Month: October 2020

#ggatShopify – Oct 28, 2020

I think I need to call ShipIt! day, makeup day. . I love putting on this event because it gives me an excuse to go all out like the times before. I even put on perfume, recreating the whole ritual. I also love putting on this event because I work with some damn interesting people and I learn so much. And my teammates  are awesome. It was sunny today, it was so perfect and needed. Dress – Comrags, Pin – Diesel Sweeties, Earrings – Warren Steven Scott, Shoes – The Office Angela Scott,

#ggatShopify – Oct 27, 2020

Plaid isn’t something you see me in much. I have some wool plaid skirts I like but most of my plaid is consumed in blanket form. This uniform really pulled me in though. It’s perfect for this time in Covid because it’s linen but it looks like it could be flannel pjs too lol. Top and Pants – Ichi, Shoes – Dress Van Noten, Socks – Cos

#ggatShopify – Oct 25, 2020

I posted so few outfit shots last week. It was crazy busy and I was a bit lazy. However, I really enjoy today’s outfit so here you go. I love it when things bought in isolation come together like this. Sweater and Shoes – Acne Studios, Pants – Latre, 

#ggatShopify – Oct 21, 2020

There’s no special outfit today. Just a HackerOne x Shopify t-shirt and some Naked and famous denim. I got my eyes dilated at the eye doctor today, so on with the Prada’s because it’s like I’m looking through an Instagram filter right now . And good news, I don’t have potential glaucoma issues, my eyes are just different from the norm. Pants – Naked and Famous, tshirt – HackerOne, Shoes – Acne Studios, Sunglasses – Prada, Socks – OkayOk