Month: February 2007

an i want and i got..

I’ve been feeling the ring love recently. I have a rather long history of not wearing rings. It all stems from high school when I lost one that was very important to me. Recently a good friend of mine bought we this wicked ring with a blue hummingbird on it. I loved it and of course I lost it. However, I haven’t given up and I recently picked up two costume jewelery rings. Refinery29 recently linked to Melissa Joy Manning whose jewelery is breathtaking and available in Toronto! She also runs a ethical business out of L.A. which makes these designs so much more sweet. Geology nerds are probably salivating over some of these designs.

Footloose – the future of heels

Footloose the adjustable heel. It’s a shoe that can be worn as a flat or a high heel. This picture of course is just the base and not what the final product will look like. Footloose- adjustable high heels by Marte den Hollander It’s often said that ‘everything has been thought of’. As a designer, I think the opposite is true. As soon as you take a closer look to the world, you notice all things can be improved. The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats? I designed a shoe with a high heel, which can be changed into a shoe with a low heel. No more extra pairs of shoes in your bag, no more trouble driving a car or walking stairs, no more painful feet, no more knee and …

i want…

Miranda cuff by Whitelotus Design Edina Racz is a successful Toronto jewelery designer. She has been on my posting radar for a while, but it’s just been one of those things I haven’t gotten to yet. She helped me along by emailing me about her designs. I love the colours in this bracelet, perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Edina makes them in different colours using different materials. Semiprecious gemstones and metals, silver and Swarovski crystals are the ingredients of Whitelotus jewelery.

Better in theory

I love the new spring 2007 coats at Club Monaco. First they came in black and khaki with wide cropped sleeves. They look amazing on the mannequin. Then I spotted the slicker version. Grey patent, this would be a standout coat. Unfortunately, I realized that I couldn’t pull it off. I put this coat on and it looked like a big plastic bag wrapped around me. Sigh, no patent jackets for me. 🙁 The black one was okay, but looked much better on the mannequin.

What would a lower priced line do to Marc Jacobs?

I read an interesting article on the expansion of the Marc Jacobs empire, a lower priced line. In the article, Marc Jacobs for the Masses, Robert Duffy, Marc’s business partner, describes it “as an alternative to the mass-market promotional tool of designer and high-street collaborations, the line would be an inexpensive offering aimed at enhancing brand recognition.” I wonder about this, will this work or backfire? It will be very profitable in the short term, but how long will that last? Will it ruin Marc’s street cred? 🙂 Would they try to take on H&M? Could they take on H&M? So many questions. What do you people think?

Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch is coming

The 4th TFBB February 25, 2007 The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen Street West 11:30AM – 2:00PM. All fashion bloggers, readers, friends and admirers are welcome. The brunch has gone high tech and we have a fancy registration system. Please try to reserve by Wednesday, February 21 so I can let the Drake have an idea of how many there will be. Later comers are always welcome through. Thanks to Adrian for creating our super awesome flyer.

Lanvin Pre Fall 2007

There are a few pre fall 2007 collections out and Lanvin has me drooling. Lose the leggings and you have once hot femme fatale collection. Looks like the large brimmed hat will be a big trend for fall. images:

Jeremy Laing Fall 2007

Regular readers know of my love for Jeremy Laing’s designs. Supercool website, Refinery 29 named Laing as one their top 5 shows at New York Fashion Week, Fall Winter 2007. They also think that he will get a CFDA grant in the future. So, things are going well for him and I’m glad. It’s all about the details with Jeremy, don’t be fooled by the simple designs. Check out the show video. Onyx dress with ski belt., Ski Dress

Feburary’s Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch

The 4th TFBB is upon us February 25, 2007 The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen Street West 11:30AM – 2:00PM. All fashion bloggers, readers, friends and admirers are welcome. The brunch is going high tech and we have a fancy registration system. So, please RSVP at UPDATE: I forgot to credit Adrian for creating our super awesome flyer.

More Haramaki Style

I visited the site of the company that makes the funky Haramaki from Japan. I’ve decided to post some additional pictures of haramaki style. They probably are pretty easy to make if people have that sewing talent thing.

Diaper Shorts – BuzzFeed

I got linked on BuzzFeed for my post about Sienna Miller doing the diaper short all wrong. BuzzFeed is a trend site that combs the Internet to find what is buzzworthy. They post site links to these buzzworthy topics. I am among different bloggers who all talked about the diaper pants fad. I am a fan of the fashion buzz section. Like the diaper pants trend, the turban is another trend that I don’t want to see in real life. BuzzFeed distinguishes what is actually interesting from what is merely hyped. We only feature movies, music, fashion, ideas, technology, and culture that are on the rise and worth your time. How it works 1. Buzz Detection We automatically detect new buzz by crawling 50,000 of the very best web sites, blogs, and news sources. Then our technology crunches the raw data from these sites to identify new buzz that’s just starting to spread. We developed the technology to find new things just as they start accelerating in popularity and provoking interesting conversations. Our technology is …

Posting from the new computer

Nothing excites me more than purchasing new electronic equipment. That’s right, I love this more than shopping for clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. I bought a new computer a little ahead of schedule. It’s beautiful. 22″ LCD screen. Nice wide screen action! I had one of the old and massive monitors before so this is a dream. It’s also Dual core. DUAL CORE baby! That is two Intel CPUs in my box, 2GB of RAM and a one Terabyte of harddrive space. I’m a happy camper 🙂 Unfortunately I’m having a problem with the onboard sound and I have to take it back to get fixed. Reinstalling the drivers did nothing. I called tech support, which is fairly irritating for me because the Men on these calls never think I have the knowledge I do. So this guy takes me through the same freaking steps I’ve already done many times over. Such a waste of time. I hate tech support. I’ll let you know the company I purchased with after I get this sound thing dealt …

i want…

Anne Valérie Hash shoes I can’t explain why I like these heels by Anna Valerie Hash. I think it’s the heel height and the strange forefoot covering. I think menswear when I see them, but can’t place that influence in them. Anna Valerie Hash shoes were available Holt Renfrew but has since been dropped. Holt’s just took their shoe department back from Browns.