Month: July 2006

i want…

Teal Henley dress by Mint The brown belt goes so well with this dress. It is also a Mint product. Mint is available in Toronto at Nicholas Women 153 Cumberland St. (at Avenue Rd.) Toronto, Ontario 416-966-2073 TNT: The New Trend Hazelton Lanes 55 Avenue Road Toronto, Ontario First seen at Clothes-pin

H&M and Madonna

If you have the new Loulou magazine you have seen the latest H&M ads featuring Madonna and her crew. I think it’s an awful ad campaign. The clothing is definitely nothing to write home about. I actually really hate what Madonna is wearing. You can view the photos here.

Patent fever

Patent shoes are everywhere. In all colours of the rainbow with platforms and high heels. I’m getting 80s flashbacks. I remember my first pair of patent shoes. Now, I’m not including the patent Mary Jane’s that every girl had. I’m talking the first pair of patent shoes I bought myself. Black patent leather Dr. Martins shoes, not boots. Pointed toe and not round. I loved them, they were my “housing” shoes. Memories.

CNTM – It’s over

Well it’s over and with a typically boring ending. Overall the show was pretty ghetto. They threw no money at this thing. Hello! BC does have a fashion week, you couldn’t at least do the show during that period of time. The final runway competition was so low rent. The gosees were so low rent. The whole show was low rent overall. Regardless, I still watched and if it comes back for a second season, I will watch again. I want Stacey’s legs, OMG!!!!!

i got…

I’m not really a trend person, but I did latch on to the “white dress” phenomenon of S/S 2006, take this example from Chloe. I spent pretty much all spring and summer looking for that perfect white dress. Unfortunately, many I saw were too expensive, not quite right or just plain awful. I finally found what I was looking for on a recent trip to Stella Luna. I had always heard about this store, but just never made it to parkdale. This is by far the best vintage store in the city. I saw many items I liked.

New Look

I’ve finally changed the look around here. Took me a long time to find a template I like. I could try and do one myself but I really don’t have the time. I hope to have a new logo to unveil in the new few weeks. So watch out for that. The Dada has nothing to do with this post. I just like looking at it.

CNTM – Meow!

Damn, that was good tv, those two were so nasty. Thank god, Brandi is gone. Drunk and ignorant isn’t a good look. Andrea, I love candy too, but you have a problem. They gave me a heart attack though, making me think that Sisi might go home.

i want: A Fake Diamond Ring

A Fake Diamond Ring People that know me have heard about my complete distaste for diamonds. However this fake diamond ring I can get into. Danielle Maveal, a local designer, emailed about her jewellery. It’s awesome when research comes to me. You can buy Danielle’s stuff online at her Etsy shop or at Made You Look in Toronto.

Congrats Italy

So Italy won the World Cup 2006 yesterday and congrats to them. I like soccer, not only for the sport, but mostly for bodies like this: Thank you D&G, this is your best ad campaign ever. Sigh, Cannavaro and Pirlo.

CNTM – I was sad

I was sad and suprised to see Ylenia go. I’m praying that Andrea doesn’t win this thing. That girl needs to eat a sandwich. Her walk is awful and god, put those sissors away.

The summer sourge

People that know me understand how much I wish I could rid the earth of these things. Those damn chinese slippers. You know the ones. Mesh slides with tacky ass beads and sequins glued on. They were all over Toronto last summer like a plague and I’m still seeing them this year. If you are reading this blog and you own a pair of these, get rid of them. The only people I should be seeing this stuff on is little girls, and even then it’s pushing it. Thanks to Paul my lovely photographer.

It’s been more than a year, thanks everyone!

So I started this blog just over a year ago now. June 21, 2005 to be exact. It’s been pretty exciting, I never expected anyone to read this damn thing, but you do. Thanks so much readers. Blogging here also led me to other things like Since about April I’ve been contributing fashion posts to I post about the Toronto fashion scene and interview designers. You can check out my posts here.

Stella McCartney for Adidas Fall 2006

So as I was browsing for my slides, I found the latest collection for Stella McCartney. She’s gone and made winter jackets and boots! The ad campagin is typical of Stella for Adidas, the wolves are a nice touch though. Check the press kit for fun photos and stuff.