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One of my favourite labels Phi is shutting down. Their amazing Spring 2010 collection never went into production. When I’m in Holt Renfrew I look at the final few pieces of Phi and mourn a little. It seemed they were just hitting their stride. For the last few seasons, Phi had been pumping out some drool worthy collections. Seeing this Phi Fall 2009 ad campaign by Steven Meisel prompted me to write this post. Not only did Phi have great clothing, I loved the ad campaigns. Phi Fall 2009 featured my fav, Sasha. Phi was one of the shows I saw in NYC at fashion week. It was my first viewing of the super popular models of Spring 2009 like Sasha P, Freja, Kinga, Irina, Hye, Suvi and Natasha. I was in awe of these people. It was then I learned that my instinct not to compare myself to these people was correct. They are freaks of nature (the a good way) and most people will never look like them. How can we forgot the …

What fashion koolaid was Anita drinking in 2009

There are some trends I got behind this year that aren’t for everyone. I’ve drunk the fashion koolaid if you will on some trends. Here are the ones that made it into my closet. 1. Jumpsuits – This really started at Fashion sCares, but I acquired several more jumpsuits over 2009. 2. Leggings – leather and liquid. I enjoyed getting my Member’s Only liquid leggings for cheap. I wore my Danier Leather legging to death in the fourth quarter of 2009 3. Skinny Jeans – like leggings, it took me awhile to wrap my head around skinny denim. It looks great with boots and now I have a hard time liking other styles. Figures just as the skinny trend is waning (perhaps?) 4. Harem pants – By the end of the year I had acquired a beautiful pair of harem pants from Biddell 5. Drop crotch pants – I got my first pair early in the year and I was lucky enough to get a pair of Biddell’s famous drop crotch denim. 6. Oversized Tshirts …

TEFW – Vawk Spring 2010

I was very excited to see the Vawk Spring 2010 show for LG Fashion Week. It was the only offsite show part of the program and it was held in AGO. I wasn’t in the glass-and-wood façade area of the building. That would have been a logistical nightmare but oh so fun. There was an open call for fan to show up for first come first serve seats. There was a pretty big line in front of the building and I was really glad for that Media/VIP entrance. It’s a life saver. Leading up to the show, Sunny posted a series of preview videos for the collection. If they were embeddable I would have posted them here. He also streamed the show live for viewers that couldn’t attend the open call. Reading the Vawk line sheet revealed a show full of luxurious fabrics: sand leather, silk cotton, crepe de chine, silk organza and silk chiffon. Sunny Fong was influenced by French Polynesia. This was seen with the bright red and orange colour palette which contrasted …

Magpie Shopping Party

I attended the Magpie Shopping Party in June that was organized by The Style Box. Magpie was one of my favourite shows from Day 3 of |FAT|. However, up to this point I had never been in the store on Queen Street. The store is a combination of showroom and studio. There is also a really cute backyard patio. Magpie was created 4 years ago by Cathy McDayter and Angela Mann. In addition to their ready to wear line they do custom work that fits with the Magpie aesthetic. Prices start at $300. They also will alter their garments to fit the customer on site. Taking its inspiration from the exciting and vibrantly multicultural community of Toronto’s Queen Street West, Magpie Designs is all about exploring new ways to think about textile and design in women’s fashion. A partnership that began four years ago – Magpie Designs duo, Cathy McDayter and Angela Mann’s creations are not for those looking to be the wallflower of the party. A diverse range of hand-made garments and accessories are …

i got: A Raglan Printed A-Line Tunic by Juma

This image is a little different to most of the i got posts I make. I decided to switch it up and add an action shot. I’m wearing a Raglan Printed A-Line Tunic by Juma. I’m wearing it as a dress here, but it would look great with skinny pants or leggings. My friend Naomi is wearing a cute Tshirt dress and belt from the Gap. The ring is Toni Cavelti. Since she was in the photo I thought you’d might like to know what she is wearing too.

i got: Final Fashion Dr Martens

Final Fashion Dr Martens are finally mine. I’ve been waiting for a year and it was totally worth it. As you might recall from this post Danielle Meder wins the Dr Martens Boot Design Contest. I was so excited that I made a little video for this i got. They are 14 holes. In all my years of owning Docs these were like the holy grail. I only did make it to 12 hole, but they had a buckle across the top of the boot that made them awesome. The leather on these are a little softer than your regular Dr Martens. I can’t express how much I love these boots. They remind me of my high school and university years. I’ve finally have a pair of Dr. Martens in my possession after years of being absent. You can grab the Final Fashion Dr. Martens at Neon Clothing. There’s one on Queen West.

i got: A Marni Bracelet

I was treated to belated birthday gift, A Marni Bracelet. I’m in love. You could imagine how excited when I saw this box. I’m convinced that half the retail cost of luxury goods are for packaging. The packaging was pretty cool. Not only was the box wrapped in grey ribbon, there was a pouch for the bracelet inside. I’ve always liked Marni’s jewellery. It’s clunky and colourful. Definitely statement making and it will wear you if you don’t have the personality to match. This bracelet is more subdued than others, I love it’s simplicity and colour scheme.

Dagg and Stacey Spring 2009 Lookbook

Dagg and Stacey Spring 2009 Lookbook At the height of British Imperialism many of the affluent found themselves able to travel to new and unexplored lands, bringing their polite society and china services to the safari. This moment in time is so beautifully illustrated in the memoir Out of Africa by Isak Dinsen. The Dagg and Stacey Spring/Summer 2009 collection is guided by the spirit of this intoxicating journey. The look features relaxed tailoring, clean lines, and hand dyed appliques for an effortlessly feminine feel. Dagg and Stacey was developed by the combined inspiration of Karen Dagg and Stacey Paterson. Established in 2001 in Toronto Canada, Dagg and Stacey had a clear intention from the beginning. Guided by a strong sense of feminine tailoring and an informed nod to vintage detailing, Dagg and Stacey appeals to those whose attention to quality and style are paramount. The label is known for its eclectic use of colour, pattern and texture, with each piece framed by their philosophy of creating beautifully cut and consistently feminine designs.

i want: Sporty SpinTO Style – Male Model Edition

So, I planned to do an “i want” post around SpinTO when I signed on as a media sponsor. Initially, it was going to be a menswear and womenswear post, but I decided to make it all about me. The i want: Sporty SpinTO Style post went over well. Well the boys want their own post now. So this is the Male version of i want: Sporty SpinTO Style aka the Male Model Edition. We can’t have a sporty style post without Canadian boys, DSquared2. This is the bread and butter. This is for the daring man. While the more modest can get into the Solid Gold them with these little gold shorts. Of course, Dolce & Gabbana, you can’t do sporty without them. These short shorts for men are perfectly acceptable to me 🙂 To round out the list we need Mr. Roberto Cavalli, which should inspire men looking to wear swimsuits. So, this is my idealized version of male Sporty SpinTO Style. There is no corresponding bicycle short trend in menswear right now. …

i want: Sporty SpinTO Style

I’m hear to talk style for the SpinTO party on May 15, 2009 (Friday!!!). I don’t have my outfit yet. I have a back up plan, that’s the gold plan. I have another idea, but it’s more sporty than gold. With an unlimited budget however my Sporty SpinTO party outfit would be amazing. So, I thought I would dream up an “i want” SpinTO style. My favourite pieces are from ThreeASFOUR I’m head over heels for this catsuit. Paired with a sheer tunic or tank top, sigh! Of course there is the hotter than hell Alexander McQueen legging and top combo. You can do it Prada Style. I’m particularly fond of the yellow House of Holland bicycle shorts. I pair it with a nice white racerback tank. Or Alexander Wang, who even showcased bicycle shorts in leather for Fall 2009. They aren’t pictured because they are kinda ugly. SpinTO is a perfect event to showcase the bike short trend that has been gaining strength throughout the last few seasons. My choices are from Resort 2009 …

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Launch at Jezebel

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer held it’s launch last week at the new club, Jezebel. I attended to because I’m always interested in getting myself into Jezebel and see some fashion friends that would be in attendance. This year Joe Fresh Style is selling the shirts for $12 at all Joe Fresh locations. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) began as the fashion industry’s response to breast cancer – a widely recognized effort that raises public awareness and funds to support breast cancer research, education and patient care. Inspired by Ralph Lauren in memory of his late friend Nina Hyde, The Washington Post columnist who died of breast cancer, the campaign centres around the sale of Target apparel reminding women to “target” their breast health. The target has been worn by such fashion icons as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen. Since its launch, FTBC has become the worldwide fashion community’s singular and most successful response to breast cancer. This incredibly simple and powerful awareness campaign has raised over $1.4 …

i want: Supra NS Sneakers

Supra NS Sneakers High-tops, high-tops, high-tops. I’m all about the high-top and the Supra NS are speaking to me. I’m dying for a pair of gold sneakers and these are nice. However, I love the fabric treatment on the grey option. The multibuckle shoe is my favorite style of the three Available at STOLENRICHES®. 734 Queen St. West Toronto 647.428.7497