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Chao-Hsien Kuo, half of the design duo of CHAO & EERO saw my United Nude Spring Summer 2011 post on facebook. She then emailed me to let me know about their collection as she thought the aesthetic fit the kinds of things that catch my eye and end up on I want – I got. She was absolutely right. Chao & Eero Jewel is an independent Finnish jewelry design brand created in 2005 by a husband and wife team, Eero Hintsanen and Chao-Hsien Kuo. Both Chao and Eero are Finnish Master Goldsmiths with background of design education. The company is based in Lahti, a small city surrounded by forests and lakes. All the products are made and hand-finished with care and attention to the details in their studio in Lahti. I normally not one for heart shaped jewellery but CHAO & EERO makes the overdone and lame heart motive very, very cool. It’s different and a bit edgy.  The smiley face ring is just brilliant. CHAO & EERO can be found at Enflux in Vancouver, …

Thom Browne Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

I know what you are thinking. Thom Browne, really Anita! If you take away the show (the styling, makeup and presentation) from this collection there are a lot of amazing separates to be found, especially the jackets. I personally found the show visually interesting. The huge fake eyelashes on the models were distracting though. Some of the more showy pieces were based on the egg and cages. From a show perspective they were interesting but nothing you would wear. has some video from the show that will give you an idea of how the presentation played out. I wish I attended. Andrew and Andrew from Paper Magazine have a great little video too The plaid outfits were my favourites. Thom Browne isn’t for everyone at first glance, you really need to push past the visual presentation to see the gems in this collection. Here is another video from images:

I want – I got takes Vancouver and Whistler

  Hello my dear readers, I’m on vacation. I’m in beautiful British Columbia right now hanging out with friends in Vancouver. Tomorrow I’m heading up to Whistler for some fun ski times. I’ll be keeping you up to date on my adventures. I’ll be trying to keep an almost regular schedule here on the blog with my travel updates in between. Things will return to normal when I get back on March 9. Cheers Anita

I want – I got does Toronto Design Week: Come Up To My Room 2011

I attended some exhibits during Toronto Design Week from January 24-30, 2011. Toronto Design Week culminates with the Interior Design Show but many local designers showcase their exhibits at this time. It’s taken me some time to get my photos all together and organized. There is a lot of sorting, tagging, cataloging and purging of photos going on. It’s often a nightmare task I hate performing. It feels hella good when it’s done though. Come Up To My Room is an event I thoroughly enjoyed covering when I wrote for BlogTO. The 2011 edition would be my first CUTMR event since 2009.  This also the first CUTMR post for I want – I got.  The photos look so amazing because my friend Paul Bailk was around to snap away. Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design event. This year’s show, curated by Jeremy Vandermeij and Deborah Wang, invites artists and designers to show us what goes on inside their heads. Coming together in dialogue and collaboration, participants are limited …

Cupido Designs Spring Summer 2011 Preview

I attended the spring summer 2011 preview for the luxury jewellery store, Cupido. Cupido has locations at Bayview Village and Vaughan Mills. There were four brands at the preview: HERA, Baccarat Crystal, Gioie & Co and 3H Italia watches. HERA: Canadian jewellery designer, Hera Akarakas presents her debut line, HERA. Divided into two collections, “Paradise” and “Unity,” the ethereal pieces combine precious metals with the casual elegance of silver, as well as 18 karat gold, accented by diamonds and uniquely cut gemstones. The preview introduced a new Canadian jewellery line called HERA which I’m loving. There is a lot of intricate details in all the designs and the rings are my favourites. Baccarat Crystal: Founded in 1764, Baccarat is globally recognized as the preeminent leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of the world’s finest crystal products. The Baccarat Crystal pieces were very beautiful. I remember seeing a Baccarat Crystal lamp during my Bisha trip to New York. The rings were perfect cocktail pieces: huge, statement makers. I loved them. Gioie & Co.: Widely known …

ToyWatch Spring Summer 2011 Preview

My favourite watch company, ToyWatch came to town to show off what’s going on for spring summer 2011. I’ve been mourning my beloved Neon Chronograph Plasteramics in Atomic Orange since the clasp broke and render it unwearable. I’m awaiting a replacement and I hope it’s the same.  My wrist hasn’t been the same since. ToyWatch introduced a kids line this season. The new styles this year are solid black or solid white. This is a very big trend I’m noticing in watch land that is keeping in step with the bright colour trend. At the preview, I got to see some of the Missoni x ToyWatch collaboration. This was pretty exciting. They are a little hard to wear in my opinion but oh so very beautiful. They aren’t your everyday watch, much to pretty. Various retailers across Toronto and Canada carry ToyWatch, check the website for more info.

i want: Spacematic Backpack by Three Thirds

I’m heading to Vancouver and Whistler this weekend and I wish my laptop was small enough to fit in the Three Thirds Spacematic Backpack. It looks like the perfect traveling companion for someone with a lot of gadgets like me. Unfortunately I have a 17 inch laptop and not a 15 inch. Boo. You can also get the Spacematic Backpack online at A2ZANE and images:

Complexgeometries Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Complexgeometries held their fall winter 2011 – 2012 presentation at The Westside Gentlemen’s Club. That’s right, a strip bar. Designer Clayton Evans had colour and collaborations on the mind for the season. It’s a surprisingly colourful fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection for Complexgeometries and I’m not complaining. The textile evolution of the line into fabrics other than jersey is progressing with charmeuse, silk, mohair, suede and wool. Collaborations came in the form of jewellery and shoes. Complexgeometries partnered with fellow Montreal designer, Mireille Boucher of Harakiri. See the Complexgeometries fall winter 2011 – 2012 presentation video by Jason Last. The towering platform boots came out of the minds of LD Tuttle and Complexgeometries. Clayton tells me they are 9 inches high. I’m simultaneously scared and salivating. It’s an extra 9 inches of height. Who the hell knows what I’ll use it for but I want it. I’d probably scare small children and some men. Do these qualify as Manrepller shoes? Ha Ha.  Thankfully there are some more reasonable short boots available in the collaboration …

Preen Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Preen fall winter 2011 – 2012 is so good. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi were influenced by Diana Vreeland for the silhouette and the Northern California Arts and Crafts movement for the prints. All the crystal and metal beading was done by hand in India (I wonder what the label will say). I love that designers aren’t backing away from colour or prints this season. See the full Preen Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Fashion Show.  You don’t get the original music with the rebroadcast of the stream.  Boo Watch live streaming video from preen at This clip from Luisaviaroma give a close up vantage point Same with this final walkthrough clip from Bryanboy There are no retailers in Toronto carrying Preen but Gravity Pope and Reborn do. images:,,

Chris Benz Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Chris Benz fall winter 2011 – 2012 was a very romantic looking collection. His recently move to Georgia to be part of the fashion mentor program at SCAD. He found himself in Savannah a lot and this influenced his fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection. The collection also has a bit of granny chic to it. I’m loving all the layered ruffles. images:

Rocaille Spring Summer 2011 Preview

I love hearing about new Canadian brands. Rocaille is a Vancouver based and was started in 2010 by Amanda He when she decided to explore a creative career instead of the investment banking world she occupied. Amanda sources antique items and turns them into one of a kind pieces. ROCAILLE is modern by design and inspired by classical periods. We scour the globe for unique vintage pieces and delight in the unabashed sense of adventure and discovery as each item of jewellery is deconstructed and then transformed. The antiquity of each resurrected find is enhanced through reinterpretation and reinvention. Simply put, every ROCAILLE jewellery is one of a kind. Rocaille is beautiful and I love that each piece is unique.  I like the clash of antique with a modern style. They would be perfect for black tie events.  Currently you can purchase Rocaille online at

i want: Luxirare Suede Minivest

Ji from Luxirare is one of the best fashion bloggers out there. She has a website that talks about food and fashion and uses the best photography to explain her point. It’s drool worthy and inspirational. Ji creates fashion and food that leaves her readers in a frenzy. Ji has started selling some of her designs online to the enjoyment of her many fans including me. I’m talking lux leather jackets and handbags. Right now I’m eying the Luxirare Minivest. This minivest is the perfect accessory to carry your most important items with you, without having to carry a bag. Or you can just wear it as a stylish accessory to add another layer to a jacket or a shirt. Carry your phone, cash, keys, lipstick and credit card with you. The back of this minivest is rendered with a flattering racer back style. Each vest part is connected with belt straps that are integrated for full adjustability. This vest fits women of all sizes. Adjust accordingly to your size and amount of layering you …

Danier Spring Summer 2011

I attended the Danier Spring Summer 2011 preview a few months back and got to play with some of the pieces that will be available in store soon. Exploration is central this season, unveiled through safari silhouettes and tribal details. Graphic animal prints and exotic Moroccan-inspired embroidery are incorporated into accessories, while utilitarian items like a leather trench or slim-cut bomber are sure to be adopted as wardrobe staples for the season. Accessories and garments in an upbeat palette of poppy, fuchsia, violet, teal and citrus make for daring dressing this season. Using colour as the inspiration and statement point of an outfit, DANIER’s collection invites a pop of interest into your wardrobe with a multitude of hothouse hues. Whether it’s a bright and bold accessory or an eye-popping bomber, this season colour takes center stage. Finally, sporting gear is made glamorous with the new take on athletic chic. A lineup of slick sports-style separates make up this season’s all stars. From striped hoodies and tanks too cool for the gym, to micro shorts and …

Tagging the Mini Countryman at the Canadian International Autoshow

MINI decided to have another event this year at the 2011 Canadian International Autoshow. Last year, MINI debuted the Beachcomber concept car with pin up models. This year, they took it to the streets and brought together some well recognized street artists to collaborate on an interactive project involving a matte black MINI Countryman. The all new, ALL-4 MINI COUNTRYMAN gets ‘INKED’ at the 2011 Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto. An unaware crowd of Autoshow patrons witness a team of street artists as they “tag” the matte all black MINI Countryman. Shock hits the audience as they see “vandalism” transform into a show stopping Creative Use of Space. One by one, street artists Elicser, Uber 5000 and Herbs take over the Countryman with strokes of white and silver creating a magnificent cityscape, live in front of hundreds of show goers.(youtube description) Luckily I had Paul Baik with me taking photos and I had my trusty N8 taking video. We both captured a lot of media. Here is a video that gives you the whole entire …

Proenza Schouler Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

It was crazy print time again at Proenza Schouler for fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection. Their influence came in the form of Native American blankets that were picked up on a road trip from Santa Fe to Wyoming. I liked this collection for many of the same reasons I like all Proenza Schouler collections. It was bright and loud. They aren’t afraid of prints and place them at the forefront of their designs. See the entire Proenza Schouler fall winter 2011 – 2012 fashion show. They got some great handbag additions for fall winter 2011 – 2012 I’m not a velvet fan, so the series of velvet pieces didn’t appeal to me. The last two dresses kept me from writing that whole section of the collection off. images:

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

Victoria Beckham’s Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 collection was pretty damn beautiful. I’m totally impressed with her dedication and understanding of fashion design. When she first started out I pretty much dismissed her as a celebrity/designer. Over the years she has proven that she’s serious about the business. The only beef I have is with the line’s sizing. I tried on a dress at Holt Renfrew for fun. I was brought a size 8 and I couldn’t fit into. I’m technically a four. That’s a bit of warning for people. There is a specific body type and it’s one that matches Victoria. See the entire Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Fashion Show I love so much of this collection. The yellow dresses totally blew my mind. The hangbag line is coming along nicely. They are classic and minimalist designs. images:,

It’s the Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Season

It’s started up again.  You are just getting through Pre-Fall, then menswear and then bam, it’s Fall 2011.  New York is finished and London is winding down.  I’ll be posting about my favourite collections of the season as I normally do. This season more than others I’m feeling the fashion burnout.  I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I haven’t had a proper vacation in awhile.  I’m pretty sure that the volume of information out there right now is the other reason.  Streaming video, blogs and twitter.  It’s becoming a bit too much.  This season, I’m not trying to keep up. Check out this great article by National Post journalist, Nathalie Atkinson on the information overload of fashion week. images:

Maceo Parker in Toronto on Feb 11, 2011

Thanks to @SoundboardTO, official Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall twitter account I won tickets to see funk legend Maceo Parker in Toronto. Maceo Parker (pronounced /ˈmeɪsiːoÊŠ/; born February 14, 1943) is an American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with James Brown in the 1960s, as well as Parliament-Funkadelic in the 1970s. Parker was a prominent soloist on many of Brown’s hit recordings, and a key part of his band, playing alto, tenor and baritone saxophones(source). Since the Nokia N8 takes such great video I decided to utilize it for this talent.

i want: Tila Sleevless Jacket by Club Monaco

Obsessed is a good way to describe how I feel about the Club Monaco Tila sleevless jacket. The oracle helped me breakdown the perfect looks to pair with it as I was stumped. Now I see them paired with a white shirt and my Gap wide leg trouser jeans (courtesy of Gap). From the picture, it could also work with an easy summer dress. A tunic and leggings would be a good bet also. images:

JUMA Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Video Presentation

JUMA has a little teaser video for their upcoming fall winter 2011 – 2012 collection called Kaleidoscope. For their unisex collection, the brother and sister team Alia & Jamil JUMA, traveled to India, Tibet, Thailand & Shenzhen to research local tapestry work and wildlife. They infused those elements into their prints while making them more dark and moody by distorting them and adding gradients of color including midnight blue, burnt corals, olive, tangerine, nude and black. The line uses directional silhouettes and styling incorporating printed dresses, blazers and tops mixed with silky knits to layer with. The video reflects the mood of their new collection. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this collection. The idea of a unisex line intrigues me. Have they done away with traditional men’s and women’s lines. Their timing couldn’t be more perfect with this whole androgyny thing going on in fashion right now.

Miss Sixty and Killah Spring Summer 2011 Preview

There is no way I’m going to like anything at this Miss Sixty/Killah spring summer 2011 preview, I thought to myself. My Miss Sixty loving days were over and I guess I considered myself too grownup to like the youthfulness of the brand anymore. I was wrong on a couple things. I realized that Miss Sixty has grown up a little bit. The clothing wasn’t as outrageous as it used to be and there were a lot of wearable pieces. Miss Sixty’s spring summer 2011 collection was influenced by the 80s (of course), the 50s, orchids and colour.  I was amazed it was only obnoxious in small amounts. Top picks for me is the vibrant pink leather motorcycle style jacket and the bright, neon like denim. These two items are super obnoxious, especially the denim. Amazing that the collection has gotten a bit more mature but it’s the few crazy pieces that attract my magpie eyes. Killah looked to tribal prints, irony, neon and racing as influences for spring summer 2011. This collection was very …

Tô Long-nam Spring Summer 2011

Tô Long-nam is still keeping me up to date with his collections.  I’m hoping to hear some news about fall winter 2011 soon.  Spring Summer 2011 is heavily influenced by the butterfly. As the butterfly shape corresponds with a X-structure it represents – as the ying and the yang – the two sides of the same coin. On one side the butterfly – with its soft body of curved lines, beautiful but fragile and precious through its colors – literally embodies all aspects of eternal beauty and femininity. And on the other side the X-structure which represents the masculine pole – rational, cold, straight but at the same time strong and protective. Two elements which complement each other, and which perfectly reflect all the characteristics of the TÔ LONG-NAM aesthetics. It combines the mixture of traditional masculine and feminine elements to create strength with its lines and soft harmony in its composition. images: courtesy of TÔ Long-Nam