Rocaille Spring Summer 2011 Preview

Rocaille Spring 2011 Preview

I love hearing about new Canadian brands. Rocaille is a Vancouver based and was started in 2010 by Amanda He when she decided to explore a creative career instead of the investment banking world she occupied. Amanda sources antique items and turns them into one of a kind pieces.

Rocaille Spring 2011 Preview

ROCAILLE is modern by design and inspired by classical periods. We scour the globe for unique vintage pieces and delight in the unabashed sense of adventure and discovery as each item of jewellery is deconstructed and then transformed. The antiquity of each resurrected find is enhanced through reinterpretation and reinvention. Simply put, every ROCAILLE jewellery is one of a kind.

Rocaille Spring 2011 Preview

Rocaille is beautiful and I love that each piece is unique.  I like the clash of antique with a modern style. They would be perfect for black tie events.  Currently you can purchase Rocaille online at

Drake Hotel General Store x Shared

Drake Hotel General Store x Shared
It seemed like yesterday that the Drake Hotel General Store expanded to into Rosedale. Here they go expanding again with a new storefront at Bathurst and King. Well the storefront isn’t new, it’s an expanded version of the Shared storefront. Carlo Colacci and Joyce Lo decided it would be a good idea to combine the Drake General Store and their Shared location. An additional 200 square feet was added and it really makes the place feel a lot larger.

Drake Hotel General Store x Shared

This Drake General Store x Shared space focuses on clothing and home decor. For the first time all the antique fixtures that everyone drools over in the store will be available for sale. Carlo and Joyce are serious vintage hunters, you can expect their one of a kind finds to be top notch.

Drake Hotel General Store x Shared

Shared clothing is prominent in the shop with additional labels like Levis, Cheap Monday, Insight Swimwear, Happy Socks, Sessun, Kostym and Fortnight.  You can still expect to find kitschy items like fabric cacti and mini flasks that make great gifts.   Also check out the mini digital camera by Digital Harinezumi, pretty neat.

Drake Hotel General Store x Shared
82A Bathurst (at King)

Video – Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb

John Lobb
The Grumpy Owl posted this wonderful video from The Guardian about Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb. It’s a fascinating look at how shoes are made.

At John Lobb, one of Britain’s last remaining bespoke shoemakers, little has changed since 1849. Perri Lewis unlocks the door to a lost world of craftsmanship.

I also found another video about John Lobb that gives you a more detailed look at the shop


The Tale of Two Barbies

So, I was asked to style a Barbie doll for LG Fashion Week. I thought it would be fun so I accepted the challenge. It turned out that Barbie was an albatross.

I had a bunch of ideas for Barbie swirling in my head: Give her a haircut, make her a mini me, fur, etc. It was really hard to boil it down. With the deadline soon approaching I came up with something and I thought it was pretty fucking clever. Dare to Wear Love Barbie. Here is my quote for her


“I guess this is the Dare to Wear Love Barbie. I really loved the small samples of fabric that were left on front row seats at the Dare to Wear Love show last season. I collected them all. Barbie’s proportions allowed me to create the wrap dress I could never wear given the amount of material.”

I made the dress (check that architectural shoulder), the necklace and bracelets. I also dyed the shoes and handbag to match.   She also got a little haircut. My mom thought she was excellent, I was confident. I was all proud of myself and the great tie in to last LG Fashion week. I packed up Barbie and dropped her off to the GCI Group Toronto office.

When Two Barbies Goto WarWhen Two Barbies Goto War

It was the next day I got the call. Apparently there was a theme and it was LBD. Dare to Wear Love Barbie didn’t fit that theme. Now, I read the brief that was given to me and I was under the impression that there were no rules. I received tweets from staff at GCI Group that said there were no rules either. You can imagine I wasn’t the slightest bit impressed with this development. Here’s a PR Pro Tip for you, make your communication ambiguous free! I’m a Software Tester so ambiguity and me aren’t friends at all and to be burned by it really galled me.

So here I was with a new Barbie, my old Barbie (I was allowed to keep her) and no ideas. I was really beginning to detest Barbie once more. She was the damn albatross around my neck (If you aren’t getting my albatross references will you please go out and read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner already!). I really had no idea what I was going to do; the hoochie mama dress had to stay. I was quickly losing motivation.

When Two Barbies Goto War

Thank god for Dean Davidson. I was at his place on Saturday borrowing jewellery for Prom V: Noir. I managed to convince him to create jewellery for my Barbie. The only thing you need to dress up a LBD is some fabulous Dean Davidson pieces. Barbie was slowly turning into a tribute to Dean. So Dean and I designed a statement necklace, earrings and bracelets. The earrings and bracelets had Dean’s signature brushed metal finish. They are pretty damn cute.  I added a Dean Davidson book and silver ribbon for a belt.

When Two Barbies Goto War When Two Barbies Goto War When Two Barbies Goto War

So, I dropped Barbie off on Sunday before the Izma show. The other Barbies look amazing and once I get better photos I will post them all. That is my story about the two Barbies and the frustrating ride its been. I know which one I like better, what do you guys think?

i want: Jewellery by Anita Quansah, exclusively for Shrimpton Couture

Trolling Shrimption Couture is always fun. I have been hearing about Anita Quansah’s jewellery for the last week so I had to check it out. She also shares my name and I’m totally curious.

Rasia by Anita Quansah

Rasia by Anita Quansah, exclusively for Shrimpton Couture
Rasia by Anita Quansah, exclusively for Shrimpton Couture

This silver tone multi chain neckpiece features vintage faux pearl mixed with silver and gunmetal chains. An oval metal tone faceted bead and clear facet stone charm have been wrapped around rows of a cascading ring design. Four large purple floral embellishment and 2 silk handmade corsage where then added, all held in place with 2 silver tone pin’s from a vintage kilt!

As you can see Anita’s jewellery is very ornate and large. They are an uber statement piece so you’d need to wear simple silhouettes and neutral colours with these. They look like fun.

Hera by Anita Quansah

Theda by Anita Quansah, exclusively for Shrimpton Couture
Theda by Anita Quansah, exclusively for Shrimpton Couture

Hera is a spectacular creation that features cascading gun metal chains mixed with rhinestones and grey, black & gold faceted beads, all arranged in a mesh design, that drapes loosely like a collar around the neck. Hanging off this beautiful necklace is a stunning, bold, re-worked vintage necklace with wrapped gold tone chains, round, square black and grey faceted beads with gold tone embossed beads and large black oval polished faceted bead. It is surprisingly heavy and a fantastic piece!

All of Anita Quansah’s jewellery is one of a kind. A few pieces have been sold already.