Month: January 2008

The Secret World of Haute Couture

Agenda Inc. linked to the BBC documentary The secret world of Haute Couture I want to tell you about a club I’ve heard of. It’s secret, highly exclusive. There are no written rules to decide if you can or can’t join. There’s no official committee to vote you in. This club has got only about 200 members in the entire world, all women. What they have in common is the desire and the means to acquire the most expensive clothes that money can buy. Edit: I’ve found a single youTube video for this great documentary. Enjoy it in it’s entirety now.

I love LeSportsac’s prints

I’ve always thought LeSportsac was a little too expensive for a nylon bag; it has the Prada syndrome. That being said, I did by a Tokidoki messenger bag by Le Sportsac because it was damn cute. The prints are something this company does damn well.

Hotlinking isn’t cool XXXXXXXXXers!

I’ve noticed a lot of people have taken to hotlinking images from my site. It’s not cool, that’s my bandwidth you are using aXXXXXXs! I’ll be taking steps in the next few weeks to make sure that if you hotlink an image from my site, you’ll get a nasty surprise instead of the expected image. If you want to use an image you see on I want – I got, download it and host it on your own damn server! UDPATE: After thinking about it this post was a little harsh. So, I’ve edited the language abit. I just wanted to let hotlinkers know that I’m pissed. Hotlinking is NOT COOL and just plain rude. There are many free image hosting services available to everyone on the net. So, please don’t do it.

i want: Night City Scarf by Gillian Rode

A Night City Scarf by Gillian Rode The fabric is brass that has been enameled and it’s unbelievably flexible and fluid and will last a lifetime. It is not rigid and moves just like fabric. Each hexagon is 1/8″ in diameter and they are machine linked together. Yay, more local goodies. This time we have Toronto resident Gillian Rode. I do believe that someone wore the Night City Scarf at the Buy Design for Windfall photoshoot last weekend. Can you spot it? It looks like the model from the above shots. Available in Toronto at: Anti-Hero 113 Yorkville Ave D’Lightful 202 Augusta Ave Fawn 967 Queen West unit 121 Georgie Bolesworth / Model Citizen 913 Dundas St. W The Pink Heart 482 Eglington Ave Ukula 492 College St. For you non-local types, you can make your purchases via etsy. Click the link.

Arthur in New York

I hear we will have another Canadian to cheer during New York Fashion Week, it’s Arthur Mendonça. Congrats Arthur, I can’t wait to see the show. Unfortunately it will be online like most people, I’m not attending the fall shows in New York this season. πŸ™ image:

i got: Goffredo Fantini boots

Goffredo Fantini boots Since the beginning of the fall I’ve been obsessed with finding a knee high pair of flat, black boots. I looked all over, most of the perfect boots I saw were out of my price range (damn you Prada). Others were just plain ugly. I thought a pair of Miss Sixty boots were going to be my savior, but then I tried them on and they sucked. On the urging of a friend, I decided to check out Zola Shoes. I had been at Zola before the Xmas rush and they didn’t have my size in the shoes I liked. However, this time it was love at first sight when I saw these. They aren’t quite flat, but the hardware on the shaft of the boot is killer.

Givenchy Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008

Givenchy Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008 This collection is weird. I really like some of the minimalist pieces, but they don’t represent couture to me. As a member of The Fashion Spot said, who really needs $20,000 leggings. It’s very ready to wear. The last two dresses are more what I’m looking for. I felt the collection didn’t have a single direction or theme. It was like he did three collections: minimalist, ethereal and highly structured. images: thefashionspot

Chanel Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008

I’m having a love hate relationship with the Chanel Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008 collection. On one hand, some of the outfits are to die for, very beautiful. However, I hate the presentation. The large tacky Chanel jacket in the background. Why the hell aren’t the models wearing heels. Check out and look at how awful the collection photos are. The models don’t know how to pose in flats and it’s just plain awkward and unflattering. Devon Aoki looks like hell, as does the dress, IMO. The shoes are awful. I do love the wrap skirts and the jackets. images: thefashionspot

Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008

Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2008 Giorgio Armani Prive is another designer that doesn’t do anything for me during HC. His stuff is just to damn wearable. However, I did see a few looks that I thought were interesting. You just know someone is going to wear look #2 to some awards show, it’s a classic beauty. Click the thumbnails for bigger pics. images: thefashionspot