Fall 2009

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Rad by Rad Hourani eShop is now live

For those of you that have been desperately wondering how they can purchase items from the Rad by Rad Hourani collection look no futher, there is an eshop. The Rad by Rad Hourani webshop now operational and waiting for orders. Of course if you are in Montreal you can purchase Rad by Rad Hourani at Reborn


One of my favourite labels Phi is shutting down. Their amazing Spring 2010 collection never went into production. When I’m in Holt Renfrew I look at the final few pieces of Phi and mourn a little. It seemed they were just hitting their stride. For the last few seasons, Phi had been pumping out some drool worthy collections. Seeing this Phi Fall 2009 ad campaign by Steven Meisel prompted me to write this post. Not only did Phi have great clothing, I loved the ad campaigns. Phi Fall 2009 featured my fav, Sasha. Phi was one of the shows I…

What fashion koolaid was Anita drinking in 2009

There are some trends I got behind this year that aren’t for everyone. I’ve drunk the fashion koolaid if you will on some trends. Here are the ones that made it into my closet. 1. Jumpsuits – This really started at Fashion sCares, but I acquired several more jumpsuits over 2009. 2. Leggings – leather and liquid. I enjoyed getting my Member’s Only liquid leggings for cheap. I wore my Danier Leather legging to death in the fourth quarter of 2009 3. Skinny Jeans – like leggings, it took me awhile to wrap my head around skinny denim. It looks…

i want: Thieves Wool Ecotone Bodysuit, the Shop Sustainable Edition

I’m loving the Thieves bodysuit. The one pictured is wool, but it also comes in bamboo. It’s ridiculous but I want it. It’s very sci-fi. Thieves is part of Shop Sustainable this holiday season Shop Sustainable is a city-wide initiative that challenges consumers to shop ethically this holiday season. Its goal is to raise general awareness for eco friendly products, and at the same time promote many Toronto based and online retailers who carry them. The program is a collaboration of Fashion Takes Action and Evolution Green. It might seem like eco friendly products are hard to find, but in…

The Coat, Philip and I

I was send a video that brought back memories of taking this photo with Philip Sparks at the Holt Renfrew TIFF party. It was Philip’s idea to get for me to wear the racoon fur buffalo coat from the Fall 2009 collection. We come into play at 0:38 in the video. It’s originally from Radio Canada We had a total blast taking the photo and I’m glad the moment is recorded somewhere. Loves It! Anita <3s Philip.

Holt Renfrew Pop-up Shop is now open till December 6, 2009

I got a sneak peak at the Holt Renfrew Pop-up Shop last night. It’s situated in the Fashion House showroom and is now open to the public. I liked the setup. The Holt Renfrew visuals team came in and gave it a “general store” store feeling. The clothing is casual with a lot of tshirts, relaxed sweaters and plaid button up shirts. Denim was the staple pant but there were a few non denim choices too. There were a lot of non clothing options too like jewellery, candles, bath products, scarves and hats. Great options for gift giving and a…

Balenciaga Menswear Lookbooks Fall 2007 and 2009

I got the Fall 2007 Balenciaga Men’s lookbook at the Meatpacking district store in NYC. I was there for fashion week and was checking out the stores in the area. I prefer the Fall 2007 collection. It’s very preppy, which was keeping with the Balenciaga Fall 2007 woman minus the lego shoes. The Fall 2009 lookbook I got in the menswear sections of Holt’s bloor street. Not as exciting as the Meatpacking District, le sigh. I like the simple layout of the lookbooks. The format hasn’t changed either, I like that. The Fall 2009 collection is a lot more sleek…

Hermès Petit Journal de la Soie Lookbook

I also picked up this great poster featuring the iconic scarves during that trip to Hermès where I went lookbook crazy. It’s a really good reference on how to wear a Hermès scarf. I’ll have to practice with my own Hermès scarf. Hmmm, is that Daul Kim.