Month: June 2006

New Threadless ts

God, some great tshirts released out of Threadless Sasquatch Redux Peace Out This is such an awesome tshirt. Shirts like this is why I love Threadless. 1984 Gran Hermano vs. El Liberal. Perfectly timed with the release of Nacho Libre. Oh My Virgin Eye Psychedelic Creatures This is a special one, it’s $25.

CNTM – I hate a quitter

Okay Sisi, you had me totally faithfully for the last 2 weeks. You are slipping, and that shit will get you booted. I hate a quitter. Suck it up and enjoy the pain, it’s for your own good. You did take the best freakin’ pictures this week though. Sucks to be Heather. Kelly Strait sealed that girl’s fate.

Canada’s next top model week 2

Ahh the makeover show, always fun. Lots of crying and that load of bull, suck it up. Don’t you people watch the show. Andrea had a major turnaround, even I was suprised. SiSi, I love her. She maybe crazy, but she had the best picture this week. I hope she just gets better and better. Team SiSi.

Ultimate Birthday at Le Train Bleu

It’s my birthday. It’s always a weird time of year. I’m not a birthday hater, I kinda like them. As I’ve gotten older I have definitely gotten more lazy in my celebrations. If I had free rein of Le Train Blue, it would look something like this. Accessories