Month: October 2007

Project Runway Canada – Episode 3

I haven’t been blogging the show. I have been watching. I even attended the Project Runway Canada show at fashion week but I’m sworn to secrecy. I’m enjoying the show overall but I have to agree with Nathalie Atkinson about the shows faults. I don’t really understand the Winners connection and yes, Iman’s delivery is awkward. However, Episode three is where I thought we would finally say goodbye to Megan. She’s scraped by the last two challenges. Alas, that didn’t happen, which just cements the whole “reality tv” aspect of the show. She makes for good television. I love Stephen Wong and after seeing him running around during fashion week I love him more. It was a little surreal seeing the contestants pretty much everywhere I went last week.

i got: Houndstooth Sweater Dress from Joe Fresh

Houndstooth Sweater Dress from Joe Fresh I’ve been looking for a sweater dress since the beginning of the season. I only have a tank sweater dress and nothing with sleeves. I was passing by the Steeles and Keele Supercentre and stopped in to find one at Joe Fresh. It’s actually 70% lambswool which totally surprised me. It’s cute though, we’ll see how long it takes to get destroyed though. I picked up a striped sweater dress from H&M too. I’m surprised at how much I like it. Both were under 30 dollars.

Roberto Cavalli for H&M

The collection is up at H&M now. There is an exceptional amount of cheetah prints. I think it’s awful, but I’m sure people will want to buy it. I do predict more of this stuff lying around than the M by Madonna collection. Here is a video from H&M that shows some of the clothes, it’s pretty cheezy be warned. It’s hits the stores on November 8, 2007. Am I the only one who thinks these designer collaboration are so done now? video:

My Circa Nightclub experience in GLOSS: The Fashion Magazine

I wrote an article on Circa for Gloss Magazine. Check it out. The club king of New York brings Circa to Toronto It’s opening night of Circa Nightclub, shall we take a peek? It’s Thursday night, and I’m at the opening of Peter Gatien’s Circa Nightclub. New York’s club king is hoping to enchant Toronto and the world with four floors of art, technology, cinema and pop culture mishmash. The line snakes around the building but, with VIP access, there is no waiting.

Kate Moss TopShop in Canada

A friend of mine told me something interesting the other day. Holt Renfew will be the exclusive retailer in Canada for Kate Moss Topshop. Expect to see the Fall Winter 2007 collection in stores soon. Just in time for the holidays. image:

It’s Fashion Week folks

Hi everyone. Posting will be light her this week as it’s L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto. I’ll be covering the events for blogTO this week, but I’ll definately try to give I want – I got readers a piece of the action. Today’s agenda included the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail and Project Runway Canada. I’m hoping to score an interview with Iman.

5th Annual Jesse’s Scissors-in-Motion hair cut-a-thon

On Sunday, October 21, 2007, the 5th Annual Jesse’s Scissors-in-Motion hair cut-a-thon will be held at Sick Kids Hospital & a few select Toronto Salons. To celebrate, the Canadian Guild of Hair Design Professionals is gathering all of its participating stylists on site in the hospital’s Atrium for a stylish day and community in action. The funds raised will bring music therapy to terminally ill children in palliative care through Sick Kids Palliative Care Music Therapy program. PHONE LINES OPEN OCTOBER 1st, 2007! Supporters (male and female of ALL ages) are asked to pre-book and pre-pay $30.00 by calling our hotline 1-800-254-7719 or 416-201-5208 (in Toronto). Donations also accepted through the hotline. Please note: The Sick Kids Salon location also welcomes walk-ins. Palliative Care helps to provide critically ill children with optimal comfort and quality of life. Sadly, this may include preparing for a compassionate death. Music Therapy for the palliative care of sick children uses a variety of ways to help meet emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of children receiving palliative care. Music …

i want…

Jonathan Kelsey Leather Platform Booties I tried on these beauties when I was in New York. They didn’t fit at all, which was sad. However, I would have been more sad if they fit cause then I would have known that they are freaking almost 900 bucks. Jonathan Kelsey Studded Leather Bootie images:

Ask a Geek: “Stuff” Host Position

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want I got reader Alex wrote: Hello, My name is Alex Cierpicki and I am a Casting Assistant for a company called Magee TV. We produce a variety of shows for Slice, HGTV and W Networks. I am contacting you because we are on the search for a host for a new show we are developing called “Stuff”. Our closets, our bathrooms even our purses are crammed with… well, stuff. There’s stuff we don’t use, and stuff we use a lot, and even some stuff we’ve never been quite sure what to do with – and now we’re looking for some clever hosts to tell us just what to do with it all. Who we’re looking for: A Super Shopper who knows when to save and when to splurge. Our ideal candidate is …

Ask a Geek: Wanna be a Shoe and Bag aholic television host

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want I got reader Sonya wrote: I’m enjoying reading your blog and envying your access to incredible sales. I’m the head of development for a TV and Film production company based in Halifax. We’re developing a lifestyle/reality series on shoes and bags and are looking for a host. We’re looking for a woman, late 20s/early 30s looking, attractive, smart, articulate, funny and CRAZY for shoes and bags. We’ve got an ad posted a Is this you? Do you know who this person is? I thought you might be able to help get the word out and know people who fit the bill. Thanks for thinking of me Sonja, but I have no desire to be a television personality. However, I’m sure there are many readers of I want – I got that …

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Chanel

I like a lot of stuff that people would find ugly, but man Chanel was so damn ugly and tacky. This denim is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m sorry Karl, but only Irene can make a denim swimsuit look good. See the entire collection. You talk about not retiring Karl, but maybe you should reconsider. Why the hell is your own line good this season? I don’t get it. images: