Month: December 2008

Happy New Year and Thank You

It’s been a crazy year at I want – I got. I plan on doing a 2008 roundup post but that is for later. I want – I got had over 500,000 visitors this year and it really blows my mind. Boxing Day traffic beat last years record. I especially want to thank my loyal repeat readers. I see you in my stats. I meet you in the street, at a party or the gym. I read your emails. Thank you so much for your support. Happy New Year Anita

Help Child Soldiers

I received a package with a very powerful message the other day from War Child. War Child Canada is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world. War Child Canada helps generate awareness, support and advocacy for children’s rights everywhere. I was suppose to Help Child Soldiers. The package was wrapped in brown paper and contained the cardboard box pictured. I was confused at first and then I saw the word Uganda. It started to click. Inside the package was this poster. And another card with block letters stating “We’re supporting the problem if we’re doing nothing to stop it,” It was unnerving but not as unnerving as this video that you should watch. 1. Over 66% of casualties in war are children In the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2.7 million children have died as a result of conflict In Afghanistan, 1 in 4 children will die before the age of 5 due to war 2. 300,000 (estimated) children are affected Boys and girls under the …

Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto – Fall Winter 2008 video embedded

I wrote about a video presentation in the post Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto – Fall Winter 2008 video. I was upset because I couldn’t embed the video. Well now I can, so for your viewing pleasure here is Coming Soon, Fall/Winter 2008 video presentation. [quicktime width=”500″ height=”270″][/quicktime] video via

What Should Obama Wear?

They had to follow up with Obama after Michelle and the girls. I’m a fan of Marc Jacobs this time around. I’m also loving the Thom Browne watercolours, very beautiful. via Inauguration ’09: What Should Obama Wear? – Menswear News –

My latest obsession

I’m totally obsessed with this Korean band called DSBK right now. Check out the dancing in these videos; I’m totally blown away. It’s also cute Korean boys in black. Hello!!!!!!! Original Video Release – Get a better look a the cute boys here Pure Dance number release – This is awesome, it’s just the dance sequence. The choreography is incredible. And of course, them performing live Sooo good!

Pierre Hardy Colorama 2

Pierre Hardy Colorama 2 is back for fall 2008 In June 2008, a new limited edition COLORAMA 2 of only 500 pairs will be sold in a selection of the best stores worldwide. For its second edition, the colorama’s design is about a disco stained glass, in a pop version, with metallic leather. Each elements constituting the shoe is in a different color, treated in contrasted & random tint areas. Metallics colors shine like precious stones : silver, carbone, rubis, orange, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine. Paris — PIERRE HARDY — Jardin du Palais Royal, 156 Galerie de Valois, 75001 London — Dover Street Market Berlin — The Corner Barcelone — 2046 shoes Madrid — This and This Copenhagen — Storm New York — Barney’s, Jeffrey Tokyo — Isetan Saint Petersburg — Day & Night Beijing — On Pedder Hong Kong — On Pedder

Nick Knight, Susie Smoking – Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 1988-89

This haunting image was shot Yohji Yamamoto’s Autumn/Winter 1988-’89 catalogue. I love it. NICK KNIGHT Susie Smoking, 1988 Hand-coated pigment print, printed 2008. 76.2 x 60.5 cm. (30 x 23.8 in).  Signed, dated and numbered 1/3 in pencil on the verso. One from an edition of 3 plus 2 artist’s proofs. image: Phillips de Pury & Company: NICK KNIGHT , Susie Smoking

Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto – Fall Winter 2008 video

I was browsing the SHOWstudio site and came across the Fall Winter 2008 Coming Soon presentation video. Coming Soon is Yohji Yamamoto’s bridge line, which is cheaper than his main line. I wish I could embed it. It’s quite beautiful and the dancers’ movements show off the clothing very well. Eschewing traditional catwalk presentation in favour of film – and purely online film, no less – Yohji Yamamoto’s ‘Coming Soon’ line pursues the egalitarian ideal both in creation of product and dissemination of image. Working once again with Max Vadukul, the first photographer to create the now seminal Yamamoto womenswear catalogues in the 1980s, these films utilise the innovative medium of motion image to show off the line’s casual yet elegant sportswear through the exuberant energy of contemporary dance. Coming Soon is available at TNT – The New Trend in Toronto.

i want…

hat trick – hat, hoodie and scarf from Where Did You Get That? This is the ‘all-in-one’ defense against winter: The coverage of a hat with the wrap-around protection of a scarf. This blend of cashmere and extra fine merino wool makes this piece exceptionally soft. We are Canadian – we know how to keep warm and look great at the same time. You can get this from a new Toronto based online retailer called Where did you get that? Where Did You Get That began with a childhood friendship. As teenagers growing up in Toronto, Canada we shared our clothes, our secrets and an insatiable taste for fashion. But our styles were always very much our own. It’s amazing how two people can wear virtually the exact same thing and yet pull off two completely different looks – it is the very essence of personal flair and a perfect reflection of our partnership. Our differing styles and personalities, experiences and expertise, are echoed in our diverse and evolving collection. Yet our shared standard of …

Michelle Obama Inauguration sketches

I have stayed away from writing anything about political fashion mostly because it doesn’t interest me and that I don’t think politicans are all that stylish. They can’t afford to take risks, so they end up being very boring and safe. I tune out. However, WWD ran as story called, Michelle Obama: What Should She Wear?. It featured Inauguration Ball dress sketches from some designers like Monique Lhuillier – beautiful red asymmetrical gown Betsey Johnston – speechless Karl Lagerfeld – yawn! Christian Lacroix- I like his sketches for some strange reason. They are a little bizarre. He has like 4 pieces in the slideshow. My favourite is the Rodarte sketch pictured here. Love! image:

Ketel One Vodka Tasting

I used to think that Grey Goose was great vodka. That was until I attended the Ketel One Vodka tasting put on by Matchstick. It was held at the swanky Spoke Club. A rep for Ketel One explained a bit about vodka in general and the whole process of how this family owned company makes it’s Vodka. We tried 3 different types of vodkas ranging in price. They were Absolute, Grey Goose and Ketel. Absolute was like swill after comparing the Grey Goose and Ketel. Ketel won out because it’s a little smoother than Grey Goose. It’s actually cheaper too. See more photos from the night at the Matchstick flickr account.


Absolut Helmut is a presentation of ALLES GLEICH SCHWER by Helmut Lang. ALLES GLEICH SCHWER” is not a statement or a final answer or question. It is about the consideration and the reflection to evaluate which weight or importance or meaning one as a single person wants to contribute in a changing world to personal, social, emotional, global and ecological or any other issues and arrangements which surrounds one or concerns one. The attribution of importance can be explored in a vertical or horizontal direction. HELMUT LANG was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956. He began designing clothing in his early 20’s. During the following 30 years he developed an international following for the daring, cerebral clothing he created. Always cutting edge, Lang was the first designer to showcase his collection in an Internet fashion show in 1998. Today Lang has turned away from creations for the physical body and is instead creating two and three-dimensional artworks drawing on references as diverse as the folkloric rites of maypole ceremonies and the exploration of surrogate skin. …

Upgrade time

Hi folks. It’s time to upgrade. You might even see a new theme since I have no idea if this current one is compatible. Things might be wonky for a bit and I’ll update this post once I’m done. EDIT: Upgrade went fine. Looks like my theme still works too. Time to get the plugins working now.

Madonna and Louis Vuitton – Spring Summer 2009

Madonna gets my approval. I was a little worried about this ad campagn. I loved the fall winter 2009 collection from Louis Vuitton and I didn’t want Madonna ruining that. I hope you people remember her Versace ads. Horrible. She seems to pull it off in these images. The result is six atmospheric pictures of a smoldering Madonna by Steven Meisel that will break in a range of fashion magazines in February. images from Memo Pad: Madonna and Marc Jacobs,

i got: Ash Lenny Boot

Ash ‘Lenny’ Boot My pair of dependable black heeled boots failed in November sometime. The heel started to bend in the opposite direction and walking was not fun. It was time to replace them. They had a good run, almost 2 years I think. I wore the hell out of them too. The decision to get the Ash ‘Lenny’ Boot wasn’t a straight path. I first bought a pair of boots from B2, they weren’t perfect but they worked. Then in the same weekend I saw the Ash ones at Holt Renfrew. It was friends and family weekend too and I had 25% off. So, I bought the Ash boots, which ended up being cheaper than the ones from B2. I returned the other boots to B2 when I returned to work on Monday. I should have looked at Holt’s first for boots; they do have some mid range boots that aren’t ridiculously expensive.

i got…

Stop Talking cards by Set Editions I can’t wait to use these. With the creation of the Stop Talking card, Set Editions was founded by Alison Riley in 2004. Set Editions offers letterpressed cards, foil stamped postcards, and other little stuff. Using recycled and post-consumer papers, we strive to offer intelligent designs at an intelligent price for those looking to send a card any old time. EDIT: I totally forgot to tell you guys where I got these. The Drake Hotel’s General Store, it’s awesome!

i want: Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Hightop Sneakers

Louis Vuitton is revisiting a classic, the 2001 collaboration with artist Stephen Sprouse. I am very pleased with this sneaker in the collection. It’s obnoxiously perfect, much like the Vegas shoes. I prefer the items with the graffiti lettering but I don’t like the roses. For the record, I only enjoy the only Louis Vuitton classic monogram print from Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse. I’m not a fan of the print otherwise and I prefer the Damier Azur print much more. Check out Marc Jacobs talking about the collaboration on youTube. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are paying homage to Stephen Sprouse. To show their admiration for the late designer and artist, next month, Jacobs, Vuitton’s creative director, is using his hit 2001 collaboration with Sprouse for a new, limited edition collection of accessories and ready-to-wear….This comes at a time of renewed buzz about Sprouse, whose graffiti prints and Day-Glo clothes became a defining aesthetic of the early Eighties. It coincides with a retrospective — called “Rock on Mars” — at Deitch Projects’ 18 Wooster …

Holt Renfrew Holiday Window Unveiling Video

Holt’s put up the video of the Holiday Window Unveiling with Macy Gray and Patti LaBelle. I attended the opening and Macy Gray was hilarious. She was pissed drunk. Patti LaBelle on the other hand was the consummate professional and was absolute perfection. Check the video here, Holt Renfrew Holiday Window Unveiling. It’s too bad it doesn’t embed. Holt’s should have a youTube account.

Jaime Hayon – Josephine and the Fantasy Collection

Jaime Hayon Josephine and the Fantasy Collection, a pop up experience by Ministry of the Interior Jaime Hayón Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid 1974. He trained as an industrial designer in Madrid and Paris. In 1997, he began working as a researcher in Fabrica, Benetton Group’s communication research center in Treviso, Italy. A year later, he was appointed, by Mr. Luciano Benetton and communication guru Oliviero Toscani, head of the design department, where he oversaw the development of interiors for shops, exhibitions and restaurants as well as books, magazines and logo designs. 2004 saw the start of Hayon’s individual career and he has kept himself busy with a spectrum of eclectic projects. From toys, to furniture and interior design as well as artistic installations, his boldness has been to transcend the borders of the often separated worlds of art and design, comfortably bridging the two whilst embedding them with his unique style. Beautiful housewares; absolutely stunning and expensive as all hell. It has to be seen to be believed. I’m …

Adventures in Moonrox – One of a Kind Edition

So I worked the Moonrox booth at the One of a Kind Show this past Saturday. I’ve always thought of myself as a piss poor salesperson. When it comes down to it a salesperson has to like people and I’ve never been a big fan of people. However to my surprise I was a selling machine that day. I also managed to score some jewelry in the process. MJ picked this necklace out for me before I even arrived. He knows my style so very well and even told Monique (MoonRox designer) that I would totally buy it. He was right. I was telling people that this necklace is right on trend for Spring 2009 and most gave me a blank look. If you’ve been to the One of a Kind Show, you’ll understand. I have always loved the MoonRox Charm bracelets. They are chunky, loud and colourful. I think they are the perfect addition to a LBD ensemble. MoonRox is in booth Y-4 and will be at the One of a Kind show till …