Month: November 2013

I want - I got's JACOB Holiday Collection Look

I want – I got’s JACOB Holiday Collection Look

I have a soft spot for JACOB. It was the shop that helped me transition from student to IT office worker. I didn’t have much use for business casual clothing in school while taking my B.Sc in Kinesiology and Diploma in Computer Programming and Analysis. So, when it came to real world dress codes, I had a lot to catch up on. JACOB was there as an affordable place to get nice pieces for my new environment, the office. Even after my tastes got more expensive, JACOB was always there as a place I went to for basics and cute dresses. There is a lot of choice for business casual clothing out there with all the new American shops in town but I always fall back on JACOB. It’s the Canadian in me. When JACOB approached me about showcasing an I want – I got approved look from their Holiday Collection and I said yes. I had the Holiday Collection lookbook so I made some preliminary choices in my head before stepping into the Eaton …

Danny Chelsea Boot by 3.1 Phillip Lim

i got: Danny Chelsea Boot by 3.1 Phillip Lim

There is a damn good reason the Danny Chelsea Boot by 3.1 Phillip Lim is sold out online is sold out online. It’s the most perfect Chelsea Boot ever! I wanted the rose gold Quinn loafers but The Room didn’t have my size. My heart was broken. I wandered the shoe racks deciding what to do. Finally, I bit the bullet and went for the Danny Chelsea Boot. I don’t regret it one bit. What makes these the perfect Chelsea Boot? Well the almond toe shape is slim but roomy. The shaft is streamline and fits under slim pants perfectly. The fit is perfect, they didn’t require breaking in at all. I’ve been wearing the boots nonstop since I got them and they are so incredibly comfortable. My heels are very, very, very lonely at this point. I don’t think they’ll see the light of day until the snow starts and I have to start wearing winter boots. images:, me

FASHION Magazine Winter 2014 - Courtney Love

FASHION Magazine Winter 2014 – Courtney Love

Courtney Love looks absolutely amazing on the cover of the FASHION Magazine Winter 2014 issue. I can’t wait to read the full interview. Cover Credits: Photographed by Chris Nicholls and styled by Zeina Esmail, Courtney Love wears a dress, $3,500, by Gucci at Holt Renfrew and earrings, $1,200, from Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection. Hair by Domingo Quintero for Jed Root/Serge Normant Products. Makeup by Lisa Aharon for Jed Root/Chanel Beauté. Fashion Assistant, Eliza Grossman.

KAELEN X Sam Roberts Band Operanation Tee

Operanation might be over for the year but you can still support the Canadian Opera Company with a limited edition KAELEN X Sam Roberts Band Operanation Tee. The T-shirt incorporates elements of this years Operanation theme, Temptation. We may not have gotten the Kaelen x Amy Burstyn-Fritz treatment but the t-shirt is a more accessible way to get into Kaelen. As a friend of Operanation, I was gifted a KAELEN X Sam Roberts Band Operanation Tee to wear. The first thing that struck me was the fit. It might just be me but when I put on a t-shirt with the perfect fit everything feels right in the world. The next thing that hit me was the perfect branding. I hate logo shirts so it was really refreshing to have a t-shirt that managed to namedrop without it being overpowering to the design. The third thing that stood out was the design itself (and that it extends to the back of the shirt). This is a t-shirt that looks like it wasn’t designed by committee. …

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques

l never thought l would be singing from the rooftops about nail wraps. l haven’t liked any of the ones l’ve sampled in the past like Sally Hansen or Essie. However, I’m here to tell you the Revlon by Marchesa collaboration nail wraps are the best things ever. Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman partnered with Revlon in order to translate their embellishment heavy designs to nail wraps that almost everyone can afford. The Revlon by Marchesa nail wraps are 3D textured appliqués accented with opulent jewels and beads. They are the most ornate 3D designs I’ve seen applied to nail wraps. The Marchesa nail wraps are a thing of beauty. They really do a great job of representing the brand in a very accessible manner. When I received the collection from Revlon, l wasn’t even Sure I wanted to use them. They were too damn pretty. l got over myself though and picked my least favourite pair to test out. I’m still not sure that I’m going to use the other wraps yet. My main …