Month: February 2006

i want: Bianca by GourmetAmigurumi

Bianca by GourmetAmigurumi Amigurumi are crocheted stuffed animals. Elisabeth Doherty the woman behind Gourmet Amigurumi happens to make flawless ones. I happen to own this cute snail, Mai Tai Escargot Elisabeth makes some kick ass stuffed cute things. The detail in each item is amazing, the workmanship is top notch, check out flickr photos of past work. She also has a blog you can read.

Secrets from your sister

So I decided to get a bra fitting on the weekend. Since I was in the Annex I ended up at Secrets from your sister. It was quite busy so there was a wait. It was well worth it. The staff are awesome. Friendly and helpful, their motto is “you won’t leave here with a bra that doesn’t fit”. I had lots of fun trying on many different bras. I also made some new friends Princesse Tam-Tam from France Charnos from the UK Liz from Brazil Calvin Klein used to be my favourite. No more, Princesse Tam-Tam has won my heart. Secrets from your Sister 476 Bloor Street West – map it!! Toronto, ON M5S 1X8 Phone: 416-538-1234 M–F 10–7, Sa 10–6, Su noon–6

i want… The Owl Files – Apparel

I love Owls, they are my favourite bird. The fact that owls are showing up in fashion makes me very happy. I decided to do a series of posts on Owls in fashion. I found too much stuff for one post. To start off we are going to talk Apparel. Hoodies & Sweaters Barn Owl Hoodie Owl – Sky Sweater See print details

Why go for the inspired version…

when you can have the real thing. I’ve previously blogged about my love of riding boots. I happened to be searching The Fashion Spot and noticed the companies Dehner and Ariat. These two companies make real riding boots and they are hot as hell. 3 Buckle Field Boots by Dehner All I needed to read was “Originally designed for the US Horse Cavalry”. These by far are my favourite of the bunch. I would like black leather though. Dress Boot by Dehner The Horse Cavalry boots give off a more ass kicking vibe which isn’t always appropriate that is where the Dress boot comes in. These boots by Dehner certainly aren’t cheap, but god they are beautiful. They also come in a variety of different leathers. You can find Canadian retailers here. The two boots I like from Ariat lean towards the classic variety. They both are only available in black leather. Hunter Dress Boot Zip Crowne Pro Field Boot Zip You can find Ariat retailers in canada here. [tags]Ariat, Dehner, Riding+boots, shopping, shoes, fashion, …

Adicolor release date and quantity information

I found some information on quantities and release dates for Adicolor. As of now I am not sure where in Canada these will be available. I will be tracking this information down and will update you all. Adicolor Hi (Select 1): White Series – Comes with a set of spray cans. Only made in 5000 pairs. There will also be a First Suit only produced in 2500 pieces. – Men’s sizes only – Prel. release – 4th of March Red Series – Design by Surface to Air – 5000 pairs of sneakers and 2500 First Suits produced worldwide. – Men’s sizes only – Prel Release – 1st of April Blue Series – Design by Cey Adams – 5000 pairs of sneakers and 2500 First Suits produced worldwide. – Men’s sizes only – Prel Release – 1st of April Yellow Series – Design by Kazuki Kuraishi forTaro Okamoto – 5000 pairs of sneakers and 2500 First Suits produced worldwide. – Men’s sizes only – Prel Release – 1st of April Green Series – Design by Peter …

He has a name

And it’s Zanta. If you live in Toronto it possible you have seen Zanta before. I see him on the subway most times doing crazy shit in that Santa hat. Last time he was wearing these massive moon boots, shorts, no shirt, the Santa hat and a winter jacket. He decided to flex for everyone. Leave a comment with your favourite Zanta story. Edit: Livejournal is the place for all your Zanta news. Who knew the Sun did a story on him. Edit (2/21/06): There are great pictures of Zanta here and here EDIT(2/24/06): There is a documentary about Zanta, check it out. Thanks TP. EDIT(3/28/06): There are some interviews with Zanta available. Thanks CaugheyMachine. (Ya, I’m slow with the updates)

i want…

The geek in me has fallen in love with this shirt from Kitchen Orange. Atari How can you not love the old school Atari logo. I haven’t noticed this in any stores but I haven’t really been looking either. However, I know Mudshark Streetwear is selling them online. Mudshark Streetwear is a local company that specializes in Canadian streetwear. [tags]fashion, shopping, Toronto, streetwear, kitchen+orange, Canada[/tags]

i got…(Naal)

I was on the receiving end of a very cute gift this weekend. Naal by STRANGEco. Action Fighter Naal Mushroom Lover Naal Innocent-looking Naal is the first character in the series – a determined keeper of the mushroom patch. Naal’s ultrasonic helmet listens for the sound of any unwanted shroom-spiders and once engaged in battle, Naal furiously defends his plantation decked in robot arms, war pipe and visor. Naal comes complete with a complement of accessories for both his Action Hero and Mushroom Lover forms, including 2 separate helmets, arms and pipes, as well as 2 mushrooms and a small family of shroom-spiders!(source) Magic Pony on Queen Street West is the place to get designer toys and where my lovely Naal came from. The store will have you drooling over everything. Magic Pony 694 Queen St West – map it!!! Toronto, ON M6J 1E7 tel: 416.861.1684 email: [tags]magic+pony, naal, strangeco, toronto, shopping, toys[/tags]

i want…

Individual Icons Jewelry LeeAnn Herreid’s jewelry is something the 21st century traveller should never be without-compass rings and pendants set in sterling silver ensure you never lost your way, spirit level earrings keep you in balance, stainless steel ruler bracelets give you the measure of things, and thermometer earrings keep you cool. These are just some of the pieces in Herreid’s line of functional and innovative jewelry; more than just decorative, they are pieces with purpose.(source) There are so many interesting pieces on this site that I had a hard time choosing. I like a lot of things, so here is a sample. Chainmail Lariat

i want…

I’ve mentioned Sergio Rossi on the site before. I don’t understand why I didn’t look at the website further. I was missing the shoe gold mine! It started at Red Apple. Mocha over the knee riding boots. I could faint! And the similar red leather boot with a turned down cuff. These two beautiful boots are all from Fall/Winter 2005. I wonder what Spring Summer 2006 brings, stay tuned. You can purchase Sergio Rossi boots at Martha Fine Shoes and Accessories 153 Cumberland Toronto, Ontario – map it!!! Phone: 416-921-1429 Hours: M–W 10–6, Th–F 10–7, Sa 10–6, Su noon–5.

Tamara Henriques Rainboots

I previously talked about Tamara Henriques rainboots. I didn’t know of any local retailers until Toronto Life told me. I opened up the magazine and in the Super Shopper section were the exact boot. Out on a Limb 1755 Avenue Road – map it!!! Toronto, Ontario 416-785-5592 [tags]Tamara+Henriques, rainboots, toronto, shopping[/tags]

i want: Frye Boots

I’ve been interested in Frye boots in passing for a few years now. If I was to own a motorcycle (which I hope at some point) I would definitely own these. I checked out Frye‘s website and found some other items I like Love, love, love these guys. Nice and tall. Same goes for these The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. The Company was founded in 1863 by John A. Frye, a well to do shoemaker from England. John A. Frye ran the business for nearly 50 years. (source) Frye boots are available at many shops in the GTA. Here are a few that I know of for sure. Bootmaster – 609 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario Rockin’ Cowboy – 754 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario Western Corral – 1982 Avenue Road, North York, Ontario B2 and Browns usually have a small selection of Frye boots for sale also.

Fashion show for Amie Scott designs

Amie Scott will be having a fashion during the Twisted Valentine Art & Cabaret Show. Yours truly will be hitting the catwalk, showing off some fresh treads. I don’t have any experience, I just have to remember not to fall off the catwalk. Hopefully I’ll do okay and if the pictures look alright I’ll post them here. Fashion cabaret Get to the Blue Moon Lounge (725 Queen East) early Saturday (February 11) to snag primo seats for the seventh annual Twisted Valentine Art & Cabaret Show. Comedian Pretty Pussy Willow hosts the night of magic, comedy and fashion by local designers including art wear by Tara , Noxious and Menno Krant , Amie Scott ‘s outerwear collection and silky lingerie by Magdelina Designs . Stick around after the couture for a set of Ramones covers by the Carbonas . The show goes at 9 pm, and cover is $8. via NowToronto

Hollister what are you hiding

I went in the Hollister store on my trip to the Eaton Centre last night. I had to see what all the hubbub was about. I hated it. The most annoying part was how dark it is in the store. You can’t see anything. Even the dressing room area is poorly lit, what the hell. I can only assume that they have something to hide, they don’t want you to see the clothes properly. Not until you get home that is and are too lazy to return it. From what I could see, there was nothing special, nothing worthy of grabbing my attention. Nothing that screamed “YOU MUST OWN ME”. Boo urns Hollister, boo urns.

Geox is getting closer

I was in the Eaton Centre today and noticed that there is going to be a Geox store opening. This is very exciting. Geox makes the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. They keep your feet cool and dry all day long, no matter how long you wear them. I own these boots and I love them, I wish I had a black pair. There is a store in Yorkdale already. It’s not surprising that I didn’t know this, I haven’t been up to Yorkdale since they renovated. Too far. Geox also makes dress, casual and sport shoes for men, women and kids. They even have outerwear. All products use their patented system.