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Guest blogging at the Vitaminwater Canada Blog

I was asked to do a two week, eight post blogging gig over at I don’t do much guest posting but usually make exceptions when they are paid gigs 🙂 I’ll be talking about the people and places I love in the Toronto fashion scene. My first post is about Kirk and Stephen from Greta Constantine.

Link Love – Janurary 22, 2009

Check out some noteworthy links from across the Toronto blogosphere In Life and In Fashion has Seven Style Resolutions that I can fully agree with. Chick Advisor gives us 8 Tips for Working Successfully from Home. What Women Want updates me on Michelle Obama. Petite Fashionista gives out some Quick Tips to Elongate your look for petite women. Hey Do You gets props for my favourite link love post Snow, where she lists all the Inuit words for different types of snow. And also for the cute dogs I’ve seen lately.

Link Love – December 2, 2008

Check out some noteworthy links from across the Toronto blogosphere Chick Advisor – Chick Lit: Canada’s Most Influential Social Media Chicks – Ali is nominated and voting is open now What Women Want – What Women Want: This week’s Fashion Post: Sneakers for Chicks – Sneaker styles for those not really interested in something like the Vegas Shoes. Hey Do You – Check out Yvonne’s video from Fashion sCares. Toronto Blogger Yvonne Kai – FASHION SCARES In Life In Fashion – In Life and In Fashion: Raising the Style Barcode: UPC Boutique (Toronto, CA) – Great profile on a cute store in Yorkville Petite Fashionista – Reviews one of the many high heel saving products on the market. – Save your Soles I want – I got – Winning the hotlinking battle for now.

Hunter is watching me on the web

Hunter Boots finally got it’s act together and updated their website. It’s much nicer now, easier to navigate, better pictures and fast. They’ve even have a spot on their site that aggregates blogs posts, youtube videos and flickr pictures that mention Hunter Boots. I noticed a bunch of traffic coming from the hunter site and I found out that they linked to me and it was front and center of the main “Hunter On The Web” section. The only thing that bugs me about the site is that the store locater is for the UK only. However, the North American Distributor is based out of Toronto Man Made Sales Inc 1200 Sheppard Ave East Suite 405 Toronto, Ontario, M2K 2S6 Tel: 416 756 2820 Fax: 416 756 9664 Contact them about availability around the country as I’ve only spoken about a few places in Toronto.