Month: August 2006

fashion tidbit

From page six: THE fashion world is abuzz with speculation about where former Nina Ricci and Bill Blass designer Lars Nilsson will end up. Nilsson, who turned Bill Blass from frumpy to cool last year, was just unceremoniously dumped from Nina Ricci, despite doing what fashion industry peeps say was “a good job.” Word is Nina Ricci is making room for former Rochas designer Olivier Theyskins. And rumor is that Nilsson may head to Oscar de la Renta. Reps for de la Renta didn’t return calls. If you don’t know the background read

Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags by Pursed Lips

Pursed Lips’ Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags This is a fun Carnivale of Couture about handbags. Designer Ella asks 2 questions. 1. If you were to only have the allowance for one Big Name designer IT Bag, what would it be? (This is a dream to many with the allowance for none!) Choosing one bag is so hard. I really love the Fendi Spy bag. ($2,100.00) But I really like the Chloe Paddington too. This one in lizard is very interesting. ($7,200.00)

What, I can’t hear you.

I don’t understand. I ventured into the new Abercrombie & Fitch store in the Eaton Centre. Man, was the music loud it was like being in a club. Lets say that tshirts, tank tops, sweats and denim aren’t enought to get me excited about A&F, boring. But I’m not really their target demographic either. I didn’t even see any hot boys with no shirts on, boo! To me this stuff is just like American Eagle, Gap, Hollister and Old Navy. I would add too Roots, but at least they make some damn decent leather bags. related: The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch – shudder.

How not to look this fall

Read this style guide by Rachel Zoe and do the exact opposite. But hey, if you like looking like LiLo and Nicole Richie don’t listen to me. I’m sorry, shiny white leggings that look like stirrup pants. Hell to the No! And don’t even think about that jumpsuit people.

Who am I ?

As a new member of the I want – I got blog team, I thought that my first post should be an introduction of who I am, and why I am on the team. First of all I will be known on the BLOG as MJ, and I have already been secretly giving my feedback and input to Anita about the blog and it’s content over the past several months. Anita feels now that it is time for me to stop being so silent, and to give my two cents in whenever I feel like it!! So that is why I am here… What makes me so deserving of the honour ? Well…. I currently work for one of the largest luxury fashion retailers in Canada, and have been in the fashion industry for almost 11 years. This is the reason why I would like to believe that I was chosen by Anita, but in reality it is because I have great connections!!!! Already she has weasled her way into a Fashion show with me …

i got…

Gap Press Pret-a-Porter 2006-2007 Autumn & Winter Paris/London This magazine is awesome. All the shows from London and Paris are represented in one volume. The photography is beautiful. I can’t wait for the Haute Couture issue comes out. It’s a lot easier to browse this magazine instead of the many online offerings. It makes a great coffee table book also. It’s a little on the expensive side ($36), but if you love fashion it’s well worth it. Each season three issues are produced for Women’s collections: 1) Paris/London 2) Milan/New York 3) Tokyo/Barcelona/Madrid For Haute Couture and Menswear there is one issue each per season. I picked mine up at Indigo(Bay and Bloor) after a freaking wild goose chase around the city.

Editorials Online

Issue One is a new magazine out of London. It has interesting editorials that you can view online. Zoom Zoom is another good place for editorials. Of course Foto Decadent Livejournal group – perhaps the best resource out there.

i want: Sergio Rossi Fall 2006 Shoes

Sergio Rossi Shoes From the Fall 2006 collection. I’m dying here. I usually laugh at booties, it’s like come on, boots or pumps that’s it. I’m learning my lesson. Booties need to look like these two perambulation assisting beauties. Black Croc Ankle Boots The hottest thing ever! Plum Patent leather bootie The second hottest thing ever!

Hawking Wears

I don’t do this to often. I have a pair of almost new shoes that I am selling. I love them but they are just a tad too small for me. I’ve worn them twice. They are platforms from Nine West. Check the Craiglist ad. Local pickup only.

i want…

Wrap Around Coat by gr.dano Love this coat. I’m a sucker for coats with the strangely cut collars. 100% wool and it comes in Scarlet also. gr. dano isn’t available in Canada but you can get it online at

New stuff on the site

The new layout brought some new features I should mention. Category RSS feeds – On the Category Page you can find RSS feeds for any particular category you wish to watch You can still subscribe to I want – I got via email. Using the subscribe feature in the Get posts via Email section You can subscribe to the I want – I got feed by using the subscribe feature in the I want – I got delivered to you section I’ve added my links. I’ll try to update the list with interesting fashion news I find. You can see recent comments in the sidebar The contact me page will allow you to send me a message without having to open your email. You can view all website links on the Links page. Only friends of I want – I got will be displayed in the sidebar.

Mike&Chris hoodie update

A friend of mine told me that Holt Renfrew on Bloor street is carrying Mike&Chris F/W 2006 hoodies. Holt Renfrew 50 Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON M4W 1A1 (416) 922-2333 Store Hours: Sunday 12-6 Monday to Wednesday 10-7 Thursday and Friday 10-8 Saturday 10-6

Style Cog

This is the a cool idea, so I’ve adopted it from Danielle, who adopted it from Style Bubble. I’m really interested in what other people’s wardrobe mechanics consists of so, if you have a little time to do some quick picture searching on Google, please do send me your cogs of style and I will post them up (they will look oh so cool next to each other!). Just to give you a few tips, I don’t mean things that inspire you or things that you want. What I mean are things that you can’t live without on a daily basis in your wardrobe, the things you use to glue everything together OR things that you consider trademarks of your style. My style cog is about generalities. I usually have many versions of any one cogs. I won’t get into specifics, there are too many and I have no time. I’ll use existing posts to highlight my choices. Saves me from taking pictures. 😀 1. Sneakers – Adidas and Diesel are my favourites right now. …