InnerSPACE: Rise of the Fashion Blogger

If you were at WMCFW in Toronto this year you might have seen me with a camera entourage. Or you might have seen me doing an on camera interview backstage. The program InnerSPACE on the SPACE channel asked me take part in a segment about fashion bloggers along with Stefania Yarhi and Nathalie Atkinson.

SPACE’s flagship show, InnerSPACE is a daily entertainment talk show that covers film, television, video games, technology, comic books, gadgets, and all things genre. Hosted by Ajay Fry, Cynthia Loyst and Teddy Wilson, InnerSPACE takes its audience behind the velvet rope by giving them VIP access to the people, places, and things inside genre that they’ve grown to love.

InnerSPACE: Rise of the Fashion Blogger
InnerSPACE: Rise of the Fashion Blogger

The segment is called “Rise of the Fashion Blogger”.

Fashion reporting has changed in recent years with the introduction of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have a device and an opinion, fashion can be instantly accessible to the masses.(source)

The video doesn’t allow embedding so here is the link where you can check it out on Watch InnerSPACE: Rise of the Fashion Blogger. InnerSPACE also had an In Studio interview with Jeanne Beker which was its own segment. You check out the link on Watch Jeanne Beker in Studio.

I haven’t watch the segment yet. I love being on camera, it comes pretty naturally. However, I don’t enjoy watching the final product. I guess I’m too self conscious or too much of a perfectionist that the experience is always jarring. I’ll get around to watching this eventually, I always do in the end.

Talking About My ‘Do in Worn Journal Issue 15

Worn Journal Issue 15
Worn Journal Issue 15

I’m in the current issue of Worn Journal. It’s been out since November but I’m only getting around to posting about it now. In June, I got an email from Serah-Marie asking if she could feature me in Worn’s hair issue. As you can imagine, I was a little perplexed at why I would be included. She explained that the piece would be feature on people with interesting hair styles. Accompanying the photos would be an interview with questions related to hair and identity. I said yes without question because it’s Worn Journal and it’s a great topic that my (lack of) hair could contribute to.

Worn Journal Issue 15 - Talking Heads - Seven discussions of distinctive 'dos
Worn Journal Issue 15 – Talking Heads – Seven discussions of distinctive ‘dos

The talented Lainee Dee did my makeup before I ventured to the Worn Journal offices to meet the photographer, Brittany Lucas. I brought a few different outfits to choose from for the shoot but the final decision was the Smythe Warbler Tribute Blazer, earring by Eliza Kozurno and a leather Tshirt by Danier. It was late July when this photo was taken and it was roasting outside. With the leather and the blazer on I’m surprised my makeup isn’t’ running all over the place in this shot. Brittany and I went into the alley by the office and took a number of shots against different garage doors and using different angles and mostly stoic facial expressions. I’ve always said I’m terrible at the model scowl, this photo proves me wrong. Smiling comes so naturally to me but it’s nice to see I can do the complete opposite too. I’m pretty much in love with the photo. It turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. Lainee and Brittany did a fantastic job of making me look great. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for the kick ass styling 🙂

Now your probably curious about my interview. Well, you’ll have to grab yourself a copy of Worn Journal Issue 15 to read it. The issue is fantastic overall and you should probably buy a copy anyways. It’s available online at or in person at a whole ton of places in the city and beyond.

Thank you Worn Journal.


Finally, I’m a Street Style Star on Refinery29

I’m a street style star! Refinery29 had some photographer spies taking street style photos and I was snapped. It was very cool to be featured in the Oh, Canada! Toronto’s Most Stellar Street Style post. This is totally bucket list material.

Refinery29 June 4 2012

Neon makes people crazy. I wore this outfit to work. I wear some crazy things but this was brightest and loudest. Coworkers were commenting all over the place. Random strangers had nice things to say too. It was such a fun outfit to wear, I was smiling all day.

Refinery29 June 4 2012

Let’s breakdown the outfit shall we.
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Aldo

Toronto’s Best Dressed – The Star

Derick Chetty of The Toronto Star named me one of Toronto’s Best Dressed for 2011. Yay!

The Star June 16 2011

I wasn’t expecting this when Derick emailed me a month ago. This is my first best dressed listing and so far things have been positive. Coworkers got a kick out of it and I know my Mom loved it. I’ve done the smart thing and stayed away from all the comments on Really no point in reading the hateraid about something so insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

Choosing the outfit was a nightmare. I’ll be honest about that.

Read the article at These 31 people are Toronto’s Best Dressed on


Um you’re on WWD

WWD.comApril 13 2011

I was in meetings all morning and when I finally returned to my desk my twitter replies were blowing up. Something is up, I thought to myself, I haven’t even tweeted yet. Turns out WWD did a street style post for LG Fashion Week and I was snapped with my friend Caroline Shaheed. The title of this post was the best email subject line I received all day. It best represents the shock of finding out.

WWD.comApril 13 2011

Can you say freaking the fuck out! I’m stunned by this and doing a little happy dance. It’s silly but I have to admit I totally love this. All the shots are stealthy ones, I love it. I remember photographer James Lourenco taking our photo as we walked but didn’t think anything of it at the time. I’m so happy I’m not carrying a Starbucks coffee cup in this shot, ha ha. You can see the rest of the street style shots from LG Fashion Week at They Are Wearing: Toronto – EyeScoop on

This outfit also landed me on the LG Fashion Week street style pages.

Flare March 31 2011

Outfit Breakdown – Gap circle scarf, Alexander Wang sunglasses, Ash Boots, Gap army jacket, Club Monaco Blazer, Juma Spring Summer 2011 silk tshirt, Le Sportsac x Stella McCartney bag, pants Gap, Gamercamp Pin.

I want – I got on Global TV News Hour 6pm, March 24, 2011

So, I thought I would let my readers know that I`ll be in a segment that will be featured on the Toronto edition of Global TV`s New Hour program at 6pm today, March 24, 2011.

Check it out live if you can. I`ve heard they post it online afterwards so I`ll try to update this post with a link to that video.


UPDATE: Video is out

Guest Bloggin at The Agenda. Yes the TVO one.

Guest Bloggin at The Agenda.  Yes the TVO one.
I’m amazed that The Agenda approached me to write about the Toronto Fashion Blogger scene but it happened. You can read it here Guestblog: Toronto’s fashion bloggers on The Fifth Column.

It’s one of the most agonizing pieces I’ve written. I’m really hard on myself and I’m never happy. I still have a bunch of irrational fears over the piece that I think all stem from the fact that it’s on The Agenda’s blog. The Agenda is a super serious news entity to me. I’m incredibly surprised they even wanted to acknowledge us fashion bloggers. They did and the piece is up. I hope you like.

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Happy 75th Josephson Opticians!

Toronto Life Nov 2010

During the summer I  participated in an ad campaign for the 75th anniversary of Josephson Opticians. I said yes because I love this kind of thing and photoshoots are always lots of fun. So, I took a day off work in the summer and headed to Caitlin Cronenberg‘s studio. I’ve waited patiently for the November 2010 issue of Toronto Life to come out and it’s finally here. I can show off this fun ad to everyone.

This October marks the 75th anniversary of Josephson Opticians, a very special occasion for Dr. Josh Josephson, family, and friends. To commemorate the milestone Josephson will present a series of group portraits by noted photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg. The series highlights Toronto’s community of cultural mavens, icons, and longtime clients in a trio of photographs to be released over the next few months.(source)

Thanks to Brill Communications, Caitlin Cronenberg and Josh Josephson for allowing me to participate in your celebrations. It was a honour I’ll never forget.

Josephson Opticians 75th Outfit Breakdown – Alain Mikli sunglasses (nope I didn’t get to keep them), Complex Geometries Dress, Camilla Skoovgaard heels.

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LGFW SS11 Fashion Press

It’s been press crazy for my this LG Fashion Week. I love it.

I was on the radio. CBC Radio One Metro Morning had me over on Monday to chat up LG Fashion Week and the industry.

Guest host Karen Horsman spoke with Anita Clarke. She writes a fashion blog called ” I want, I got”.

They are amazing and have made a podcast so you can listen to it. CBC Radio One Metro Morning Fashion Week SS11.

FASHION at Holt Renfrew's all-Canadian show - The Globe and Mail

I took part in a video for FASHION at Holt Renfrew’s all-Canadian show
that was posted on The Globe and Mail’s website.

Finally I was interviewed for a story in 24Hours Dress to impress at Toronto Fashion Week. t’s propagated over the Sun Media network and can be found on a bunch of their websites.

Anita Clarke – 140 Characters

The lovely Rannie Turingan aka Photojunkie asked me to be part of this 140 Characters project.

This is the series that started it all. It was the original series that spawned this website. I wanted to highlight and share a the portraits of 140 characters from twitter in and around the Toronto area.

The people I follow in Toronto consist of such a diverse group of people. There are creative folks; photographers, musicians, and artists. There are techie folk; developers, start-ups and designers. Business folk; PR, Marketing and business owners. And there is a whole slew of other characters; politicians, family and even regular people.

So my question to you is, “Who would be included in your 140 characters in Toronto?”

Anita Clarke — 140 Characters
image: Rannie Turingan

He took this wonderful photo of me which you can see in it’s large format glory on the 140 Characters website – Anita Clarke — 140 Characters.

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I’m quoted in the China Textile News Weekly Magazine

I was asked to provide a short quote on trends during LG Fashion Week for the China Textile News Weekly Magazine. I want – I got has made it to print in PRC. Ha Ha.

Started their initial issue in 1986 and has been a publication of both domestic and international delivery ever since. As a weekday publication Monday to Friday, it is the only comprehensive and giant newspaper in China specialized in the textile industry. China Textile News mirrors the economic performance in the textile and apparel industry in a complete and prompt manner, and timely gives out the governmental policies and regulations with regards to the growth production and performance of the textile industry. It also provides the readers with textile information from domestic and international markets with news coverage extended to three important aspects: apparel home textile, industrial applications and to textile machinery raw materials intermediates and finished products/markets; also going further to management operation science and technology and corporate culture.

Circulation: 200,000 copies per issue/day.

200,000 copies a day, that’s pretty crazy.

China Textile News
Click image to see larger

So you wondering what I said. Here’s the English translation.

Black and fur were two very strong trends that permeated the collections at LG Fashion Week Fall 2010. Most collections used a lot of black or very dark colours. Surprisingly, the camel coat trend didn’t take hold in Toronto like it did internationally. Fur was everywhere and LG Fashion Week was following right along with this huge international trend. The question was “who wasn’t using fur?” Designers used it as accents on sleeves, shoulders and accessories. Sometimes the use of fur seemed a bit contrived and only done for trend sake. Then there were other designers like IZMA who perfected its use.

Polysh Magazine – Toronto’s Top Bloggers, Spring 2010

Polysh Magazine Top Toronto Bloggers

I had such a lovely time with the Polysh Magazine folks. One Saturday in February I went the studio and did a photoshoot and interview. The final product is better than I expected and I’m really pleased. Thank you Polysh for considering me. Make sure you check out the magazine because there are interviews with the other bloggers on the cover and some amazing editorial photos. My interview starts on page 53.

Polysh Magazine Top Toronto Bloggers

My blogging friends:
Style By Drew

I live blogged the Oscars Red Carpet for The National Post

I live blogged the Oscars Red Carpet for The National Post
It was a real treat to live blog the Oscars Red Carpet with The National Post last weekend. I should have posted about it before the actual telecast but I was a bit lazy. However you can review what went down on the “Oscars Live Coverage: Read the transcript from our Oscar night coverage – The Ampersand” webpage. Find out who I liked and disliked from Oscars night.

Hey there Now readers


Welcome Now readers!

I was featured with my fellow bloggers in Now magazine today. I finally got a copy of it myself on the way home from work. Finding Now in the financial district isn’t easy. I’m very happy with the article. I was mostly concerned with the picture, but I’m pleased with it. My friends are impressed with my fantastic Grace Jones impression. I had to let them know that this is Grace circa View to a Kill.

You can check the article online.

EDIT: This post is nothing without the picture.


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I’m going to be in Now Magazine


This is just to let you all know to look for me in Now Magazine this Thursday. Andrew Sardone who writes fashion for Now is featuring 5 Toronto fashion bloggers and I was lucky enough to be one of them. It’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. Oh yes friends, there was a real photoshoot and everything. I’m wearing clothing from Juma’s new Movement line.

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