Month: October 2008

Top Ten Collections of Spring ’09 by and

Top Ten Collections of Spring ’09 1. Chanel 2. Dolce & Gabbana 3. Dries Van Noten 4. Giorgio Armani 5. Jil Sander 6. Koi Suwannagate 7. Lanvin 8. Louis Vuitton 9. Marc Jacobs 10.Rodarte’s Top Ten Spring Collections 1. Ann Demeulemeester 2. Balenciaga 3. Chanel 4. Dolce & Gabbana 5. Dries Van Noten 6. Givenchy 7. Lanvin 8. Louis Vuitton 9. Marc Jacobs 10. Ralph Lauren Discuss!

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – geekigirl’s Top Collections

So I’m going to do what I never do, break down my top collections from L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009. This is of course based on the shows I attended. These are the collections that moved me the most. The collections that made me thank god for attending the tents that night. The collections that make me salivate at the mouth. Denis Gagnon – This collection is really what my fashion dreams are made of. Hauntingly beautiful with that slightly dark twist I love. Box it all up and ship it home. Morales – Architectural, sculptural, colourful. Something different from every day fair. Evan Biddell – Streetwear done right. Finally, someone has me interested again. Streetwear has fallen off my radar as of late. Greta Constantine – statement dress makers. While I’m not down with the colour palette, there’s no denying those shapes.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Afshin Feiz

Afshin Feiz Vancouver born, London-based Afshin Feiz came back to Canada to present his collection in The Studio. The Studio was the smaller runway venue during fashion week. It gives you a great view if you are in the front row, but if you are in the 2nd row you don’t get to see much. Afshin combined hard and soft textures in a different way. The dresses that Julia Che of Lotusleaf and Mary Kitchen from FT were really cool and black. Most of his collection were pastels.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Denis Gagnon

I could have boxed up every piece of Denis Gagnon’s collection yesterday and taken it home. I loved everything. Well, everything but the gold lame stuff, not a fan of gold. It was a leather and jersey dream. The jewelry by Harakiri, stunning. The handbags designed by Denis and produced by Fullum & Holt are freaking amazing! I was worried when I heard there would be colour and jersey, but damn, it’s so drool worthy. It was a great show to finish off fashion week, and my favourite if you haven’t figured that out from the gushing yet. Everything was perfect for the show: the styling, models, music, accessories and clothing. I love Denis’s dark vision for the collection. This is draping done well. I have to find someway to own a piece of this collection, someway. I wouldn’t mind a handbag either. I wanted to meet Denis at his afterparty but I didn’t get a chance. This week has been pretty busy and I was damn tired and had an early Saturday morning to …

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Lucian Matis

Lucian Matis put on one of the more interesting shows at L’Oreal Fashion Week. I really enjoyed his pixelated print pieces. Some of the pearl encrusted pieces were very nice, especially the one with the back detail but a few felt a little over done. I wasn’t a big fan of the pieces with the face print and I’m not even too sure who the print is of. The runway music was very sweet and fit with the collection. Of course, Lucian being Lucian he had a bride finale. It was quite beautiful but it didn’t fit in with the themes already established. The bride thing is kinda over done, but I have to admit I kinda liked it. After all, I did miss Alfred Sung earlier in the week.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Damzels in this Dress/Play Dead Cult

Damzels in this Dress and Play Dead Cult always put on a fun show. Their models have energy and they play to the camera. Damzels went into the print business and their 50s rockabilly sensibilities got a new twist. They also rocked up the negligee. Play Dead stepped up the game and brought some really great dresses into the mix of tshirts and denim. I really, really loved the skull dress.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Mellinda-Mae Harlingten

I am not the target market for the Mellinda-Mae Harlingten collection. She wears headbands and probably reads Nylon. I wear headbands when playing squash only and they are of the terrycloth persuasion. Only standout items for me were the green tiered ruffle dress and a cropped hoodie. The dude who came out shirtless in gold lame leggings and heels was hilarious. Completely terrifying and disturbing but hilarious.

The Nature of Diamonds

The Nature of Diamonds Until March 22, 2009 Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto I’m not a big fan of diamonds at all. I really had no plans to visit The Nature of Diamonds at the ROM. However, I changed my mind when the media invite I received in the mail had a picture of the Diamond “lace” cuff bracelet (top left image above). I was floored and I found myself in the basement on the crystal listening to speeches. Some were rather uncomfortable given the subject. After the talking I was able put aside my issues and view the exhibit. It was a well rounded exhibit on diamonds, starting with the fact that the stuff is just super hard carbon. It covered physical, historical, religious/mythological, industrial and artistic aspect of diamonds. There was a lot of educational stuff, but I just wanted to see the rocks. Princess Mathilde corsage ornament is OH MY GOD stunning in person. STUNNING!!!!!! (picture on top right above). Other items of interest include the 407.48-carat golden coloured … Spring’s Top New Models – Hey a black girl on the top of this list

Wow, style has a great mix of models in their article, Calls Out Spring’s Top New Models. “Diversity” was the buzzword for Spring, and we’re happy to report that our top ten list is a multiculti mix—with just two new faces hailing from modeling’s most prolific breeding ground, Russia. The girls who caught our attention come from Senegal, China, India, and West Philly. As they say in Paris, vive la difference! If this is just buying into a trend, I hope it lasts indefinitely. The winner, Aminata Niaria pretty damn good.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Zoran Dobric

Zoran Dobric is an amazing print maker. I love his prints and this season is no different. This season was based on the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I haven’t read it and didn’t have a frame of reference for the interpretation. Come to think of it, I haven’t read any Virginia Woolf. So I looked it up, it makes sense now and fits perfectly into Zoran’s aesthetic. Orlando tells the story of a young man named Orlando, born in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, who decides not to grow old. He does not, and he passes through the ages as a young man … until he wakes up one morning to find that he has metamorphosed into a woman — the same person, with the same personality and intellect, but in a woman’s body. The remaining centuries up to the time the book was written are seen through a woman’s eyes. Zoran partnered with accessory designer, Mirjana Scepanovic, who has already made her way onto this blog as an “i want”. His …

Doing the Theatre thing

At the request of The Grumpy Owl I attended a theatre production with him. I don’t really do theatre but I said sure. He’s writing for the blog Mooney on Theatre. The play we saw was called Fibber at Theatre Gargantua. It was interesting. I think you should read the owl’s review at Mooney on Theatre, FIBBER- Theatre Gargantua.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Evan Biddell

Evan Biddell put on a great show at LFW. I definitely enjoyed it and saw some really cute pieces. The dhoti style pants are gorgeous. He’s taken a lesson from the Japanese masters and my favourite drop-crotch makers Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto. The eyelet jumper looked amazing on the runway. I didn’t like the gingham pieces. The skirt volume was clunky and didn’t fall in line with the rest of the collection. The short shorts were a little too American Apparel for me, especially after all the amazing pants. I can’t say anything bad about men in skirts (no, seriously) Overall great little streetwear collection; polished. Models were a lot of fun and it was an entertaining show. The rest of my awful pictures are here and you can see some here . On a side note, I’ve had discussions with some people about Biddell’s dhoti pant. While I think he’s done a great job producing them and he’s even got me eyeing a pair, the average woman is going to stay away from …