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Cedric Charlier Spring Summer 2014

Cedric Charlier Spring Summer 2013 on Vimeo on Vimeo via Cédric Charlier Spring Summer 2013 on Vimeo.
Gravity Pope
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George C
21 Hazelton Avenue

Born in Belgium, Cedric Charlier graduated from the school of Visual Arts of Brussels.

Cédric Charlier won the Moêt Hennessy Fashion Award in 1998 and subsequently worked at the House of Céline in Paris for two years under the creative direction of Michael Kors.

He then joined Jean Paul Knott’s studio for two other years.

Afterwards he joined Alber Elbaz’s team at Lanvin where he spent six years. He caught the attention of Jean Bousquet, who in 2009 commissioned Cédric Charlier to create a new dynamic positioning for Cacharel.

Cédric worked four seasons as artistic director before he set up his own brand. He has shown his first eponymous collection in February 2012, in Paris. The new collection got immediate attention from both international press and buyers.

#ggatShopify – Dec 09, 2020

I have a few vintage wool skirts. This is a Pendleton one. And it’s finally an outfit where these slippers match . Wearing these skirts is giving me fomo for the ones I’ve seen and passed up. Full of regrets. 

Shoes – North Face, Skirt – vintage, Sweater – Micaela Greg

#ggatShopify – Dec 08, 2020

I have a little collection of vintage skirts going including another reversible one like this in black and white. Cosy sweater purchased from @friends_of_jenny. Cozy unlatching shoes cause dgaf at the moment .

It’s going to be mostly separates for the next few weeks. I’ll show off that vintage skirt collection.

Skirt – vintage, Shoes – North Face, Sweater – Eleven Six

#ggatShopify – Dec 07, 2020

Starting this busy week easy going. I realized I don’t wear enough of my separates, I’ll make that a theme I work over the next little bit. Cozy sweater and new winter slippers.

Shoes – North Face, Pants – B Side Jeans, Sweater – Monica Cordera

#ggatShopify – Dec 04, 2020

Warren Steven Scott sent me a preview of his new dress collection a few months ago and I’ve been dying for it to launch at IFWTO. It’s finally here and it’s glorious . #ggatshopify

Dress – Warren Steven Scott, Shoes – No Name, Earrings – Corey Moranis

#ggatShopify – Dec 03, 2020

It’s been a while #ggatshopify. Let’s come back with a colourful bang. I needed this dance so bad, it’s been a long fall season .

Look what just came from India, NorBlack NorWhite goodies. I also told myself no shoes but couldn’t resist these from Studio D Shoes.

Jumpsuit – NorBlack NorWhite, Shoes – No Name, Earrings – Warren Steven Scott

#ggatShopify – Nov 14, 2020

Saturday night with Roisin Murphy. I’m ready!

The boots were only for photos, I won’t be dancing in them. I definitely will be taking off the hoodie dress also, it’s like an oven when moving.

Top and Shorts – Greta Constantine, Shoes – Dries Van Noten

#ggatShopify – Nov 13, 2020

Still doing summer linen into November. I decided to put these crazy Erdem heels on today. I don’t wear them anymore but holding on because they are so crazy cool. Last pic is a close up.

I used to wear some crazy high heels back in the blogging days and somehow managed to dance while drinking in them (that’s a superpower right).

Nowadays, I’m wearing shoes 2 inches and lower. I couldn’t dance in these Erdem’s, I don’t have the balance or confidence anymore.

Dress – Eka, Shoes – Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem

#ggatShopify – Nov 11, 2020

Back at it. Finally showing off my Pyer Moss purchase. It’s so beautiful I’m still thinking about the matching pants.

Richard Philips, the artist, was wrongfully imprisoned for 38 years! He’s started painting in the ’90s. I’m so lucky to enjoy and share his beautiful work. I just found out this print is for sale on his website too, uh oh. The socks don’t match but I love Rototo ones and had to show them off.

Top – Pyer Moss, Socks – Rototo, Tights – Forever 21, Earrings Indi City

#ggatShopify – Oct 28, 2020

I think I need to call ShipIt! day, makeup day. . I love putting on this event because it gives me an excuse to go all out like the times before. I even put on perfume, recreating the whole ritual.

I also love putting on this event because I work with some damn interesting people and I learn so much. And my teammates  are awesome. It was sunny today, it was so perfect and needed.

Dress – Comrags, Pin – Diesel Sweeties, Earrings – Warren Steven Scott, Shoes – The Office Angela Scott,

#ggatShopify – Oct 27, 2020

Plaid isn’t something you see me in much. I have some wool plaid skirts I like but most of my plaid is consumed in blanket form. This uniform really pulled me in though. It’s perfect for this time in Covid because it’s linen but it looks like it could be flannel pjs too lol.

Top and Pants – Ichi, Shoes – Dress Van Noten, Socks – Cos

#ggatShopify – Oct 21, 2020

There’s no special outfit today. Just a HackerOne x Shopify t-shirt and some Naked and famous denim. I got my eyes dilated at the eye doctor today, so on with the Prada’s because it’s like I’m looking through an Instagram filter right now . And good news, I don’t have potential glaucoma issues, my eyes are just different from the norm.

Pants – Naked and Famous, tshirt – HackerOne, Shoes – Acne Studios, Sunglasses – Prada, Socks – OkayOk