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Balenciaga Menswear Lookbooks Fall 2007 and 2009

I got the Fall 2007 Balenciaga Men’s lookbook at the Meatpacking district store in NYC. I was there for fashion week and was checking out the stores in the area. I prefer the Fall 2007 collection. It’s very preppy, which was keeping with the Balenciaga Fall 2007 woman minus the lego shoes. The Fall 2009 lookbook I got in the menswear sections of Holt’s bloor street. Not as exciting as the Meatpacking District, le sigh. I like the simple layout of the lookbooks. The format hasn’t changed either, I like that. The Fall 2009 collection is a lot more sleek and angular. I like the use of colours. I didn’t really see the connections with Balenciaga women’s as it was drapey, sparkly and full of prints.

The Balenciaga Influence – shoe trends

It’s interesting to watch the progression of a trend. Example the Balenciaga Lego shoe. I’ve been wondering how long it would take to filter down to mass market level. Here is a rough timeline: Feburary 2007 – Balenciaga debuts the shoe during the Fall/Winter 2007 – 2008 runway show. June 2007 – Beyonce is spotting in the C3PO leggings. A few months later she is sporting the lego shoes; paparazzi fodder. I groan. April 2008 – Steve Madden did the more literal version of the Balenciaga Lego shoes, they are absolute monstrosities. Today – September 2008 – Now good old Aldo is doing the inspired version. So can still see the influence though.

i got: Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket

Now or Never has been very good to me this season (It’s over for this season people). I managed to get this Rick Owens Funnel Neck Jacket for 75% off. It was the last one on the rack and it fit perfectly. I was in love. Initially, I walked away from the jacket and left the store, but I kept talking about it which was driving MJ nuts. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. A la Trent Reznor, it kept calling me, kept on calling me! So, I went back and the rest is history. Afterwards, MJ informed me that this jacket sold out completely, everywhere. This jacket fits amazing. The arms are a very slim cut but they are lined in silk so that it’s easy to put it on. The underside of the arms is made from a knit material which also adds to the sleekness of the arm. The double collar is drool worthy and I love how high it stands up. It’s like urban armour and I can block …

i got: Goffredo Fantini boots

Goffredo Fantini boots Since the beginning of the fall I’ve been obsessed with finding a knee high pair of flat, black boots. I looked all over, most of the perfect boots I saw were out of my price range (damn you Prada). Others were just plain ugly. I thought a pair of Miss Sixty boots were going to be my savior, but then I tried them on and they sucked. On the urging of a friend, I decided to check out Zola Shoes. I had been at Zola before the Xmas rush and they didn’t have my size in the shoes I liked. However, this time it was love at first sight when I saw these. They aren’t quite flat, but the hardware on the shaft of the boot is killer.

That Secret Garden a-line dress by Chloe is the stuff of dreams!

I blogged about theSecret Garden a-line dress by Chloe from the Fall 2007 ready to wear collection in November. It’s fantastic in pictures and absolutely stunning in person. I tried on the Chloe dress for kicks and I just had to take unauthorized photos. It was so beautiful. A heavy duty open end two-way zipper ran the length of the back of the dress. It’s definitely a winter dress, the wool made it a lot heavier than I expected. I’m in love, I can’t believe it was on the sale rack. It was still too pricey for me, so I only got a brief taste of its exquisiteness. This is the runway look and a closer look at the detail. images: me and

i want…

Tristan Blair shoes Tristan Blair is an Australian shoe designer who is looking to be the next hot designer. Check out this interview at Cool Hunting where I first saw these awesome shoes. No retailers in Canada. images: via

i got: Nine West Heels

Chunky heels from Nine West I picked up a pair of navy heels the other day. It wasn’t an easy search as shoes are mostly brown, burgundy, tan or black these days. There are a lot of cobalt shoes hanging around but not too much in navy. I found these shoes at Nine West. The picture show is grey but the ones I have are navy. I like the fake reptile print in them also. They are basically knockoffs from the Chloe Spring 2007 season. They removed a strap, changed the colour and ditched gold for silver. I like that the chunky heel is back this season, they are so much nicer to walk in, even at 3.5 inches. I also tried on these Prada Fall 2007 knockoffs but they didn’t look that great on me. The original Prada’s for comparison, they changed the colour, but it’s basically the same shoe. click the thumbnails for larger images