Month: December 2020

#ggatShopify – Dec 09, 2020

I have a few vintage wool skirts. This is a Pendleton one. And it’s finally an outfit where these slippers match . Wearing these skirts is giving me fomo for the ones I’ve seen and passed up. Full of regrets.  Shoes – North Face, Skirt – vintage, Sweater – Micaela Greg

#ggatShopify – Dec 08, 2020

I have a little collection of vintage skirts going including another reversible one like this in black and white. Cosy sweater purchased from @friends_of_jenny. Cozy unlatching shoes cause dgaf at the moment . It’s going to be mostly separates for the next few weeks. I’ll show off that vintage skirt collection. Skirt – vintage, Shoes – North Face, Sweater – Eleven Six

#ggatShopify – Dec 07, 2020

Starting this busy week easy going. I realized I don’t wear enough of my separates, I’ll make that a theme I work over the next little bit. Cozy sweater and new winter slippers. Shoes – North Face, Pants – B Side Jeans, Sweater – Monica Cordera

#ggatShopify – Dec 04, 2020

Warren Steven Scott sent me a preview of his new dress collection a few months ago and I’ve been dying for it to launch at IFWTO. It’s finally here and it’s glorious . #ggatshopify Dress – Warren Steven Scott, Shoes – No Name, Earrings – Corey Moranis

#ggatShopify – Dec 03, 2020

It’s been a while #ggatshopify. Let’s come back with a colourful bang. I needed this dance so bad, it’s been a long fall season . Look what just came from India, NorBlack NorWhite goodies. I also told myself no shoes but couldn’t resist these from Studio D Shoes. Jumpsuit – NorBlack NorWhite, Shoes – No Name, Earrings – Warren Steven Scott