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Hermes Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

This editorial for the Hermès Spring Summer 2011 collection is wonderful. I scanned the images from the Le monde d`Hermès magazine. Normally, the only Hermès shoe I obsess over is the riding boot.   However, the last few seasons have been pretty fun for shoes and these are very colourful ones. images: scanned by me

Hermes Spring Summer 2011 Bracelets

Hermès enamel bracelets are an obsession of mine. The sample sale allowed me to purchase one of my own. These editorial images I scanned from the Le monde d`Hermès magazine are total bracelet porn for me. I want them all. I dream of adding more bracelets to my jewellery box and doing the collector thing. Perhaps even acquire a bracelet per season. images: scanned by me

i got: Black Perforated Leather Sandals by Givenchy

Trolling the racks of Holt Renfrew’s now or never sales is always a Saturday afternoon pastime. I have this uncanny ability to find great designer pieces at great prices. There is one sales associate at Holts that is always amazed at my finds over the years like Dries Van Noten pants, Rick Owens Jacket and Alexander McQueen Shoes for example. This season’s find are these sandals by Givenchy. They were featured in a post back in January called i want: Perforated leather sandals by Givenchy. I liked the white and tan colourway at that time but the black and brown is much more comfortable. I’m not a strappy sandal type of girl but these are Givenchy and the heel isn’t towering. It’s always good to have some versatility in the shoe closet to combat the clunky and platform heavy options.

SHOWstudio does Spring Summer 2011 Haute Couture

The guys from SHOWstudio shoot model, Ming Xi in various iconic pieces from the Spring Summer 2011 Haute Couture collections. Designers featured include Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, and John Galliano for Christian Dior. I’ve embedded the fashion film featuring Ming Xi here on the site but I urge you to check out the SHOWstudio site because each Haute Couture look get an in depth video treatment like the Givenchy one I posted a couple weeks ago. These videos give you an up close look at the dresses and talks about significant design details. Plus, there is an interesting interview with Ming.

i want: Neff Zub ZenV 20 by Nooka

There is something about the Neff Zub ZenV20 by Nooka x Neff collaboration watch that I just love. I think it’s the little smiley face.  Nooka has gotten love from I want – I got back in the early days.  They are an innovative watch company that has an interesting take on the digital timepiece.  Neff is a California based headwear company focusing on the skate/snow/surf industries. The watch retails for $150US and can be found online at Toronto retailers for Nooka include the AGO. images: courtesy of Nooka

Kirk Originals

I don’t know what it is about men that work in the eyewear industry that I find so fascinating. They always end up charming the pants of me (Well, not literally). Jason Kirk of Kirk Originals fits that mould to a T. He was so welcoming and pleasant when I met him at Karir Eyewear for the Kirk Originals media day. Kirk Originals are known for their glittery frames and bright, saturated colours in materials like acetate and acrylic. Jason has a family history in the eyewear business so it made sense that he would follow in their footsteps. British based, Kirk Originals started in 1992. Currently, Jason and his wife Karen run the company from their home near Bordeaux, France. All frames are handmade in France also. Frames are architectural in shape and retro in design. Jason tells me that Kirk Originals isn’t for everyone and they really focus on their typical client.”The Kirk Originals wearer is creative, confident, irreverent and independent in their style choices,” says co-designer Jason Kirk. “We make glasses you …

Dazed & Confused July 2011

The colours in this editorial for Dazed & Confused’s July 2011 issue are so rich.  The flowers are a perfect backdrop for the colourful clothing worn by model Lisanne de Jong. The editorial was shot by Viviane Sassen. Some people in The Fashion Spot forums were complaining that Lisanne’s face was covered in most shots. I thought it was refreshing that her face wasn’t the focus of the shots.  It brought the clothing details to the forefront. images:

i got: Alexandre Herchcovitch x MYKITA Sunglasses

I talked about ordering a pair of Alexandre Herchcovitch x MYKITA sunglasses at the MYKITA media day at Josephson Opticians. A few weeks after ordering they came in. I finally got to take advantage of the gift certificate I received in exchange for posing in the Josephson Opticians 75th anniversary ad. I’m very, very happy with my purchase. The MYKITA’s shape is understated but it’s necessary to offset the insanely bright blue colour. The blue lens casts a beautiful light on everything. It makes me happy. I get a lot of stares with these sunglasses. Hmm, that seems to happen with all my sunglasses these days. I’m getting a MYKITA bug now and I really want the Bernhard Willhelm red metal ones. images: me, Gary Campbell

MYKITA Spring Summer 2011

MYKITA‘s popularity is built on the snobbery of engineers. I laugh at this statement as Moritz Krueger and Philipp Haffmans describe their eyewear company’s rise in popularity. I met them at Josephson Opticians for MYKITA media day. They were in Toronto for a personal appearance and trunk show at the store. It’s rare to hear something that honest. So that kind of candor combined with the unstoppable ooze of cool the duo resonated made me like them immediately. How can you hate on a guy who can wear knickers and not look stupid? I thought it was physically impossible. I was wrong. MYKITA is a Berlin based eyewear company. Moritz and Philipp are two of the four co-founders with Daniel Haffmans and Harald Gottschling rounding out the quartet. The Berlin headquarters serves as homebase for all steps of the business from design, production and marketing. HQ is called the Workshop. MYKITA’s snob factor is based on their patented hinge design that removes the need for screws and soldering. Individual frame elements are cut from thin sheets of …

i want: Rado r5.5 Chronograph in White

Rado has introduced a new r5.5 Chronograph watch in a white ceramic finish. I’m a sucker for a chronograph watch and I like the simplity of the Rado.  The watch is part of the limited edition Rene Liu, Rado Global Ambassador collection.  Rene is a Taiwanese actress, singer and writer.  Of course, the watch is too rich for my blood at $3,100 but you can find Rado at Holt Renfrew and Birks. image:  Courtesy of RADO

The Return of Chip And Pepper Wet Wear

Chip And Pepper Wet Wear brings back high school memories. It was very popular during those days to be sporting the two bulldogs and celebrating beach culture in Richmond Hill. The return of Chip And Pepper Wet Wear for Spring Summer 2011 season is at the perfect time for me to feel nostalgic about the line. Chip and Pepper came to town for a preview that was held at the close to completion Templar Hotel. The 27 room hotel is going to ultra luxury with a Chef that will make you whatever you want whenever you want. I’ll probably never see the inside of the place after the preview because it will only be open to hotel guests. It looks like it will be pretty damn swank looking, so maybe I’ll be able to arrange a tour for I want – I got and report back my findings :). Chip gave me the warmest welcome I’ve ever experienced at a press preview. How can you not love a man who offers you a beer right after …

i got: White Derby Shoes by Rokin

I was looking for a great menswear inspired shoe like an oxford or brogue. Originally, I bought some lovely cork oxfords by Dieppa Restrepo at Chasse Gardee. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit very well and I had to return them. I was distraught as the shoes were made of cork and looked amazing. Shoes need to fit no matter how special the shoe is and how much it breaks your heart to return them. My alternative choice was the white derby by ROKIN Footwear also carried at Chasse Gardee. They aren’t the cork Dieppa Restrepo but they are pretty exciting in their own right and super comfortable. During my shoe search I finally discovered the difference between an oxford, brogue and derby. Oxford: a style of laced shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp Brogue: a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or “brogueing”) and serration along the pieces’ visible edges. Derby: a style of shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs …

i want: Prada “Made in India” Dress

Prada PR are lovely people who keep me in the loop. I get a lot of updates about celebrities wearing the clothing that I enjoy receiving but don’t post about usually. However, Jennifer Garner in the Prada “Made in India” dress changed my mind. Last year, I wrote about the Prada “Made in …” Project. A limited edition collection that partners with artisans from across the world. The ‘Made in India’ collection dress is handmade in workshops dedicated to Chikan. It’s an ancient type of Indian embroidery noted for its light textiles and floral motifs in delicate cotton thread.  The green dress is lovely but I had to include the celebrity photo for the other colourway. It’s beautiful. images: courtesy of Prada

i got: Minimal Baroque Sunglasses by Prada

The Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses have been my obsession since the spring summer 2011 collections hit the Milan runways last September. I originally wanted the crazy blue and white ones. They’d make a great addition to my crazy sunglasses collection. It didn’t look like the blue ones would be coming up to Canada in any major quantities so I decided on the tortoise shell Minimal Baroque sunglasses instead. My favourite Prada SA John helped The Oracle and I decide between the two offerings, black and tortoise. I liked the lens shade better in the tortoise and they were a bit more exciting than basic black. Like most of my sunglasses these Prada’s get as many stares as my neon green Prada Postcards. Check out this short commercial for the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses. images:, me

i got: Moncler S ‘Shihoko’ Trench

Moncler and Chitose Abe of Sacai came together to create the Moncler S capsule collection. Think Sacai sensibility and Moncler quality and functionality. I’m in love with the line. I was lusting over the Moncler S ‘Shihoko’ trench coat. It has this beautiful cape detail that gives it a lot of volume. You can wear it in a number of different ways. I needed a proper trench coat and I didn’t want to get Burberry. I loved the army green colour. It’s not khaki. I stared at the jacket while it sat on the rack at full price. I contemplated the purchase but never followed through. This past weekend I noticed it on sale at Holt Renfrew and decided I would buy myself a birthday present. Toronto is getting some sub 20 days coming up so I plan on taking this jacket out for a proper workout. images:

I want – I got loves Camilla Skovgaard

I talk about shoe designer, Camilla Skovgaard often on the blog. Last year, I received a pair of Camilla Skovgaard Drop Cut Out Sandal for my birthday. They were the perfect black shoe, I loved them. You can imagine my sadness when I discovered the hell of my sandals snapped. The only thing holding it together was leather. This happened before the Tommy and Anna event at The Room. I mentioned my dilemma in the post and my new shoe purchase to compensate.  It was just a casual mention.  Okay, it was more like a howl of sadness.  The new shoes were quite nice but they weren’t my Camilla’s. A few hours after the Tommy Met Anna post went up I received submission via my contact form. I had to do a double take when I read the sender’s name. It was Camilla Skovgaard. I shook my head a little and opened the message. I checked the address and sure enough it was from the Camilla Skovgaard domain. That’s when I started to do a little fangirl …

Proenza Schouler at The Room

The Proenza Schouler duo of Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough came to Toronto for very short day trip and The Room celebrated their arrival. Unlike the Anna Dello Russo party, this was a small affair. It was a welcome change from the madness of Anna. I brought a long time blogging friend Zoë Hong with me. She’s a designer from San Fransisco that happened to be vacationing in Toronto for the weekend. Her Asymmetrical black leather corselet belt made my I want list. I still think about it. It was hilarious that Zoë visits Toronto and Danielle isn’t in the country.  Zoë did tell me stories of her adventures with Danielle in NYC to fill the void. It was pretty surprising that Jennifer Campbell of Flare recognized Zoë from the Internet. Oh, old school fash blogging days. Some media got interview time with Jack and Lazaro at the beginning of the event. I met them, super quickly made small talk and then photos. It’s like a factory floor when all the guests want to meet the guests. The guys were really …

i want: NARS Summer 2011 Nail Polish

NARS has two new nail polish colours for Summer 2011 that I’m liking. NARS makes great, long lasting nail polish and I really enjoy my Spring 2011 colour, Desperado. Kismet is described as “Fate, destiny, a predetermined course of events. This metallic sunflower nail polish was simply meant to be.” Ecume is described as “An opaque white nail enamel that is at once vintage-inspired and avant-garde in sensibility.” The entire Summer 2011 NARS collection is quite pretty too. There is lots of bold colour. images: courtesy of NARS.

Lanvin Dolls Spring Summer 2011

The Spring Summer 2011 edition of the Lanvin Dolls collection is now available atLuisaviaroma. I don’t collect porcelain figures but I think the Lanvin stuff is fun.     The snowglobe is my favourite. images:

i want: Miriam Salat Earrings

Jewellery designer Miriam Salat uses resin, sterling silver, 18kt gold vermeil and cubic zirconias for her hand crafted namesake jewellery line.  The collection has bracelets, necklaces and rings but the earrings are what grabbed my attention.  I love dangling statement earrings. Miriam Salat jewellery can be purchased online at There aren’t any Canadian retailers at the moment. images: