Month: April 2010

Markover - stylist Afiya Francisco, make-up/appearance specialist Janine Falcon and hair stylist Gary May, photography Rannie Turingan

I got a Marksover

Mark’s aka Mark’s Work Warehouse has decided to change focus and is now trying to get people to think of them differently. They’ve changed their name to Mark’s to rid themselves of the work warehouse moniker. With this they’ve changed some of the offerings in the store to appeal to a larger audience but still serve that core business of workwear. To get the word out about this change they invited members of the media to: Come experience the latest in style and innovation from Mark’s Work Wearhouse. We’re pleased to invite you to an interactive style event, featuring the Spring/Summer 2010 clothing line from Mark’s Work Wearhouse. They called this a Marksover and we used it as a hashtag for twitter conversations. This would include a talk with Marks representatives about the new innovations they have added, a stylist to help you select a perfect Marks outfit, hairstylist to work your do and a makeup artist to round out the whole package. I was told it was an exercise to see the reactions from …

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 up close

I loved Mikhael Kale Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection. On the weekend I got a chance to see the clothing up close. Mikhael was shooting the lookbook in an alley in the east end. I brought the trusty Olympus E-PL1 put her into macro mode and went to town with pictures. You really need to see the details of Mikhael Kale’s dresses, it’s incredible.  The garments are like works of art. Mikhael is getting some great press at the moment. He was featured in when Mark Holgate came to town. The latest celebrity to be seen in his designs is J.Lo. Beyonce and Ciara have already been spotted in his work. See all my photos from the shoot. Mihkael Kale is available at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

China Textile News

I’m quoted in the China Textile News Weekly Magazine

I was asked to provide a short quote on trends during LG Fashion Week for the China Textile News Weekly Magazine. I want – I got has made it to print in PRC. Ha Ha. Started their initial issue in 1986 and has been a publication of both domestic and international delivery ever since. As a weekday publication Monday to Friday, it is the only comprehensive and giant newspaper in China specialized in the textile industry. China Textile News mirrors the economic performance in the textile and apparel industry in a complete and prompt manner, and timely gives out the governmental policies and regulations with regards to the growth production and performance of the textile industry. It also provides the readers with textile information from domestic and international markets with news coverage extended to three important aspects: apparel home textile, industrial applications and to textile machinery raw materials intermediates and finished products/markets; also going further to management operation science and technology and corporate culture. Circulation: 200,000 copies per issue/day. 200,000 copies a day, that’s pretty …

Debbie Pant by Ewanika

i want: Debbie Pant by Ewanika

I’ve been obsession over the Debbie Pant by Toronto based designer Ewanika. They look like a great convergence of style and function.  They got some room in the thigh and hips which I like a lot.  The pockets look like they sit flat, sometimes that style has a tendency to gape. I’m so glad that these roomier styles of pants are everywhere now. It’s perfect for track legs.  I like that Ewanika uses customers as models.  This is Leslie Wormworth an Ewanika customer since 2001. EWANIKA 1083 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON

Oscar de la Renta at Holt Renfrew

So Oscar de la Renta made an appearance in Toronto for a fancy fundraiser and a PA at Holt Renfrew. Unfortunately I was at work during his Holt Renfrew PA. I definitely didn’t have the money to be at his fancy fundraiser either. All I have is these photos that were provided to me by Holts. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet this legend. Holt’s prepared for Oscar’s arrival with dedicated windows. Holt Renfrew unveils its “Croquet, Anyone?” national window installation to celebrate the arrival of spring. Mannequins play with giant mallets and brightly coloured croquet balls inside the windows. “The uncompromising style of C.Z. Guest, the timelessness of Slim Aaron’s photography and the unapologetic spirit of The Official Preppy Handbook were all inspirations for our croquet windows this spring,” says John Gerhardt, Creative Director of Holt Renfrew. “We played with patterns and proportions this national window installation, resulting in whimsical and joyful treatments.” The window fashions take inspiration from the prep-school trend from the spring 2010 collections of designers such as Oscar de …

Vintage Marc Jacobs in Documentary Form

Vintage Marc Jacobs in Documentary Form

I found this vintage Marc Jacobs documentary though someone I follow on twitter named Erich Ben. He has a great collection of YouTube fashion videos. The documentary starts from the beginning of Marc Jacobs’ career and stops at the beginning of his early Louis Vuitton days. Marc is so young in these videos. It’s interesting to compare this early Marc Jacobs to the current one. Do you guys remember some classic Marc Jacobs styles? The pony tail and headband are here for the viewing. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Phoebe Philo by David Sims - The Gentlewoman Spring Summer 2010

Phoebe Philo by David Sims

The Spring Summer 2010 issue of Gentlewoman Magazine has an interview and photoshoot with designer Phoebe Philo of Céline. This is the debut issue for the magazine. The Gentlewoman is a new biannual style magazine for a new decade. Featuring inspirational, international women, it pairs ambitious journalism with a sartorial and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress. I really liked the photos taken of Phoebe, she’s just so damn cool. images:

Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes

Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes

Wow. As someone who loves the world of superheros and their stories it was great to see the Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes videos. He approached the subject matter with no judgments and seriousness. The host of the web series Crazy Sexy Geeks, Alan Kistler invited Tim Gunn to discuss superhero fashion throughout the years. They go after everyone: Spiderman, Superman, Superwoman, Catwoman, Batman, Robin, X-Men, Nightwing and The Hulk. Part 1 Part 2 via NPR

Cherry Blossoms at High Park with the Olympus PEN E-PL1

So I’m loving the Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera. It has a pretty steep learning curve and I’m nowhere near knowing all it’s secrets. I did take it out for a spin to catch the cherry blossoms blooming in High Park. All the closeup shots were taken in Macro mode. There is a wonderful amount of crystal clear detail to see in the larger versions of these images. The Olympus E-P1 marks the formal introduction of the Olympus Micro Four Thirds (4/3) camera system in the form of a high-quality, sub-compact digital camera. Designed around a 12.3-megapixel (17.3 x 13mm) Live MOS imaging sensor, the E-P1 enables pro-quality still and video imaging abilities in a small, unassuming package. Along with a new line of compact M.Zuiko Digital lenses, the new system is compatible with all existing 4/3-format fixed-prime and zoom lenses from 7mm through 800mm (114° to 1.5° AOV).(source) The Olympus PEN E-PL1 ranges in price from about $570 to $700 depending on which shop you look at. There are different accessories you can buy like …

United Nude Frame

i want: United Nude Spring Summer 2010 Shoes

United Nude has some amazing shoes for Spring Summer 2010.  I’m particularly fond of the Frame style. The United Nude Frame is a return to United Nude’s architectural roots. As the most important part of any structure is its frame, the shoe’s heel is lightweight carbon fiber, the upper is luxurious leather and together they seamlessly form one. The Frame is a sexy high heeled construction. Cup X Sandal Cosmo Cup Goddess Cup Pump images:

Tale Wedge by Eileen Shield for Maria Cornejo

i want: Tale Wedge by Eileen Shield for Maria Cornejo

The lovely Nathalie Aktinson send me a link to the Tale wedge by Eileen Shields for Maria Cornejo. “These new Zero+Maria Cornejo shoes somehow remind me of you…” the message reads. She is completely on target here, I really like these wedge booties.  The cutout is perfect and I love all the colourways.  The white stands out to me the most. I have a total soft spot for Zero + Maria Cornejo. I love her clothing and prints. The Spring 2008 collection from Zero was my first New York Fashion Week show.  Zero + Maria Cornejo women’s ready to wear is available at Holt Renfrew and Jonathan + Olivia.  Shoes have to be ordered online or a trip to the States is in order. images:

Fun at Hermès

Fun at Hermès

I heard about magicians at Hermès on twitter earlier last week. I freaking love magicians so I made a mental note. I didn’t make concrete plans to see them immediately so I forgot about it. Fast forward to this past weekend and I’m walking around Yorkville with The Oracle. We started noticing people wandering around with silver horse balloons and orange ties. The Oracle said they were from Hermes. How could they not be with the iconic orange and horse motives.  That is when I remembered the magicians. I needed a balloon and I needed to see the magician. I dragged The Oracle into Hermès. Sure enough there were balloons and a magician. I discovered the event was a promo for the Sprockets Film Festival Family Weekend.  Hermès is a sponsor.  There were colouring books for the kids, cookies and even a cake. We chatted with the store manager for a while and the magician came over to perform tricks for us. I was acting like a total kid, jumping up and down and laughing …

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance for Men

Wow, this Only The Brave Ironman Limited Edition Fragrance by Diesel is a strange movie tie in for me. To celebrate the world and folklore around the Marvel character Ironman, Diesel has created a limited edition Ironman version of it’s Only the Brave men’s fragrance. Appealing to the comic book geek Diesel? Planet Perfume is decidedly glum and gloomy this spring 2010. Who can save it from boredom? Only a genuine, full-blooded hero! IRONMAN has come knocking on Diesel’s door, or is it the other way round? To celebrate the release of IRONMAN2, Diesel pays tribute to the original comic book creation. The indestructible superhero has lent his famous iron glove to a limited edition of the ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance. The Only The Brave fragrance will be launched in June 2010 to coincide with the Ironman 2 movie release. Featuring the highly original ONLY THE BRAVE fragrance. As much an attitude as a perfume, the fragrance embodies above all self-affirmation.  A fusion of plant and animal kingdoms, it blends leather, styrax and labdanum. Lemon …

Brian Atwood at The Room

Brian Atwood at The Room

Brian Atwood made a personal appearance at The Room. Brian Atwood is a CFDA award-winning footwear designer. He grew up in Chicago and studied clothing design at FIT. This formal model began working for Gianni Versace in 1996 on the Versus Line and then was promoted to chief designer of women’s accessories. This is where he learned all about shoes. In 2001, the Brian Atwood label was created. In 2003, Brian was awarded the Swarovski’s Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design from the CFDA. I did a little interview with Brian on my lunch hour.  I was a little taken back by just how good-looking the man is.  The photo says everything. Anita: You seem have everything right now. Celebrity fans, a 9+ year business that has been very successful, you are award winning. What are your next steps? Where do you see yourself in the future? What are you working toward? Brian: Definitely opening stores and giving the customer more of an inside look at what they would look like in this Brian Atwood …

D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 Fragrance

geekiviews: D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 Fragrance

I’m not a loyalist when it comes to fragrances.  I went from not wearing anything to having a whole collection (Thank you gift bags).  I don’t stick to one scent like some people.  I like the variety and the options I can play with.  Right now I find myself wearing the D&G Anthology L`Amoureaux 6 fragrance a lot. Dolce & Gabbana presents five perfumes of their collection The D&G Anthology, which arrives on the market in September 2009. Two other fragrances will join the collection next year.   The collection The D&G Anthology was inspired by tarot cards and their marks. The fragrances of this collection were named: Le Bateleur 1 (Tyson Ballou), L’Imperatrice 3 (Naomi Campbell), L’Amoureaux 6 (Noah Mills), La Roue de la Fortune 10 (Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes), La Lune 18 (Claudia Schiffer).(source) L’Amoureaux 6 has fragrance signatures of spices, juniper berries, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, iris root, wood and musk. Since the model is Noah Mills (Hot!), I’m assuming the fragrance is more masculine. I can see it …

TFI New Labels Design Competition at the Elle Event - April 24, 2010

TFI New Labels Design Competition at the Elle Event – April 24, 2010

TFI New Labels Design Competition Saturday, April 24, 2010 Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels® Competition and Fashion Show Fundraiser evening. The ELLE Event is also the lead-in to the one of the fashion industry’s most anticipated annual events – the Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels® Fashion Design Competition. As presenting sponsor of the New Labels® competition, ELLE Canada is thrilled to host this sophisticated fund-raising gala to help build the fashion stars of tomorrow. Join event emceeAnne-Marie Mediwake from CBC News, to find out WHO will win this year’s New Labels Fashion Design Competition and walk away with a prize package valuedat over $35,000 including $10,000 CASH! Enjoy the not-to-be-missed fashion show of the season, amazing prizes to be won, delicious cocktails & hors d’oeuvres, a VIP dinner, an ELLE Canada goody bag and all of this while schmoozing with celebrities and shopping at fantastic vendor booths! TFI New Labels® VIP Cocktail 6:00 PM ­ 7:00 PM TFI New Labels® Cocktail 7:00 PM ­ 9:00 PM TFI New Labels® VIP Dinner 7:00 PM ­ 9:00 …

Victoria’s Secret Lexington Ave New York - image:

Victoria’s Secret is coming to Toronto in August 2010

First Victoria’s Secret PINK launched in Canada and now Victoria’s Secret, the big shebang, is coming to West Edmonton Mall and Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. It will be interesting to check out Victoria’s Secret in person. I’ve never visited the store on my visits to the site. I used to receive the catalogue for a few years but I never ordered anything. I know people who swear by this store so my interest is definitely peaking.

Burberry Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Shoes

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Shoes

I really enjoyed the Burberry Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection. There was lots of shearling, huge collars and aviation influence. It was a coat lovers dream: cropped, long, oversized and sleek. The clothing definitely took a back seat. Burberry Prorsum continued with their “clunky stompers” footware trend juxtaposed with sleek boots. Rugged shearling lined boots with multiple buckles are transformed with a stiletto.   They came in various heights too. A stark contrast to the clunky stompers were sleek thigh high boots in leather and reptile skin. I like the shearling boots.  What do you think?  The ankle boot version is my favourite.  I think a flat version of the knee-high version would be amazing for fall.  The models in the show aren’t having problems walking in them so I’m assuming they aren’t too heavy.  There is a lot of stomping though.  Check out the full Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 womenswear show. images:,

Chanel Rouge Coco Launch at Holt Renfrew

Chanel Rouge Coco Launch at Holt Renfrew

I saw something pretty cool at the Chanel Rouge Coco Launch at Holt Renfrew. CHANEL introduces a modern interpretation of classic creme lip colour as an homage to the rich life and legacy of ‘Coco’ Chanel. New lightweight lip colour glides on for easy application, and features a Hydratendre complex to help soften, soothe and condition lips – even boosting their ability to hold in moisture – for a plumper, smoother and healthier-looking appearance. A range of wearable shades with full-coverage finishes, from matte to pearl to soft shimmer So Chanel was launching this new lipstick line called Chanel Rouge Coco. Part of the festivities was an artist who was painting with Rouge Coco lipstick. It was amazing. I didn’t try out Rouge Coco. I’m a little intrigued though, perhaps I can find a red lipstick that works for me.

An Ashley Rowe Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt

i want: An Ashley Rowe Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt

I’m digging Ashley Rowe’s Limited Edition Splatter Paint T-shirt The ASHLEY ROWE limited edition splatter paint t’s are the anticipated must-have of the FW10 season. Choose from five unique styles, created by five guest designers and their unique inspiration & vision for the FW10 season. Looking to customize your very own t? for details I also love that I know some of the five guest designers and I think they are pretty cool women. My favourite the bunch is The ALBANO. You can purchase them online for $125.

i want: Skinny Belts by Brave Leather

Skinny Belts by Brave Leather The whole tying the belt thing is a pretty old trend now but I am only now really enjoying it.  It’s to the point where I want to wear it myself.  That brings Brave Leather into the picture.  Their skinny belts you can tie look great. images: courtesy of Brave Leather