Month: May 2007

i got: Soviet Air Force Cap

Regular readers will know of my military love. I’ve added this awesome Soviet Air Force cap to my collection. You will see me with this on the streets with this hat, I love it. On side is full of these great soviet era pins and the other has 3 patches. I got this from Save More Sport Store at Queen and Jarvis, which is one of the best army surplus places for hats. I got my amazing East German ushanka from them and I’ve been thanking them ever winter afterwards. Save More Sport Store Ltd 114 Queen Street East Toronto, Ontario info at savemoresportstore dot ca

i got, then returned

I purchased two items from the Gap Designer Collections, a Thakoon dress and a Rodarte shirt. The dress I was iffy from the start but I took it home to try it on with shoes and all that. It didn’t fit the way I would have liked. I am very happy with my sleeveless Rodarte shirt though. Bloor Street is the only location selling these designs, btw.

i want: Dixie Grey dress

Dixie Grey dress I love the silhouette on this dress. Empire waist, square neckline and puff sleeves are all I need. I’m even liking the flower polka dot pattern on the fabric. I hate the polka dot trend with a passion. Most things I’ve seen are very tacky. With the exception of this dress from the gap (waiting for the sale on this one), polka dots should stay small. Anything that I’ve liked is usually always a small dot. via images:

i got..

Tasty Wooden Brooch by Princess Tina My trips to Queen street west always include a stop at Magic Pony. I saw this mushroom brooch and I had to have it. Princess Tina looks like she has some nice things, her site is beautiful and yet very aggravating to me. I want close up shots.

Dagg and Stacey/Snoflake Spring Trunk Sale

Dagg and Stacey/Snoflake Spring Trunk Sale May 24, 2007 A fab sale on lovelies from both of these popular local indie lines – merch from the current season/spring-summer 2007 is 20% off for this night only, plus deep discounts (up to 75%) off stylish goodies from their past collections…starting at $30 and up. Goody bags for the first 15 guests, nibbles and refreshments served all evening, plus a raffle for a $150 mini shopping spree – this can be used for anything in the store. Nathalie-Roze & Co. 1015 Queen St. East Toronto At Pape in Leslieville (take the 501 streetcar eastbound OR go to Pape and take the bus to Queen) 6pm – 9pm (no early birds, please!) 416-792-1699 or

Go Run Easy

Last week, I attended the Reebok Run Easy media and celeb breakfast. We all gathered at the Toronto Argonauts Rowing club for the presentation. Getting there was a total fiasco. Crossing Lake Shore Blvd in the morning is a nightmare and to top it off my cab driver dropped me off in the wrong spot. I thought it couldn’t get worst, then I find out we’re running this morning. Ugh, not what I want to do at all. Thankfully, Reebok is providing the running gear. I was given a bag of Reebok goodies (running jacket, pant and a t-shirt) when I signed in. I moved into another room to get my shoes fitted. I sat down beside Jackie Henessey (I thought it was Jill, my favourite D.A. from Law and Order and recently on Crossing Jordan) and said hi. I also cooed at her cute baby. I was wearing the Anita cuff and she asked me about it. I explained the story of how it was designed for me and let her know that she …

i got: Clear Shoe boxes from the Shoe Stör

Clear Shoe boxes from the Shoe Stör Wayback in 2005 I won a contest by one of the owners of the Shoe Stör. It’s taken me two years to receive the product due to lack of contact on my part and a nasty data loss problem on the Shoe Stör’s end. It’s all be cleared up and now I’m the proud owner of some clear shoe boxes… and I love them! I’ve organized my shoe collection and now everything is at my fingertips. I won’t forget about any of my shoes because they are in the back of my closet in a non-clear shoe box again. They come in various sizes and I use the boot size for my handbags also.

i got…

An Ivory makeunder My friends at Hill & Knowlton arranged for me to experience an Ivory makeunder. Ivory’s current promotion is all about making life easier by simplifying. The makeunder consists of expert advice from hair and make-up stylists who will help you make the most of your natural assets. During the months of May and June, four finalists will be chosen in the Ivory makeunder contest. There is still time to nominate yourself or a friend for the contest. The winner gets a trip for two to Toronto for an Ivory makeunder, a $500 dollar Yorkdale Shopping spree, a spread in Wish magazine and much more. I arrived at the Tony C salon after work on Friday. I happen to work in the TD Centre so it was super easy to find. Since I don’t have hair I missed out on any hair styling tips they could offer. However, I think I’ve simplified the hair aspect of my routine as much as possible already. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to make up. …

i want: Amelia Earhart chic

Amelia Earhart’s outfit I had no idea Amelia Earhart was so cool. I love this look. The jacket and boots, sigh. I need to reproduce it somehow. I don’t own a leather jacket and really had no interest in one until now. I will have to troll the vintage stores to find something perfect. has Amelia Earhart as their style icon. This is a really great look too. images:

i got…

A BinBin Striped Dress This was a great find at the BinBin Sample Sale. It goes great with my other nautical inspired gear. I’m loving the mini trend this summer so I’ve been obsessed with finding more.

Geekiview: Would you wear this?

I get some funny submissions at times. Yesterday, I received information about the CPC STRAPâ„¢ which claims to be a hip and stylish way to wear your cellphone. I have a couple of issues with this: 1. I don’t want to wear my cellphone and I think those that do have a serious problem, it’s a tool dammit. 2. These things are neither hip nor stylish. I would use the word ugly, tacky even. You can tell this person didn’t read my blog because then he would know that I have something called taste. Adding tacky jewelery off a cellphone holder is not something I would endorse as hip and stylish. Normally I would just ignore this stuff, but this was good blog post fodder. image:

Hello Toronto Star readers

Hello, If you came to my site because you read the article Kate’s skinny little clothes spark plus-sized backlash in the Toronto Star on Saturday, May 12, 2007, Welcome. I have commented on Kate’s line here and also have linked to other sites where you can see the clothes on real people. You can read that link here

Well played Burberry

Business Week talks about how Burberry is going to ditch it’s signature plaid. I think this is a great idea, the plaid is overdone, attracted the wrong type of customer and of course, there are the knockoffs. This makes me more happy than their Fall Winter 2007 collection. What do you think about Burberry ditching the plaid?

i want: I’m Not a Smug Twat Bag

I’m Not a Smug Twat bag This is the best parody I’ve seen on the whole Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote craze that the sheep are lining up for hours for. Don’t worry Canadian sheep, Holt Renfew will be carrying these bags, so get calling for the waiting list. The bag is from London-based designer, Marissa Vandersee. She makes a hot hoodie too. via Catwalk Queen

i want…

There are 2 silver shoes this Spring/Summer 2007 season that have me captivated. First is these Romy silver booties by Gucci. So perfect, so my style. Second are these great sandals by Louis Vuitton I’ve been looking for something similar and cheaper all over town and haven’t had luck. Those of you that can afford this stuff in Toronto check Holt’s for the Gucci boots and Louis Vuitton for the sandals. I finally got my silver fix satisfied thanks to Nine West (more to come on that). images: and