Month: July 2009

i want: Gucci Boots

I can’t even believe that I’m posting this.  I heard that Gucci was finally shipping to Canada through their website.  I decided to see what I could find. Division’ high heel over-the-knee platform boots and the ‘Division’ flat over-the-knee boots respectively. I’m kinda drooling over Gucci and it’s frightening me. I’m totally drinking the boot legging kool aid, it’s not even funny. They are like pants and I picture short shift dresses and cropped motorcycle jackets. I’ll never own any though, these Gucci ones are $3400!!!!! The flat boot is so perfect too. Black stretch leather, Le Sigh. image:

Ask a Geek: Calvin Klein Resort 2010 Models

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got reader Anna wrote: great pictures from the runway show, but I have always wanted to know who the models are that work for Calvin klein in this show. Do you know their names? Especially the one on the main picture, looks so much like someone I know but not sure. Hi Anna. You are like many fashion fans who wonder about the models that walk their favourite runways. You were interested in this girl from the Calvin Klein Resort 2010 collection. is a great site for finding out model’s names. 99% of the time they have a label as you see in the image above. This model’s name is Jac. image:

Fashion Magazine Fall 2009 – 2010 Trend Event

While I was on vacation from my day job I attended the Fashion Magazine fall 09 trend preview event. This was the magazines take on the key trends for the upcoming fall 2009 – 2010 season. I awlays find it weird to hear about the season during it’s execution in the market. By this time I’m already over the trends and just want to see the merchandise in person. Sometimes I get re-inspired or opinions change about collections after touching the garments. Prada fall 2009 collection is a good example of this effect, I’m totally gag over the collection now after seeing pieces in the store. Time helps to ease initial perception of a collection. The preview took place at the the beautiful Andrew Richard Design Loft in the east end high end furniture shop mecca of King Street. The space was beautiful and we were treated to drinks and canapes. There were a few Canadian Designers with samples for viewing in the space: Ezra Constantine, Miss Rowe and Mercy. The presentation was well rounded …

geekiviews: Equmen Compression Clothing

So, I was shopping with a male friend who decided to buy an Equmen Core Precision Undershirt. It’s goes by the male girdle when people are being snarky. The buzz about these types of products has increased in the last year and I was dying to get access to a user of the product. Regular readers know I’m a fan of shapewear. It’s not about losing a lot of inches, but smoothing to leave clean lines. I had a feeling that the men’s version is similar in principle. I learned a bit more about the marketing from the website. There were three things the Men of the World need that Equmen delivers according to the website. The weight angle: I WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL SLIMMER Look and feel more fit with style. Equmen’s CORE PRECISION UNDERSHIRT will help to trim and tone your physique for a more tailored look. Streamlines Torso. Targeted compression wraps around core to trim stomach and smooth love handles. Straightens Posture. Pulls the shoulders back to deliver a taller, more …

Depeche Mode Toronto 2009

I went to see one of my all time favourite bands, Depeche Mode, on Friday. It was an incredible show and I thought I’d share some of my photos with you. There were taken with my blackberry so apologies for the quality. The show was amazing. A show for true fans as they didn’t play any of their popular hits. I was dying because of all the Black Celebration tunes they played. Dave Gahan is the sex. He looked amazingly hot the whole show, le sigh. I went crazy for a Question of Time, so here’s video from that night.

Pictures with The Sartorialist at Holt Renfrew

I wrote about Cocktails with The Sartorialist at Holt Renfrew yesterday and I promised you pictures. Here they are. It looked like we wouldn’t get to speak to Scott Schuman at all that night. He was mobbed by everyone. We did manage to get a few minutes to speak to him right at the end of the night as he was being ushered to The Drake. This first shot is hilarious. Danielle and I were talking about it on twitter and I call it Attack of the Fashion Bloggers. Danielle is keeping his attention with the handshake and I’m preparing to bite his head off. LOL. The second photo is the respectable one with Scott looking dapper as all hell. Danielle mentioned that Scott had a great handshake and that is the truth. I love people who have a firm handshake. Something about limp wristed/dead fish handshakes turns me off. Scott came into Toronto like a rock star and he looked like he enjoyed himself aka Hammered! I have to admit that I’m glad he …

Men’s Spring 2010 Fashion Show Venues did there seasonal post about fashion show venues. I always like seeing the photos of the venues before the people, models, photographers and clothing arrive. The Moncler venue is stunning. The models walked on the deck of the pool. I love the graffiti in venue, it was quite the contrast to the John Galliano Sprign 2010 collection. images:

Cocktails with The Sartorialist at Holt Renfrew

I mentioned that The Sartorialist, Scott Schulman would be at Holt Renfrew for a public appearance. I didn’t attend that because I was invited to a private cocktail for Scott later that evening. The attendees included a number of fashion industry types, media and Holt Renfrew customers. People have been buzzing about what to wear to the event for the last week. The crowd didn’t seem any more fashionable than normal, but there were a few over the top trainwrecks that were amusing to behold. What did I wear? I went with what I call my superhero outfit, a Greta Constantine dress called the Kebede after model Liya Kebede. The back reminds me of a cape and all I could think about was flying. You can see the dress in the slideshow below. I grabbed a drink and then was asked if I wanted to do an interview with Fashion Television. Of course, I said hell yes. The interview was done outside by the I want – I got window. I talked a bit about …

Philip Sparks Spring 2010 Lookbook – Behind The Scenes

I was lucky enough to catch the photoshoot for the Philip Sparks Spring 2010 Lookbook. I didn’t want to post my pictures until the lookbook hit the streets. Now it’s out, I can share some of my behind the scenes experience. The table of accessories. I did my Fun with Hats posts with items from this table I was drooling a little when Damien walked in the door. He’s legal, but way too young for me. Philip and Mackenzie talking about the shot See all my photos from that day

Ask a Geek: Advice for Becoming a Buyer

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. I want – I got reader Tiffany wrote: Hi Anita, I have decided after many years of putting it off to pursue my dream of going back to school for Fashion Business. I was accepted to George Brown College for their fashion management program. I want to eventually become a buyer. Do you know or have any advice about trying to get my foot in the door with any positions that have to do with becoming a buyer? I’m figuring I should start off at the bottom, pay my dues and work my way up… Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated! I thought the perfect place for Tiffany to start her research about being a buyer with Carolyn’s interview with a Holt Renfrew buyer on the Toronto Fashion Incubator site. In …

geekiviews: PunkMedics, Vegan Skincare with Edge

I review the odd skincare or beauty product on the site, so it was nice to get pitched from a Canadian based company. The thing that makes PunkMedics different is that all it’s product are vegan. They carry a range of products from skincare, lipcare, piercing & tattoo care and even roadrash care. PunkMedics is also an sustainable company and you can read about their practices on the website. PunkMedics is a Canadian based company that manufactures, wholesales and retails a fun line of vegan skin care products with edge. Our products are made of natural plant and botanical ingredients from organic sources. They are 100% vegan (contain no animal by-products) and not tested on animals. They are free from parabens, sulphates, petroleum by-products and GMO materials. I first heard of Toronto based PunkMedics through twitter. Owner, Badur Ramji, offered to send me the Vegan Sample Pack which I used on my FDJ press junket trip. It contained a Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Leave in Conditioner, Facial Cleanser and Body Lotion. The only thing I …

MediaStyle interviews Anita Clarke

I did my first interview about the bloggers window with Ian Capstick of You can read it at this link – MediaStyle interviews Anita Clarke. I met Ian through Twitter initially and when the news of the Holt Renfrew Bloggers Windows broke, he asked me for an interview. We met outside the windows at 10am one morning during my vacation. I didn’t realize it was a video interview until it was too late. I was wearing a short grey knit dress, bright pink tight and Danielle’s Docs. I was cursing myself for not wearing mascara. However, here is the video for your enjoyment. I talk abit about myself and a lot about the window. interview with Anita Clarke of I want, I got from Ian Capstick on Vimeo. Thanks Ian for such a great post.

I want – I got, Now Malware Free

Hi You might have had some strange behaviour visiting I want – I got recently. There was some malware on my site in old directories which I’ve completely removed thanks to the great support folks at Dreamhost. It’s days like this I’m so glad I can do this myself with a little help from my friends. I always like getting into the shell and messing with things. I want – I got is safe to browse again. Sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks Anita

i got: A Weekend Bag by m0851

My Weekend Bag by m0851 is one of my favourite bags and gets a lot of usage. It has a laptop storage pocket holds my EEE Pc and still has room to spare for the multitudes of crap I manage to bring with me daily. This bag is a year old now but I’ve noticed that it’s very popular with some of my friends. So popular that I’ve decided to take photos when I run into someone with one. Mine is the Robin’s egg blue version. I was salvating over the purple one too, but alas that is not mine but Monique from Moonrox’s. The brown version belongs to Andrew Sardone from Now Magazine. The bag’s popularity really lies in it’s versatility and minimal design. The buttery m0851 leather helps also. It’s utilitarian design is something that both men and women can use. It lacks a gender, which I find very appealing. Even though the bags are produced season after season, m0851 changes the colours each season. m0851 is a Canadian company that still designs …

Fun With Shoes

Following in the footsteps of Fun With Hats is Fun with Shoes. I was sitting in Holt Renfrew waiting for a friend in the shoe department and just started trying shoes for fun. Balenciaga (my favs), Christian Louboutin for Philip Lim 3.1, Balenciaga, YSL Tribute Sandal, Alexander McQueen

The Peek in Photos

I stopped by The Peek art show on the weekend. This was the 2nd year for this show put on by Chris of Mindazi and Gloria of Urbanbloc. Thanks to The Peek’s organizers Chris and Gloria. The Peek featured the following artists: JAY SKAM – THE EATONS – CHARLENE CHUA – JUSTIN WU – CREATIVE REFLEX – DARRYL GRAHAM – – he created the Marvel 360 poster i got SAMANTHA DARCY – CHRIS BRETT –

Casalife, Mi Casa Su Casa

The home furnishing and accessories store Casalife held an event called Mi Casa Su Casa. It was a like a mini design show which showcased prototypes created by local architects, fashion designers, and chefs. “It’s intended to invoke conversation and awareness of what it takes to come up with a great product these days,” Casalife owner Rob Whitfield said of the event. “The original concept was to invite people that don’t normally design furniture to propose an idea. We wanted to do three or four, but when the ball got rolling it rolled me over. We’re now doing 12 or 13 pieces, and we had to put the brakes on it or we would have had 40 of them. There might be a sequel.” (source) Anwar, Matt, and Allan from the Design Agency Christopher Bates, Ultra Menswear This post is pretty long so please check out the rest of the designs after the jump.

Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes

Watch CBS Videos Online   I’m totally late to the game with this one.  It took me a very long time to finally watch Anna on 60 Minutes.   I’m not that impressed with the piece as it was more concerned with trying to portray Anna as a uber bitch.  It also reeked of fear of the different.  Really Morley Safer, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “clothes fit for a cadaver”. There are some additional outtake clips on the CBS site.