Month: October 2006

Ask a geek: Full length leather jackets

Welcome to another installment of ask a geek. RDLoscher wrote: Where can I find Womens Full length Leather Coats in Toronto! If you can direct me to a wholesaler or a retailer I would appreciate it! Thank You RDLOscher Thanks for your question RDLoscher. I’m not a leather expert but I would start out with these stores Daniel leather – It’s the first place that came into my mind Northbound leather – I am pretty sure they make full length coats but may have a fetish influence. The Olde Hide House Bart Leather LA PELLE KARPETA The Leather Ranch Phil Leather I’d start with this list. Give the stores a call and see if they carry any jackets in the length your are looking for. If none of these option work, you might want to try something custom made. I don’t know of any wholesalers, sorry ๐Ÿ™ Be sure to check out the Beardmore leathers Warehouse sale this weekend.

The Lingerie Post is giving away free lingerie!

The Lingerie Post, a new blog and friend of I want – I got is giving away free lingerie. Everyone who’s subscribed to receive their posts in their mailbox through Feedburner will be able to win luxury lingerie in every season. That means 4 times a year they’ll be spoiling one reader with quality lingerie they’ve talked about on The Lingerie Post. Just sign up for the Daily Lingerie Post mail More details on the contest.

Ask a geek

I’m starting to see an increase in people contacting me through the contact form. YAY! I had a reader ask me a question the other day and I’ve decided to answer it on the blog so everyone can benefit. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. Ace Graystone wrote: Hi Geekigirl, A very attractive, athletic, and stylish woman recently agreed to play squash me. My problem is that I haven’t played squash since the late ’80s. Back then, real men wore either a white T-shirt with short shorts a la Magnum P.I. (I never had the legs for that) or loose gray cotton sweat pants. It’s not so much that I want to impress this woman with my chiseled six-pack and bursting deltoids. It’s more like not wanting to embarrass either one us on the court with a major fashion faux pas. So my question is what does a modern 21st century male squash player wear on the court …

i want…

One piece swimsuit by Vix Swimwear I don’t usually salivate over swimwear. It’s never really been on my radar. I don’t swim all that often and I certainly don’t lie on the beaches of Lake Ontario. I normally only care about swimwear when I’m heading to Barbados is visit family. Once you’ve experienced beaches in the Caribbean it’s hard to look at anything up here with any real concern. However, the lusting changed after I saw this great one piece suit. I love the one shoulder configuration and my god the back of this suit. HOT, it totally sold me. I thought the gold hoop on the front was a nice touch also. I’m not a bikini person, they don’t seem very functional to me and that’s very important. I do like the tankini though. This swimsuit is available at online retailer More Swimsuits. They have a large selection of swimwear and cover ups by companies like Vix Swimwear, Blue Brazil, Ujena, Berrydog and Melissa Odabash. Many women today are turning to online shopping to …

i got…

So I bit the bullet and got myself some patent shoes. I spent a lot of time looking at what was out there before I settled on Bea by O Oscar an Oscar de la Renta They have a little bit of a platform and they aren’t sky high like the styles that are out there. My favourite part is that they have a rounded toe. I picked these up at Town Shoes in Toronto and online. Now I need a black patent handbag to match. ๐Ÿ™‚

i got: Beret and Suspenders from H&M

So I was browsing in H&M and decided that I needed a beret. A red beret. It was such a good price I couldn’t say no. Good thing too, cause it’s damn cold outside now. Snow is coming people, time to break out the wool jackets. I was all pleased with myself until a friend made a Guardian Angels comment. It”s not going to stop me though. I also decided on a complete whim to buy some black suspenders. I’ve never worn suspenders but I figured it would go great with my menswear outfit: tailored black pants, white tuxedo shirt, tie and black vest. I would never wear them as pictured above.

something fun for spring

I laughed my ass off when I saw these handbags. That is very clever Mr. Marc Jacobs, I have to give you props for this handbag from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 collection. I can’t wait to see this hit the streets and the knockoffs to bound to follow. I wonder how many people will take their own chinese shopping bag and paint the LV logo on it. Check out the full Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 collection. I was suprised, I didn’t hate every piece in the collection. I actually liked some of it. It’s loooong though, freakin’ 55 pieces.

L’Oreal Fashion Week

Yay. I’m excited as I got my media pass to L’Oreal Fashion Week confirmed yesterday. Be sure to check for my report from the runways. I really want to see a lot of Tuesdays program but I’m booked with my software quality group TASSQ that day. I can’t decide what to do. sigh

i want…(Chic Blesk Krasota)

Chic Blesk Krasota skating jackets I want to live out my inner figure skater with these fun jackets. This is so great with the tail. I’m not really a velour wearer, but I could be persuaded with these jackets. I could live out my figure skating fantasy on Rollerblades. There is only one retailer in Canada Vertina 525 West Georgia street Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1Z5 604 632 0132

Five On Spadina 30%Off Sale

For 2 weeks Five on Spadina is having a 30% off sale. October 5th – October 22nd (11am รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 7pm) 30% Off Most Items in the Store!!! Here is a selection of the deals to be had: Mens Premium Label Jeans reg. $275+ now $99.00, Chocolate Dresses reg, $700+ now on sale for $126, Chocolate tops reg. retail $250+ now on sale for $34.50, Lacoste Bags reg $100 on sale for $65.00, Vero Moda Jackets reg $69, now on sale for $48, high-end bathing suits reg. retail $220.00 now on sale for $49.00, premium Denim Regular Labels reg. $250+ now on sale for $99 and less. Paul Frank Tees reg. $35 now on sale for $19.00 A new shipment of Jewelry by Indo Jewels and Bags from Chinese Laundry has just arrived. Five on Spadina 96 Spadina Ave. (Corner of Adelaide)

i really wanted to like you

It’s always disheartening to find out something you loved is poorly made crap. Enter Faryl Robin. I have always loved their shoes. They were very cute and funky. Different than the rest I always thought about buying some. I did just that during the summer. The first pair I owned were awesome, strappy wedge sandal with lots of colour. The straps along the toe were held together with coloured thread, red and yellow. I wore them a day and a half, and the string unravelled, making the shoe unwearable. I had to go to Aldo and buy a pair of shoes to continue the day with. It was quite the piss off. Thankfully, the lovely women at Shoon took the shoes back and allowed me to choose another. It was obviously a manufacture’s defect. Unfortunately, the shoes were sold out so I chose another pair.

i want…

A bag by Renee Davide I love the shape and minimal nature of this tote. The colour is amazing and I love the white thread detail. A red bag is classic and paired with some red shoes, love that. I have a perfect pair of boots to go with this bag, sigh