 80 km/hr winds and absolutely zero visibility. I wanted to take a picture of what I saw but it would be the same as posting an image of a white square. All you saw was white, there was no way to determine which way was up or down. Gravity sometimes helped and other times the winds were pushing you so much you just prayed there was no cliffs around to fall off of. There was a reason …

Whistler Day 5 – Expert Status

I feel like the skier I should be finally. Today really helped my confidence in my ability which sometimes waver. Eric couldn’t join me on the slopes today so I thought I would be alone, but Mo saved the day. Mo is an incredible skier and saying those words doesn’t do the man justice. It’s disgusting how good he is. He also has his level 2 teaching so I wanted to make sure that I used his time and advice wisely. After he saw me do a couple runs, he looked and me and said “You’re a good skier, what the hell am I suppose to teach you.” I breathed a sigh of relief, I’m doing it right. I should let people know that I first started skiing in Grade 4 and that’s over 20 years ago. I also had a lot of instruction during my younger years. That is growing up in Richmond Hill for you 🙂 So, Mo knew I wanted to hit up blowhole today. He decided that I should be trying …

Whistler Day 4 – A little bit of powder

I could write a long post about how amazing it was today, but I won’t because I’m tired and I have other posts to write. Today was the hardest day of skiing so far. In addition to the powder to deal with, we did a lot of bump skiing today. I was complaining at how I’m not a good bump skier so it was practice, practice, practice today. I wonder how long my legs will last. I will say that Blackcomb Glacier was stupid fun today. The little pathway past the double black diamond run BlowHole that opens up the rest of the glacier to advanced and intermediate skiers was so sketchy. It was snowing and visibility was pretty low. It was sketchier yesterday in the bright sun. There was a man in front of me and you could tell he was having a problem with the height. He was grabbing at the snow wall and crouching as he walked. I kept a good distance from this guy. Yesterday, I was a bit nervous about …

Whistler Day 3 – White Out

It wasn’t clear and beautiful today. It was windy and we were in the clouds on the top of Whistler. It was snowing towards the end of the day which was a plus. I hear that lots of snow is coming on Friday; I’m praying to the snow gods that it’s true. Whistler didn’t have the fashion I was expected. Blackcomb seriously kicked Whistler’s ass in terms of style. Although, I have to give props to the older gentleman I saw rocking a purple jumpsuit, that was hot. Skiing and snowboarding are the only sports where you will see men wearing the most ridiculous colours like purple and neon green. I love it. I didn’t see any Pucci or Prada on the slopes either. So I didn’t take any style pictures so I thought I would break down my own ski style. It’s not all that fashion forward and leans on the more practical side. My jacket by 686 is for snowboarding actually. I didn’t buy it with the intention of using it for skiing, …

Whistler Day 2 – Apres Ski

Today was the first day on the mountain and it was spectacular. My friend Eric and I spent the day on Blackcomb and it was completely dead. Lift lines were non-existent and you had free run of the place. We did Blackcomb glacier once and stuck to runs around the Excalibur, 7th Heaven, SolarExpress and Glacier lifts. I am within walking distance to the mountain, this mornings trek was like a death march. I have new boots that aren’t quite broken in yet. My feet hurt and continued throughout the morning. By the end of the day though, they were all good. I’m liking the K2 One Luv skis too. They are pretty fast but controllable. I’m kicking myself for not bringing my camera today because I saw lots of interesting ski wear out and about. Oh well, tomorrow.

Sorry about the lack of posts this past week

It’s been a crazy hectic week. I’ve been planning my vacation in Whistler (I am writing this from there now on my new Asus eee pc) and getting work commitments done. However, since I’m now mobile you’ll get all the updates on my vacation in real time instead of a week later. It’s 1pm westcoast time and it’s messing with my head a bit. I still have a full day to do stuff. The World Cup is happening on the mountain so there will be no skiing today as it’s quite busy. I’m hoping for a big dumping of snow while I’m here. Look for more pictures during the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some ski style shots while I’m out here, but I don’t expect much.

I’m in love with Blackcomb Glacier

Blackcomb Mountain is so beautiful. In my 2005 trip, I didn’t really see much of Blackcomb. I was too busy trying to figure out which way was up. The conditions were terrible, visibility was like 5 feet, snow was blowing sideways and it was cold. I used to think Whistler was my favourite mountain but today’s trip definitely changed that. My friend Eric told me Blackcomb Glacier gives a new meaning to big. I thought he was being a bit melodramatic, I was wrong. You get the opening of this glacier and you are completely awestruck. It’s big alright, fucking big. You look down and see how tiny the other skiers are in the bowl. It took a gondola, 2 lift chairs and a t-bar to get Blackcomb Glacier from the base. We skied the glacier again but it only took 2 lift chairs and a t-bar. It’s totally worth it. My pictures will not do the glacier justice. It’s grander than grand and completely humbling; then you get to ride it. w00t! Note: this …

I’m in Whistler and you’re not

Okay, the title of this post is kinda cruel but I’m enjoying my time in Whistler, BC. I skied some of Whistler mountain on Monday and hit Blackcomb mountain today. Apparently, we are going to get a dumping of snow on Thursday, so I’m getting giddy for the powder. w00t. I’m taking a bunch of pictures but I don’t have a laptop so you’ll have to see them when I get back. I’m posting this from my friend’s Powerbook. Skiing is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. Those 10+ years of skiing regularly in my youth has helped me move back into black diamond territory. I’m still not brave or good enough to attempt the double black diamond runs. Talk to you soon readers. Regular blogging will start on April 8, 2007 image:


I’m away this week folks. I’ll be Whistler, BC hanging out and relaxing. I’ll try to blog while I’m there, but I’m not making promises. I’ll be back to regular blogging on April 8. In the mean time, you can check the archives for past posts.