Month: September 2006

Threadless ts and contests

It’s another Threadless post. Kevin, a reader and fellow computer nerd told me about an interview with the creative director of Threadless Jeffrey Kalmikoff. His site is also having a contest where you can win a Threadless t. Now onto the ts. Our Radio

i want: Passenger Pigeon clothing

Passenger Pigeon, the affair continues… I have a coat fetish, big time. I have a double closet dedicated to them. Most of them are vintage, a few are military. There is also my prized possession, Anita. The Bell coat (pictured above) is made from a woolen army blanket. This summer I loved the wrap dress and this fall is no different. I love the Jersey wrap dress made from cotton and bamboo. Instead of birds this one has tree stumps. However another dress has added itself to the mix, the Herringbone Mod Dress. This one is made with bamboo, linen and lined with 100% silk, nice! The tree motive is a big trend with the fall 2006 collection.

High fives by the magazine rack

So MJ and I are going to have dinner. We decide to stop at Indigo and check out the magazines. We freaked out when we discovered the Haute Couture issue of Gap Press were out. We snagged the last 2 copies and shreaked with joy. 8 glossy pages of Dior baby. I’ve come to realize that I hate looking at shows online. This is the second book I’ve purchased from Gap Press. I have to say that a glossy, ad-free book is the much better way to go. It was a little cheaper too, only $30 this time.

i want…

Pedro García Shoes I’ve been looking for a great black flat shoe. Something I can wear to work with a suit and perhaps even with a skirt. I don’t want a ballerina flat, I have those. I’m not looking for a deck shoe either, there are lots of them around. Some of the flat shoes I see are just horrendous like these two. However I struck the mother load last night when I saw this shoe. Perfection, exactly what I’m looking for. Of course these are way out of my price range. Pedro Garcia has some other great shoes also.

preach on alexander

I found this Alexander McQueen quote on Carolyn’s blog. If you are interested in fashion in TO, you really should take a look. Beker: If you really had to give young designers now one piece of advice, the most important piece of advice, what would you tell them? McQueen: This may be a bit harsh: I think you really need to look at yourself and decide whether you’re good enough. Life is too short. There are much better things to do if you’re not. Here are some creepy kid photos he just recently took.

ANTM – To all the moral girls

Hi there moral girls, can I ask you a question? What do you really know about modelling? They spend a good amount of time naked in front of people, sometimes a lot of people. If you aren’t comfortable with that what are you doing? It was good to weed these people out early in the season, they just infuriate me. Favourites so far: A.J., Eugena, Megan.

shout outs

I just found out via Danielle’s blog that a bunch of fashion bloggers were featured in the Financial Post. Yes, yours truly was one too. Yay! Click the thumbnail to see the big version. Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch is this Sunday. September 24, 2006 Future Bakery & Cafe 483 Bloor Street West Time: 10:30 am to whenever. All fashion bloggers and fashion blog readers are welcome.

hi there Variety readers

I’m seeing a lot of search queries for “i want i got”, “geek girl” and of course my name. So, I can only assume that Variety readers are finding me, yay. An incorrect link for my site was in the mag :(. There was no i in Anyways, thank you curious readers. It means a lot for you to take the time to search me out. Enjoy the site. And to my regular visitors, thanks for reading too.

we are overrun with these things

This made me laugh on craigslist. This bag is so damn popular in Toronto right now, of course many of them are knockoffs. I used to think it was a nice bag (in black only) but now I’m just sick of it now. Knockoff or no knockoff, get an original bag people. Stop doing the sheep thing. Shudder. image:

Marc you suprise me

I’m not a Marc Jacobs fan to be honest. Some of the LV monstrosities are just too much for me. So much so, that I don’t even get around to looking at his other endeavors. I didn’t like his Fall 2007 LV show much when I saw it on This picture from the spring show doesn’t do anything for me. I write it off as more over-sized shapeless blah. It’s weird though, I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs cape in person recently and it gives off a totally different vibe. I loved it. Holt Renfrew has it on a third floor mannequin and it looks fantastic. It even looks good on the hanger. I’m into the cape this fall. I might even break out the vintage one I bought years ago but never use. I call it my Sherlock Holmes jacket because it reminds me of something he would wear. It’s nice that it’s in style now. I didn’t like the Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 collection too much and Spring Summer 2007 is …

i want…

Hepburn Cape by Desperately Different I saw this jacket at the Little black Dress shop and had to try it on. The above link takes you the collection picture. Check out the back after the jump

strange days and Variety Magazine

Today was a strange one. I spent a lot of time preoccupied with an event, an unveiling even. I have an article out in the Daily Variety from Variety magazine. I’ve been sitting on this news for a few months, but it’s finally arrived. I can now call myself a professional writer. It’s baffles my mind really. It comes as a surprise to friends and family I’ve told because they don’t understand how I got to this point. I don’t talk about blogging much in the real world, it’s kinda cliche. Anyways, the Daily Variety is on newsstands now. If you are a subscriber you can view the content (without graphics) online. Non subscribers can sign up for a free trial and check it out too. You can read all about it on

Project Runway 3

OK…. So Project Runway 3 finally started airing on the LIFE network, and I have to say that I already have my favourites. Who do I think is going to win ? I don’t know but my top 3 are…. Robert – He is the cutest of the bunch, and just like every good fairy….. He knows how to spill the dirt !!! (although we already knew Isaac was a B#@H to work with) Jeffrey – Talented…. Although it wasn’t innovative, it was well constructed with clean lines. He will go far. Laura – She walked in with 2 Louis Vuitton Suitcases !!! You go GIRL !!!! Can’t wait to see the next episode!!!! two things I have to get off my chest though are…. 1.) VINCENT !!! WHAT WAS WITH THE BASKET !!!!! 2.) BONNIE !!! Don’t admit to helping Serena design her sports outfits…… Believe me… It’s not good !!!!!