Have you been in H&M recently…

I have a real hate on for the spring merchandise in H&M recently. It’s terrible in there. I’m amazed at how awful everything is. Mind you I’m not impressed with Zara or Club Monaco right now either, but there are still some decent pieces in those stores. They are actually attempting to follow the trends for the season for people to purchase. I can’t tell what trends H&M are going for at all.

Dallas at H&M

This is Dallas tshirt has made me write off H&M this season. It’s offends all my fashion sensibilities and I pray I never see it on the streets.

This will never be something I want…

I’ve gotten a couple press releases for this shoe and I just have to laugh.

Toronto, ON – Make the best-dressed list this fall by wearing Alegria, the new “it” shoe from LA. They’re comfortable, affordable and feature the hottest patterns and colors.

Ooooooh, the new shoe trend from L.A. can I hop on the bandwagon? /sarcasm off

Fall Fashion Forecast With Allegria
Cuddle up! Warm, soft and stylish – from jackets to footwear, shearling will be seen on the best dressed this fall. Featuring an ultra-comfort insole, Alegria’s shearling collection is an ideal companion for a crisp fall day.
Get Trendy with Tartan: Plaid is back and hotter than ever. Tights, short dresses, long jackets – Fall runways are cluttered with all sorts of colors and styles of this pattern that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
Purple Haze: Fall fashion runways are awash in a sea of purple and high-gloss plum. Keeping on trend, Alegria has designed a plum, patent shoe that will take fashionista’s from the catwalk to café.
Welcome to the Jungle! Animal prints continue to make a mark on fall fashions, as Out of Africa inspires international runways. Trendsetters will step happy this fall in whimsical, giraffe printed Alegria shoes.

Just like the Ugg, Crocs and this particular Coach shoe the Alegria shoe will stay on my permanent don’t list. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s patent, zebra or tartan. However for you misguided folk who are serious about purchasing a pair of this ugly shoe, visit stephappy.ca to find retailers.

Jason Kottke gives very good fashion advice

I was reading Jason Kottke’s site and came across one of his Twitter entries. It was the second funniest thing I’ve read all day. First thing was my friend trying to convince me that the Tom Cruise Nazi movie is going to be a blockbuster. I’ve reproduced Jason’s twitter entry here.

For those of you that are wondering what the hell is a AT-ST is. For those of you that have no idea of what they look like clomping around, I’ve provided video evidence.

Warning: This is probably the more irritating thing you will see all day. Unfortunately this is the only Star Wars clip I could find. Fast forward to 0:43

You can learn the supermodel walk here.

image taken from Jason’s Twitter page

This is why I hate Payless

Having a shoe break on you is a bitch. Having a shoe break on you after 5 wears turns me into a bitch. That is what happened to me at the most inconvenient time a few weekends ago.

I was running late to meet friends for dinner; we had a reservation. I grabbed these yellow wedges I bought from Payless last year (they were perfect with what I was wearing). I’ve worn these shoes about 5 times in total and they were in like new condition (so I thought). I don’t have much luck at Payless (even though my friends do) but I found this pair and another white strappy sandal that I liked last summer.

Just as I reach the subway the shoe’s strap breaks. I look down and I’m dumbfounded, how the hell did the strap break like this.

Usually, good shoe manufacturers uses the shoe’s upper material and attaches it to the the metal ring needed to make the strap. Payless decided that elastic material was sufficient instead. This resulted in a shoe I couldn’t fix. I had to deal with walking in this stupid broken shoe all night because I couldn’t miss the reservation.

My friends were like, the shoes were cheap who cares. I do actually. When I buy something, it’s for the long term. I had plans for those yellow shoes. What galls me more is the waste, if they used the upper material instead of elastic, I could have repaired these shoes. It would have cost more than the shoes did, but I could have salvaged them. Now, they goto the garbage.

If something cheap breaks on you fast and you have to replace it all the time, is it really worth it? It seems that this stuff ends up costing more.

Miu Miu Ready to Wear – Fall Winter 2008 – 2009

Miu Miu Ready to Wear – Fall Winter 2008 – 2009
Miu Miu Ready to Wear - Fall Winter 2008 - 2009
I was in denial about the 90s revival, but this hideous collection from Miu Miu and Chloe Sevigny By Opening Ceremony have sealed the deal. Not so hideous in parts was Isabel Marant, it did go way into the 90s with cowboy chic. Not my favourite look, but there is a couple pieces that are nice. The footwear, horrible. Boo Urns.

image: thefashionspot.com

There’s a special place in shoe hell for these monstrosities.

This is the sweetie wedge buy my favourite brand, Coach.
Coach sweetie wedge

This aptly named shoe, a marriage of the sneaker, the ballet slipper and the wedge, comes in two beloved Coach fabrics. They’re a great way to add height to your favorite outfits.

This is the result of that unholy union. Ballet slippers and sneakers, with a dash of wedge, what!!!

images: coach.com

Would you wear the C-String?

It’s called the C-String.

Ugh. I love my thongs, but I don’t know if I could get into this.

Watch this video. A model wears one and you can tell it’s not comfortable and she keeps adjusting it.

They are toting the C-String as a great thing to wear at the beach. Sigh, cellulite, stretch marks and C-Strings; what wonderful beach viewing.

Readers, would you wear this as underwear? How about a swimsuit bottom?

If I got a sample (hint, hint) I would review it and let you know how it goes. I wouldn’t wear it as swimwear but it looks promising if the back butt thing doesn’t stick out.

via Buzzfeed

oh hell no

Remember what I said about this look
Love this, perfect.

I take back what I said about the stylist intervention. It happened here and it’s still all wrong.
Sienna this is so wrong
WRONG, Sienna, so very wrong.

UPDATE: Hi BuzzFeed Readers, thanks for coming by. Please comment on the comparison if you feel like 🙂

Celeb designers need to stop

This is just one of the fugly shoes from House of Dereon. I remember seeing these shoes in the store one day (I can’t remember what one). I laughed my ass off. Not only where they freakin’ ugly, they were almost $300 bucks. Of course, they are made in china and are going to be complete crap. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you fall for this crap. I wonder if that fur is from a cat or a dog, I’ve heard some of the horror stories about China fur.

i really wanted to like you

It’s always disheartening to find out something you loved is poorly made crap. Enter Faryl Robin. I have always loved their shoes. They were very cute and funky. Different than the rest I always thought about buying some. I did just that during the summer. The first pair I owned were awesome, strappy wedge sandal with lots of colour.
The straps along the toe were held together with coloured thread, red and yellow. I wore them a day and a half, and the string unravelled, making the shoe unwearable. I had to go to Aldo and buy a pair of shoes to continue the day with. It was quite the piss off. Thankfully, the lovely women at Shoon took the shoes back and allowed me to choose another. It was obviously a manufacture’s defect. Unfortunately, the shoes were sold out so I chose another pair.

The summer sourge

People that know me understand how much I wish I could rid the earth of these things.
Those damn chinese slippers
Those damn chinese slippers. You know the ones. Mesh slides with tacky ass beads and sequins glued on. They were all over Toronto last summer like a plague and I’m still seeing them this year. If you are reading this blog and you own a pair of these, get rid of them. The only people I should be seeing this stuff on is little girls, and even then it’s pushing it.

Thanks to Paul my lovely photographer.