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I want - I got's Holiday Gift Guide - Philip Sparks Shoes

I want – I got’s Holiday Gift Guide – Fashion, Beauty and Jewellery

It’s that time of year again and I want – I got is putting together massive Gift Guides of things I think would be perfect to give as gifts this season. The fifth edition of the Gift Guides is the one we’ve been waiting for Fashion, Beauty and Jewellery. This is a big one and I could go on for days with selections. Who doesn’t love the 20s? It’s my favourite style era and I love these Vintage Style Flapper Dresses by Cabaret Vintage. They range in price from $195 to 350 and are available online or at the Queen Street location. It’s really unfortunate that I don’t own anything by Comrags yet (Note to self, remedy this in 2014). I love the Quartz Border Ed Tunic by Comrags for $335. It’s available online or at their Toronto location. Philip Sparks’s Footwear is amazing. I love every style with the tall boots being my absolute favourite. They range in price from $350 to $495 and are available at the Ossington location or online. The ultimate …

I want - I got's Top Picks for Nuit Blanche 2013: Philip Sparks Bespoke Bow Tie Shop

I want – I got’s Top Picks for Nuit Blanche 2013: Philip Sparks Bespoke Bow Tie Shop

To celebrate Nuit Blanche, the Philip Sparks shop will be converted into a bespoke bow tie workshop on Saturday, October 5. Between 7 pm and midnight, Sparks and his studio team will be taking custom neckwear orders from shoppers and cutting, stitching and pressing them up on the spot. “Our focus this season has been on highlighting that our menswear and womenswear is proudly made in Toronto,” says Sparks. “This event is an opportunity for customers to see local manufacturing in action and order a one-of-a-kind piece made just for them.” The installation will also mark the launch of a new, premium bespoke service available through the store. Unlike many other made-to-order offerings, Philip Sparks tailors collaborate with customers to develop coats, suits and shirting from scratch with personalized design and material sourcing and multiple fitting appointments. Philip Sparks Bespoke Bow Tie Shop Saturday, October 5, 7 pm to midnight 162 Ossington Avenue (side entrance off Foxley Street)

I want – I got Editorials – Philip Sparks Spring 2013

A lot of bloggers love to the do the photoshoot of themselves thing. If you’ve been here long enough, you know that’s not my thing. I rarely post about my daily outfits because I honestly don’t find it or them interesting. For those of you that are curious about what I’m wearing, your best bets for glimpses are to follow me on twitter or instagram. You can search geekigirl to find me. So, I don’t like outfit posts and that kinda shit but I enjoy doing the occasional editorial. Some of these editorials I’ve organized and others I’ve just played model. I was blogging for the award-winning MasterCard Stylicity project this season and I organized three editorial shoots for the stores Philip Sparks, Nomad and Spectacle. The shots turned out really well so I’ve decided to showcase some of them here too. First up is Philip Sparks. I brought my sometime collaborator with me Dave Yan. We did the Moon campaign together and he has an amazing eye for shots. The amazing Andrew Coimbra styled …

i want: Accordion Briefcase by Philip Sparks

I’m excited about Philip Sparks’s new lines of accessories for men and women for Spring Summer 2013. Right now I have my eye on this leather and canvas mens Accordion Briefcase. I love the colour combination. It’s available for pre-order right now at or at the Ossington Shop until Sunday. It retails for $395.00 and will ship on March 15, 2013s ship March 15, 2013, images:

Dina Gonzalez Mascaro Jewellery

I went to the opening of the SORRY, I’M NOT SORRY, I’M NOT A JEWELLER by Dina González Mascaró show held at the Ossington Philip Sparks shop. Dina is an Argentinian, born Vancouver based artist visiting the city for the Interior Design Show and the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. She has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in sculpture but she is a self-taught jewellery artist. Dina’s jewellery is very much and extension of her artwork. I really love what she does as it’s so unique. She is really pushing design in a different direction. The jewellery has added dimension and structure not normally seen. Strong women wear these pieces otherwise they end up wearing you. I’m not a cyclist but her bike series is amazing. The wheels move on the mini bikes and the wheel pendant is just perfect. If you are in Vancouver you can visit Dina’s shop/studio, JewellerBau. She does custom work as well. At the opening Dina described a set of wedding bands she created for an artist …

I want – I got Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

So, this year I lost my mind and I decided to create a holiday gift guide. I’m usually anti-gift guides because I’m not much of a Christmas person and gift guides are a shit ton of work. I don’t know what made me change my mind this year but here we are. People have told me this is a good idea, so I hope you find it helpful or amusing. This is the part one of four in the I want – I got Gift Guide series. I have so many favourite things I wanted to include. This gift guide is very much I want – I got. You’ll see things I want, things I got and other obsessions.  Some things are affordable and some aren’t but I’ve tried to mix it up. The list covers fashion, beauty, electronics, art, toys and booze. Basically, all the items on the gift guide are I want – I got approved. So, join me on this exploration of things I would love to see under my tree at Christmas. …

DX Intersection – November 16, 2012

DX Intersection – November 16, 2012 Design Exchange celebrates its relaunch as Canada’s Design Museum with an unprecedented experience: creative disciplines and cultures converge in a large-scale blowout featuring a selection of Canada’s most iconic designers, architects, chefs, filmmakers, and artists. Multiple DJs will fill the multi-level venue with energizing tunes, brought to you by Embrace. The Toronto-based trio behind Keys N Krates will take the stage with their blend of hip hop, electronica, and jam that truly shows off the artistry of live remix. Celebrity chefs and mixologists will conjure up offerings that are as visually appealing as perfectly balanced for the palate. Designers and artists will create installations that evoke question and intrigue. Whimsical balloons will float through the air as guests are enticed to participate in an amusement park-style raffle with unprecedented prizes. A silent auction will allow 20 lucky guests to walk away with custom creations. As the end of the evening draws near, late night guests will be rewarded with a food market in the Link, inside the lobby of …

A Day at the Island with Philip Sparks

I took a vacation day lat Monday and headed to the Toronto Island with my fashion boyfriend, Philip Sparks. I love the Island but hate going there on the weekend with the extreme crowds waiting for the ferry. I was prepared to head there alone but Philip decided to give himself a two day weekend and joined me. We walked pass Hanlan’s Point and found a nice little area on the south side. I’m not really into watching the nude frolic on my day off but more power to them. Philip braved the waters and took a swim. I don’t swim in Lake Ontario even though some of the beaches are very clean. I’m a salt water girl at heart. I did do a bit of wading up to my thighs to cool off. The most spectaular part of the day was watching thousands of Cormorants flying from the Leslie Spit westward. It lasted for about 15 minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it here. The closest was during my trip to LA last summer. …

Playing Model for Philip Sparks

Last weekend Stefania Yarhi from Textstyles held a party for the 3rd year anniversary of her site. The party included a fashion show of Stefania’s favourite Toronto designers. Philip Sparks made the list and asked me to be muse/model for the event. Of course, I said yes. The Philip Sparks blog talks about the preparations for the event (with more photos) in a post called Philip Sparks X I Want I Got X Textstyles. I got Andrew Sardone to record the fashion show so here it is for you to enjoy. I hit the catwalk around the 5:00 mark.

Philip Sparks Fall Winter 2011 – 2012

The week before the official LG Fashion Week is always getting bigger and better. The Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 edition was packed with big names and a comeback. I dubbed the week Toronto Extended Fashion Week a few seasons back but it seems that Rogue Fashion Week has cemented itself as the name. I like it. Philip Sparks Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 kicked things off. Philip asked me participate in the show by taking photos of the action backstage and beyond. Olympus Canada sponsored the Philip Sparks fall winter 2011 – 2012 show so each insider was handed a new Olympus PEN E-PL2. (You can check out the photos on the Olympus Canada facebook page.) Regular readers know I’m a fan of the E-PL1 and it has taken many shots I’ve posted on this site. I was itching to play with the E-PL2. Philip Sparks fall winter was all about Canadian winter and activities like skating, skiing and tobogganing. The collection wasn’t new to me. I saw it in the various stages of …

Playing in Philip Sparks Spring Summer 2011

There is something about playing dressup in designer samples that is just so much fun. I was playing with Jeremy Laing a few days ago and now it’s Philip Sparks turn. Excitement was the only way to describe how I felt when I learned that Philip was creating a women’s line. I had to sit on this information for months. I was part of a group of women that Philip talked to while developing his line. We saw fabric samples, patterns and even tried on muslins. Amazingly no one said anything during those agonizing months until Brill Communications released the information to the industry’s surprise. I stopped by the studio on the weekend to chill out, eat cheeseball and drink holiday punch. As soon as I realized that some of the collection was available, I had to play dress-up. So much good stuff in this collection. Great colours, prints and silhouettes.   It’s going to be a Philip Sparks summer. Thanks for taking the photos Phil.

geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil 2010 Redux

This post is part old and part new. I had my friend The Grumpy Owl review Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil back in 2009. It’s an awesome review which is reproduced in it’s entirety below. Cromwell and Cruthers have re-branded the product and I like the new slick look. I also like that Philip Sparks and Mackenzie James are involved in the advertising campaign. I have behind the scenes footage. geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil Originally Published: 2009/01/02 This edition of geekiviews features a guest blogger, The Grumpy Owl. He’s a guy and the Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil is for men. So it made sense that he review it instead of me. I hate oiling up my body. It’s the sort of the thing that one should have a person for. Preferably young, buxom and foreign. So, when Geekigirl gave me a plastic vial of Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil, I viewed the product with some trepidation. Oil is bad enough but shaving is worse. The last time I combined the two, I …

David Dixon and Philip Sparks for Town Shoes Fall Winter 2010 Preview

Town Shoes recently sent this teaser image of some of the new fall winter 2010 – 2011 collections from Philip Sparks and David Dixon. I’m so glad to see this designer shoe collaboration continuing to be a success. Every year the shoes get better and better. I’m dying over the Philip Sparks boots. If only they came in a men’s 6, I would be in heaven. images: courtesy of Town Shoes

TEFW – Philip Sparks Fall Winter 2010 – 2011

Didn’t get a chance to attend Philip Sparks’ Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 show? Well they have produced a great runway video of the show that includes close ups of the outfits. I’m an unabashed Philip Sparks fan so it’s pretty hard for him not to please me. I love the Philip Sparks sailor and what great models to represent him. The presentation format was excellent. I like the half runway half installation idea and it was a nice change up. The attention to detail is always excellent and the Burroughes Building once again served as a fantastic backdrop. I was so happy to see my favourite model David C from Elmer. The last time I saw him I was at Elmer Olsen’s Christmas party. David was going to Europe for the men’s collections. I told him I hoped to see him on my computer screen. I nearly spewed coffee over my monitor when he turned up in the Alexander McQueen fall 2010 collection. Holy Shit, David walked McQueen. I later found out that David …

The Coat, Philip and I

I was send a video that brought back memories of taking this photo with Philip Sparks at the Holt Renfrew TIFF party. It was Philip’s idea to get for me to wear the racoon fur buffalo coat from the Fall 2009 collection. We come into play at 0:38 in the video. It’s originally from Radio Canada We had a total blast taking the photo and I’m glad the moment is recorded somewhere. Loves It! Anita <3s Philip.

Holt Renfrew Pop-up Shop is now open till December 6, 2009

I got a sneak peak at the Holt Renfrew Pop-up Shop last night. It’s situated in the Fashion House showroom and is now open to the public. I liked the setup. The Holt Renfrew visuals team came in and gave it a “general store” store feeling. The clothing is casual with a lot of tshirts, relaxed sweaters and plaid button up shirts. Denim was the staple pant but there were a few non denim choices too. There were a lot of non clothing options too like jewellery, candles, bath products, scarves and hats. Great options for gift giving and a smart move with the holidays coming up. I love the Christoper Sherman ties, Philip Sparks curling sweaters, the kick ass Dandi Maestre jewellery and silvery hat. The clothing wasn’t as androgynous as I expected but it does have that unisex feel. There’s also a range in prices. I saw a fabric necklace/scarf thing for $22 $28 and then I would see an oversized Balenciaga Motorcycle bag which is around $2000+. Don’t feel too intimidated, walk …

TEFW – Philip Sparks Spring 2010

Philip Sparks was the unofficial start to what I’m calling Toronto Extended Fashion Week. TEFW for short. The venue was in the usual haunts of the Burroughs Building. This season they used the bigger section of the 6th floor. They also had a great setup for the lounge area, complete with cheese plates and a DJ. I had a preview of the collection when I got to sit in on the Lookbook photoshoot. The collection included some pieces that I hadn’t seen which was a great surprise. The inspiration this season was cottage life and 1950s Canadian Pacific Railways gatewya ads. The collection featured fabrics like seersucker, cotton voile and ramie. Philip worked with textile designer Kerry Croghan to create his Gone Fishing print. It’s inspired from Thor Hansen fabrics and Canadian souvenir imagaery. These prints were used in shirts and ties. I love the fact that Philip doesn’t shy away from his Canadian roots. He embraces them fully and I really appreciate that love for our history and culture. I’m a born and raised …

i want: Riding Boots with Brown Cuff by Philip Sparks

When I saw these boots at Philip’s Fall 2009 show I died. I immediately asked if they were going into production and then I asked what the sizing would be. Unfortunately, they start at Men’s 40 which is a 6.5 and too big for me. However guys that doesn’t stop you from getting a pair. The Riding Boots with Brown Cuff can be found at the Philip Sparks online shop. image:

Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes

Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes was their TIFF party this year. The launch party for Vignettes will take place on Saturday, September 12 from 9 PM – 1 AM at Toronto’s Burroughes Building with a performance by The Stills and a special introduction by Coco Rocha. Holt Renfrew is also very proud to announce that the host of MTV USA’s IT’S ON Alexa Chung will be the special guest DJ for the evening. What the hell are Vignettes? Well Holt Renfrew created some short films for their men’s and women’s collections this season. The night was also the debut of my custom made leather dress from Mi Concept. It was a hit. I paired it with Luxury Rebel booties, YSL clutch and a Fizz Amethyst Ring borrowed from the Swarovski lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel. It was a fun evening and I got to reconnect with a lot of fashion friends I missed while away. I didn’t take a lot of photos. I didn’t talk to Coco but I stared at her a lot. She’s …