Month: January 2007

I’m sorry IE users

The site is messed up for anyone using IE right now. I don’t often check IE because I use Firefox and I forget about the rest of the world. I’m trying to track down the problem and I hope to get it fixed soon. You really should be using Firefox though. LOL. UPDATE: I’ve fixed the problem. Thanks goes out to Scott Wallick, the creator of the plaintxtblog theme I’m using. He helped me to track down the issue. Scott Rocks. w00t!!!!

I’m going to be in Now Magazine

Hi This is just to let you all know to look for me in Now Magazine this Thursday. Andrew Sardone who writes fashion for Now is featuring 5 Toronto fashion bloggers and I was lucky enough to be one of them. It’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. Oh yes friends, there was a real photoshoot and everything. I’m wearing clothing from Juma’s new Movement line.

oh hell no

Remember what I said about this look Love this, perfect. I take back what I said about the stylist intervention. It happened here and it’s still all wrong. WRONG, Sienna, so very wrong. UPDATE: Hi BuzzFeed Readers, thanks for coming by. Please comment on the comparison if you feel like πŸ™‚

i want…

The Essential Toolbag by S. Stein I fell in love with this bag which takes on the tool belt and makes it fabulous, such kitsch. I love all the pockets. They are always more of a pain in the ass than anything. I spend so much time looking for my keys or lip balm because of all the pockets. I still love them though, totally makes no sense. The bag is made of industrial strength canvas and has suede pockets. Inspired by the high functionality and natural materials of classic carpenter bags and toolbelts; reinterpreted for the modern industrious woman. Not sold in stores here but available online. via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women images:

This hasn’t been fun

The upgrade hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked. You will find the comments are broken. I also have to fix some things with plugins. Sigh. My friends list is pooched for now too. It will be back once I fix the widgets issue. Please email me if you see any issues. UPDATE: All functionality should be working correctly now. What a pain in the ass.

Upgrading…or not.

Please be patient as I am upgrading to WordPress 2.1 Hopefully this goes smoothly. UPDATE: Calling this off for now. It needs more planning. UPDATE UPDATE: I was wrong. Site is now WordPress 2.1. I’m fixing my themes now.

Ask a Geek: Canadian online shoe stores. – Updated April 27, 2011

Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it. Dai S wrote: Hi geekigirl, I like checking out your blog but it does give me a certain sense of envy. You see, I live in Winnipeg, where there a few fun boutiques and big box and mall stores rule. My question for you is regarding Canadian online shoe stores. While there are plenty of ones in the States, I don’t like considering the duty and exchange. I am aware of here shipping in Canada but would love to know if you have come across any others. Thanks! Dai This post needs and update and here I am to do that. Online shopping is getting better in Canada. There are some new additions for online shoe shopping. Online shopping in Canada isn’t very good most of the time. Things are slowly changing though …

Records are being set

I thought I want – I got had a great boxing day; about 800 people visited the site that day looking for shopping bargains. I knew that the Lululemon warehouse sale would bring people here, but I had no idea how many. Thursday saw about 1100 visitors. My searches were all for lululemon, it has been insane over the last few days. I’ve finally broken the 1000 visitor mark, YAY!. Thanks to all the people who posted comments about their Lululemon experience.

i got my wellys

My mission on Boxing Day was to get some cheap Hunter Wellys. Some stores discounted them a little bit like TNT, Over the Rainbow, Aritiza and Capezio. Heel Boy didn’t even put them on sale and they aren’t part of the 2 for 1 sale they are having right now. I almost bought them from Heel Boy until I found out they weren’t part of the sale. I decided to wait it out and I’m glad I did because Over the Rainbow brought out the big guns, 50% off. The last pair in blue were a 38; it was like they were waiting for me. So, if you are looking for Hunter Wellingtons on the cheap, hit up Over the Rainbow. They had a bunch of green ones left and some of another style, The Hunter Lady N. Get them while they last. There is also a lot of other stuff on sale tshirts, tons of denim and sweaters. If anyone is looking for a full length Triple Five Soul jacket they should go very …

Congrats to Jack & Marjorie

I got an email from the Sweetspot people today and they did a spot on Jack&Marjorie, which was very cool. I hope this turns into a lot of handbag orders for you. Read more about Jack & Marjorie at Designer Files: Meghan Parsons Y5 Trunk Shows It started on the radio

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Adrian at Fashion.Verbatim has tagged me with the 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me meme. Ahh were to start. 1. I competed at the Junior National Track and Field Championships, 1994 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. I was an athletic freak in my younger days. I usually played at least 4 sports a year during high school. Now, I just play squash. 2. I wanted to work in the Coroner office when I was in grade 12. I learned you needed a medical degree to be a Coroner. After second year I learned that I wasn’t cut out for medical school. Organic chemistry killed that dream. I didn’t have the dedication to studying that was required, I liked having a social life. 3. I am one of the founders of YAMA – The York University Anime and Manga club. I was an anime freak in university. I’ve calmed down a lot since then but still love my Ghost in the Shell. 4. I work purple platform loafers to my graduation ceremony from York University. It was …

Chanel Couture Spring 2007

I’ve just noticed that I enjoy the location of Karl’s show more than the clothes. After seeing Dior and JPG, I’m so bored with this. However, the location of the show is beautiful. I loved the shoes though. Now, I understand what Jeanne Beker was going off about at the Bata Shoe Museum exhibit opening last week. Karl’s influence is on display there now. images:

The Honeyroom

Andrea dropped me an email to let me know about her online store, The Honeyroom. She offers eclectic accessories and tshirts. I checked out her online boutique and she’s definitely hit on some trends with her offerings. 1. Strawberries – Andrea has this covered with red and black necklaces for sale. 2. Owls – She’s tapped into the Owl trend with necklaces in gold, brass and silver. I actually own an owl necklace very similar to the silver version Andrea sells. There are some Owl earrings too. The items I want are the wide yellow belt and this Burnt Orange shopper handbag. She is currently running a promotion. You get 15% off on orders of $40 more. Just enter the code honey1978 at checkout.

Haramaki, get your belly warmers

Reader submissions are a beautiful thing. I thank reader JP from for this little fashion nugget from Japan, Haramaki. Haramaki translates to belly warmer. Traditionally used for abdominal health purposes they are quickly becoming a fashion trend. After my initial WTF reaction to the Haramaki, I’m starting to really like them. The prints are great and they are perfect for layering. I love the look in the picture posted above and that is what sold me on the Haramaki. has more pictures of Haramaki style that you should check out. I wonder how long it will take this trend to make it over to the West. images:

i want…

Pumpkin Spice necklace by Modish I love the use of the blackberry motive in this design. I’ve seen it in other designers and it gets me everytime. It makes me happy when people email me tips. I got an email from Liz Yeung, one half of the Modish duo. She asked me to take a look at their jewelry designs and I liked what I saw. Each piece is hand-crafted and uses a combination of semi-precious stones, glass beads and pearls, all imbued with silver or gold. This Vancouver based team have found their products available in stores across Canada and the US. A very simple necklace but the stones make this necklace gorgeous. Modish is available in Toronto at Out on a Limb 1755 Avenue Road (416) 785-5592 For those of you not in the Tdot, you can order online.

Meez: Animated Avatars

This stuff is classic. Meez is the best avatar program I’ve seen in terms of facial choices (skin colour, nose shape, etc). They just don’t have the hair right. I have an afro. They have afros, but they are like huge Foxy Brown types. This me krumping. LOL Meez is a total time waster, but lots of fun. It’s a 3d avatar system with extensive wardrobe, backgrounds and animations. I can’t wait to see your avatars, please post them in the comments. Use the smaller 175×233 animated option for the comments

Danya Fashion Shoppe Winter Sale

Danya Fashion Shoppe Winter Sale Till January 31, 2007 Its entire fall and winter stock of dresses, sportswear, coats, and evening wear is now on sale at up to 70 per cent off including high-end designer name brands such as Ellen Tracy, Tahari, Dana Buchman and Anne Klein. Drop into this sale for the best opportunity of 2007 to acquire a terrific new outfit at excellent value. 2378 Bloor St. W. Toronto (Bloor West Village, one and a half blocks east of Jane St.) 416-766-4511 send e-mail to Monday, Tuesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday noon to 5 p.m. via

Steven Meisel: Smart Moves

Steven Meisel Smart Moves: Vogue Feature Story on A little picture commentary for you by me. This is from Vogue January 2007. I’ve been ignoring this rave fashion trend that is supposely coming back. I figured it would be just a fringe thing. This picture has the dreaded sneaker heel by Dries Van Noten. I really like this photo for some reason. I do hope that this look doesn’t go mainstream. I like it and all, but it’s not something I want to see executed without stylist supervision. I hate to admit this but I do like this layered tank by Marc Jacobs. Makeup and hat are a big no for me though. images: vogue

i want…

The illest villian, Madvillain Kidrobot and Stones Throw Records have teamed up to create the Madvillain toy. I’m so psyched, Madvillian is the coolest villain ever. It’s even got MF Doom’s mask, how great is that. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to get your hands on the album Madvillainy. It’s one of my favourite albums ever. Thanks to the crew at Magic Pony for stocking this. image:

i want…

Ankle boot by Gwendolyn Carrié I’m a big fan of the menswear trend and when I saw these ankle boots I immediately thought of a crisp white shirt, suspenders and black tailored pants. I great top hat and a cane would be fun too. πŸ˜€ Of course, there are no retailers in Canada. images:,