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geekiviews: More thoughts on Care by Stella McCartney

In the post geekiviews: Care by Stella McCartney, I talked about the new Stella McCartney skincare product line I’m testing out. I’ve been using the product for a month now and I’m liking it a lot. I am a little surprised that the line doesn’t have eye cream, facial scrub or mask offerings. I received a bunch of different products. Two cleansers, Three elixirs and three moisturizing creams. I love the foam cleanser. It smells great and isn’t irritating to the skin at all. It also does a very good job of cleaning and removing water based makeup. I have kept the Dermalogica practice of washing my face twice, which first removes any pollution and then gets to cleaning the skin proper. I like the results of this cleanser better than my regular Dermalogica routine. I also received a cream cleanser which I’ve had no experience with before. I wasn’t even sure how to use cream cleanser until a few months ago. I’ve used the product a couple of times. It’s great for those late …

The Gap will never get my valuable customer data again.

I’m pissed off with the Gap right now. If you shop there regularly, you know that sometimes you will get a survey request and in return you receive 20% off regular priced merchandise. I’ve been told by Gap employees that this feedback is very important to the stores and that my information is valuable, hence the discount for completing the survey. Apparently, head office doesn’t think so. I decided I was going to use my 20% off to buy one of the Designer Collection white shirts. I even stood in line to try the damn thing on and stood in line to pay for the thing, only to be told, very nicely btw, that that discount is not valid for the shirt. I was pissed, but didn’t take it out on the poor gay boy behind the counter but what a waste of my time and effort. I’ve attached a copy of the receipt to make a fucking point. There is nowhere on this receipt that lists the restrictions on what you can’t purchase, all …

Bamboo Closet discount coupon

I’ve featured Bamboo Closet on the blog before. I have a discount to their shop for you, my readers. We’re delighted to offer a special 15% off coupon to your readers valid for the whole summer (ends August 30, 2007)! Visitors to your site can simply enter the following code at the shopping cart checkout to avail of the summer discount: SUMMER07 I love this clutch. It would solve my silver handbag issue; I don’t have one to match my shoes. 🙂

The Honeyroom

Andrea dropped me an email to let me know about her online store, The Honeyroom. She offers eclectic accessories and tshirts. I checked out her online boutique and she’s definitely hit on some trends with her offerings. 1. Strawberries – Andrea has this covered with red and black necklaces for sale. 2. Owls – She’s tapped into the Owl trend with necklaces in gold, brass and silver. I actually own an owl necklace very similar to the silver version Andrea sells. There are some Owl earrings too. The items I want are the wide yellow belt and this Burnt Orange shopper handbag. She is currently running a promotion. You get 15% off on orders of $40 more. Just enter the code honey1978 at checkout.

i want…

A bag by Renee Davide I love the shape and minimal nature of this tote. The colour is amazing and I love the white thread detail. A red bag is classic and paired with some red shoes, love that. I have a perfect pair of boots to go with this bag, sigh