I have a dress named after me…

Yes, you read that heading right. I do have a dress named after me. Joy!!!!!!

I was super honoured to find out, as I had no idea this was coming. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what the dress looked like. People were asking me about it and all I could say is that it’s Greta Constantine, it will be amazing. So, I get a nice email in my inbox with the Greta Constantine Jersey Dress Lookbook. There is also a little note letting me that the Anita is part of the group.

I present to you, dear reader, the Anita by Greta Constantine.

Greta Constantine - The Anita Dress

It’s part of the Fall 2009 – 2010 collection. It’s beautiful, it’s red, it’s totally me! Just that much closer to muse status.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Kirk and Stephen.

i want: Sporty SpinTO Style

I’m hear to talk style for the SpinTO party on May 15, 2009 (Friday!!!). I don’t have my outfit yet. I have a back up plan, that’s the gold plan. I have another idea, but it’s more sporty than gold. With an unlimited budget however my Sporty SpinTO party outfit would be amazing. So, I thought I would dream up an “i want” SpinTO style.

SpinTO - Solid Gold. May 15, 2009.  Get your tickets Now!

My favourite pieces are from ThreeASFOUR

Three as four bodysuit - Sporty SpinTO Style

I’m head over heels for this catsuit. Paired with a sheer tunic or tank top, sigh!

Three as four - Sporty SpinTO Style

Of course there is the hotter than hell Alexander McQueen legging and top combo.

Eiffel Tower Top - Spring 2009

Eiffel Tower Leggings - Spring 2009

You can do it Prada Style.

Prada - Sporty SpinTO Style

Prada - Sporty SpinTO Style

I’m particularly fond of the yellow House of Holland bicycle shorts. I pair it with a nice white racerback tank.

House of Holland - Sporty SpinTO Style

Or Alexander Wang, who even showcased bicycle shorts in leather for Fall 2009. They aren’t pictured because they are kinda ugly.

Alexander Wang - Sporty SpinTO Style

Alexander Wang - Sporty SpinTO Style

SpinTO is a perfect event to showcase the bike short trend that has been gaining strength throughout the last few seasons. My choices are from Resort 2009 through Fall 2009. Here are a few examples of websites talking up the bike short trend: Style Bubble: Cycling into Spring and The Coveted: The Return of The Bicycle Short?.

It’s safe to say whatever I’ll be wearing on Friday it will be tight. I hope to see you there. Get your tickets now.

SpinTO is a fundraising project that kicks off with a party on May 15 celebrating the 600 km Friends for Life Bike Rally from Toronto to Montreal in support of the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation.

This project will be lead by a community-media site at SpinTO.ca, a place where stories about the journey riders in the Rally will be told through new media including blogging and video podcasting. These stories will continue to be told well beyond the kick-off party leading up to the ride to Montreal taking place in July 26-31, 2009. SpinTO has been organized by a team of community contributors, led by Mark Kuznicki and Adam Schwabe, both riders in the 2009 Bike Rally.

images: style.com

Freestyle Photoshoot with Tanja-Tiziana and Friends

Friend and great Photographer, Tanja-Tiziana occassionaly holds these events she called Freestyle Photoshoots.

A a huge no-rules photo shoot where everyone gets in front of the camera(s). Make it what you will. Be prepared to meet new people and even be photographed with them at some point.

The latest one took place in Christie Pits. I came with Shalome and Ryan aka The Grumpy Owl. I had my Chocolate Bossa Dress on because I didn’t have many pictures of it. I busted out the parasol because it would look cool. This is some of the results of the shoot. It was a lot of fun and I have to thank Tanja-Tiziana, Nancy Paiva and Justin Soegandi for so many great photos.

Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits by Tanja-Tiziana
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits by Tanja-Tiziana
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits by Tanja-Tiziana
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits
Freestyle Photoshoot: Christie Pits by Tanja-Tiziana

Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi
Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi

Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi
Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi

Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi
Freestyle Photoshoot - Riot at Christie Pits by Justin Soegandi

Fashion blog karma – geekigirl

My friend, Danielle of Final Fashion, decided to profile me and her first post in a series called fashion blog karma. It’s like a mini interview and Danielle says some very kind things about me.

Fashion Blog Karma singles out a fellow fashion blogger for a little link love and a couple questions.

When I was looking for someone to feature for my first karma post it was hard to decide; and I only had one day to throw it together. The answer came to me with a little link love – Anita (aka geekigirl) at I want – I got just posted her year-end wrapup with a little shout out for me. She’s done a lot of shout-outs for me (including my first ever blog interview at blogTO), and she commissioned a fashion figure, so its about time I sent a little bit of karma her way.

Read the rest of the post at Final Fashion.

Link Love – December 2, 2008

Balenciaga Spring 2007 ready to Wear collection

Check out some noteworthy links from across the Toronto blogosphere

Chick AdvisorChick Lit: Canada’s Most Influential Social Media Chicks – Ali is nominated and voting is open now

What Women Want
What Women Want: This week’s Fashion Post: Sneakers for Chicks – Sneaker styles for those not really interested in something like the Vegas Shoes.

Hey Do You – Check out Yvonne’s video from Fashion sCares. Toronto Blogger Yvonne Kai HeyDoYou.com – FASHION SCARES

In Life In Fashion
In Life and In Fashion: Raising the Style Barcode: UPC Boutique (Toronto, CA) – Great profile on a cute store in Yorkville

Petite Fashionista
– Reviews one of the many high heel saving products on the market. – PetiteFashionista.com Save your Soles

I want – I got
Winning the hotlinking battle for now.

Jeremy Laing in W

Jeremy Laing is in the July 2008 issue of W mag. Here is a teaser scan, but go out and get a copy. I got mine. He is part of the Summer Camp editorial shot by Bruce Weber. The link has a slideshow of some of the images. There is a lot of naked Lara Stone, Daria and Kate Moss all over the place, be warned.

School’s out, and the livin’ is easy. The latest flock of new designers hits the road with some top models and friends for a little fun—dressed or not—under the Miami sun.

Hunter is watching me on the web

Hunter Boots finally got it’s act together and updated their website. It’s much nicer now, easier to navigate, better pictures and fast. They’ve even have a spot on their site that aggregates blogs posts, youtube videos and flickr pictures that mention Hunter Boots. I noticed a bunch of traffic coming from the hunter site and I found out that they linked to me and it was front and center of the main “Hunter On The Web” section.

The only thing that bugs me about the site is that the store locater is for the UK only. However, the North American Distributor is based out of Toronto

Man Made Sales Inc
1200 Sheppard Ave East
Suite 405
Toronto, Ontario, M2K 2S6
Tel: 416 756 2820
Fax: 416 756 9664

Contact them about availability around the country as I’ve only spoken about a few places in Toronto.

TFI New Labels 2008 – Style Shots


Canadian jewelery designer, Karen McClintock looks lovely. Hot shoes!


There are a few people in Toronto that make my style icons list. One is Mary from Holt’s and the other is journalist Nathalie Atkinson. She looks amazing all the time and is a huge supporter of Canadian fashion. She was a ravishing display of colour that night. Here is a run down of her outfit.

  • glasses by Rapp (handmade in Toronto!)
  • garden insect necklace of vintage buttons and charms, made custom to theme by the amazing Clare Ramen of Buttercup Days
  • vintage fabric clutch by Bennie & Olive
  • silk drape skirt and silk draped top both by Véronique Miljkovitch of Montreal (bought at the MADE show last season, but you can buy her stuff at Model Citizen and Basia in town)
  • shoes by Chie Mihara – not Canadian
  • IMGP9325
    Andrew Sardone rocked the yellow shoes. I so want some.

    Gail sported Betsey Johnsons.

    FAME! I’m gonna live forever. I’m gonna learn how to fly. HIGH!

    Our favourite illustrating pixie, Danielle.

    Read my post at blogTO.com on the Toronto Fashion Fashion Incubators New Labels Show.

    Las Vegas 2008 – Friday! I should be rocking it. I should be rolling it. I should be taking it, taking it to you!

    The best day in Vegas was Friday by far. The weather was to die for and we walked to the strip so I could see what this whole Vegas thing is about. Outside of the strip, Vegas is like a giant strip mall with cacti and palm trees. All the roads are 6 or 8 lanes across. The people drive like maniacs. Men in cars honk at you constantly when you walk down the street, it was very strange. Not if you are with a guy though. I had 5 people actually whistle at me out of their cars and on the street.


    The ridiculous size of Las Vegas struck me as we walked past the Convention Centre. It’s was massive. We then took the monorail to the Mandalay Bay/Luxor side of the strip. I kept on singing the Monorail song from The Simpsons.


    We decided to hit up Luxor for some free drinks. The drinks were cheap and not really free. You had to be gambling, so Marija and I sat ourselves down at some penny slots. I actually was winning, I put in 2 bucks thinking I’ll get a drink and then jet. Lady Luck was on my side and I ended up walking away with 10 bucks.


    We continued down the strip. The one thing I love about Vegas is drinking on the street. Marija and I drank large bottles of Red Stripe walking back to her place earlier. I hit sensory overload pretty quickly and some hotels we didn’t even visit like the MGM Grand (which is extremely tacky with that giant gold lion out front).


    We ran into a Michael Jackson impersonator at the Bellagio fountains, only in Vegas. The Venetian is crazy, it’s like daylight in there. The canal was so cool and we chatted up the dude that was singing and driving the boat. It’s also where I got my new Adidas kicks. I couldn’t goto Vegas without getting a souvenir. I cut the tags off put my gladiators in a bag and walked out the door. They got lots of compliments. So boo to ye of little taste who gave them a thumbs down.


    We continued along the strip and looked at flashing lights.


    The night ended off at a bar called Aruba. In Aruba this is a back room called Club Aruba where all kinds of people showed up in fairy costume. There were girls getting body painted. A really great band that played funk and soul got everyone in the place moving. When the band stopped a drum circle started (ya, I know, a fucking drum circle). Percussion instruments were handed to people and they joined in while dancing. Only in Vegas. It got a little wiccan when the Tree God started dancing in the middle of the circle. The best thing of the night was the Unicorn Girl. I love you Unicorn Girl.

    The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.The best night out.

    Some personal observations I made on this trip:

    1. American men think the Canadian accent is sexy or they think it’s strange with about and out and all that.
    2. American men are amazed at how hot Canadian girls are.
    3. American men aren’t afraid to talk me, even with the worst “don’t fuck with me” scowl on.
    4. Most American men have a connection to the military somehow. It seems that everyone we met were ex-military.
    5. There are a lot of overweight people in America.
    6. The short Mexicans handing out prostitute flyers are creepy.
    7. I think people who take their kids to Vegas have some issues.
    8. The tart look is very big in Vegas. The tourist look is second.
    9. Even if you are old and busted as long as you got those 36FFs you are the perfect waitress.
    10. I saw no panhandlers on the strip.
    11. Toronto is like the haven of recycling and environmentalism compared to Vegas. The waste was unbearable.
    12. Food portions are much, much to big for me.
    13. Buffets rule the roost in Vegas.
    14. Crazy shit happens in Vegas.
    15. I won’t stand in line to attend a club that Paris Hilton frequents.

    I’m feeling indifferent to Las Vegas and I’m not sure I would go back. The strip at night is unbearable with people and I was very frustrated. Anyone who has ever walked with me will be laughing at this comment. I felt this lingering malaise hanging over the place; maybe most people don’t notice it. I had a fantastically, strange and surreal time. It was a blast to visit my friend Marija the biologist /world traveller and party like it was ’94 again.

    I’m illustrated

    Danielle from Final Fashion is a fashion illustrator.. She started an illustration project for anyone who wished for an original image that would be placed on Moo cards. After seeing the results of Lady Kit Kat, Carolyn and the grumpy owl, I decided to commission my own.

    The inspiration:
    I wanted my photo to convey some sort of graceful movement instead of the typical jaunty pose. I told Danielle to do what she felt was best, but I wanted movement. I also wanted to be wearing this outfit from my dream collection, Balenciaga Spring 2007.
    Balenciaga Spring 2007 ready to Wear collection

    The reveal after the jump

    TFBB, April 22, 2007

    TFBB, April 22, 2007
    Maybe it’s time for another Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch…? I think so!

    Next TFBB at Brassaii, 461 King Street West on Sunday the 22th of April at 11:30am!

    All Local Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Readers are Welcome
    Email your friends in fashion blogland, Post it on your Blog, spread the word

    Make sure your check the online home of TFBB, tfbb.geekigirl.com

    What is Trendi?

    20061222_trendilogo.jpgI was looking at my webstats one day and I noticed all these readers coming from this site called Trendi.com. I follow most referrer links and was suprised to see that my post about Eley Kishimoto Shoes was linked. I joined the sight after poking around a bit. I’m always looking for new inspiration and thought Trendi would be a good reference. I also thanked Mr. Trendi for the link love. Needless to say, Trendi is a friend of I want – I got.

    What is Trendi? Trendi is a new site that lets you decide what looks are cool in fashion RIGHT NOW, what music is hot, who’s hot in the celebrity world and who’s not. Basically you are defining the current trends and shaping the ones for tomorrow.
    Trendi is all about letting you TELL THE WORLD what’s in style and what’s popular today. This will influence the decisions being made by companies. There are so many DIFFERENT styles in each area of the USA and each part of the world, we expect to see lots and lots of unique things from all over the world, which is awesome because maybe someone from another part of the world will adopt that as their style.

    Check out some of the things I’ve posted about on Trendi.

    EDIT: Looks like Trendi is dead.

    EDIT: May 2, 2007 – not dead, more like a redesign http://betasignup.trendi.com/

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    Bid on your own SpoonFed Art creation

    SpoonFed Art Pendant
    I received this word of this auction from SpoonFed Art publicist Kira Bloom.

    The National Eating Disorders Association’s “Every BODY Is Beautiful” Online Fundraising Auction, which is currently running through December 6th. There are a number of amazing fashion-related items up for sale, including jewelry, handbags, several offerings from Marc Jacobs, and a pair of Kasil jeans customized and autographed by The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Jewelry designer Karin Collins donated three of her one-of-a-kind SpoonFed Art spoon pendants to the NEDA fundraising project – and they’re all currently ranked in the auction’s “Top 10 Items”! NEDA commissioned Karin to design one very special SpoonFed Art pendant featuring their own logo – and it’s currently listed as the Number One most popular item of the entire auction! Please let your readers know that they can go to this link for more information on this great event: www.cmarket.com/catalog/landingPage.do?vhost=nationaleatingdisord

    The Lingerie Post is giving away free lingerie!

    The Lingerie Post, a new blog and friend of I want – I got is giving away free lingerie.
    Everyone who’s subscribed to receive their posts in their mailbox through Feedburner will be able to win luxury lingerie in every season. That means 4 times a year they’ll be spoiling one reader with quality lingerie they’ve talked about on The Lingerie Post. Just sign up for the Daily Lingerie Post mail

    More details on the contest.