Month: March 2009

i want: Alexander McQueen leggings 

I was a fan of Alexander McQueen’s print crazy Spring 2009 collection. These leggings are so amazing and so expensive. I hoping they are like hand printed or something like that. They are made from lycra and very beautiful in person. Skeleton-print Lycra leggings, Crystal print leggings, Eiffel Tower leggings, Alexander McQueen Eiffel Tower top To be totally badass I would love to pair the Eiffel Tower leggings with the Alexander McQueen Eiffel Tower top and a pair of Metallic shoe boots. Holt Renfrew is carrying the Crystal print and the wood grain print leggings at the Bloor Street store. images:

i want: Omelle Shoes

I just discovered this incredible shoe company called Omelle. They have some great original designs that aren’t too girly. They have an edge. Artist by Omelle The Artist is my favourite in the amazing Spring 2009 collection, it has a very different design. Check out the back of this shoe, HOT people, HOT! Dillon by Omelle There is no one in Toronto selling these (What is wrong with Toronto!!!!!) but you can get them in Vancouver at Baccis.

i want: Maximum Fringe Necklace by Norwegian Wood

Maximum Fringe Necklace by Norwegian Wood I’m obsessing over the necklaces at Norwegian Wood along with the leggings and harnesses. I met Angie Johnson, the Montreal based designer during LG Fashion Week a few weeks ago. She also has a shop/gallery with partner Tyler called Headquarters. I wish I knew about this place when I was in Montreal. I’ve seen her designs on many of the Worn Journal girls out and about. This necklace though, man I love it. Lots of chains and fringe would make for great movement while dancing. I’m not sure if there are any shops in Toronto that are carrying Norwegian Wood yet. I know there was talk of a really great fitting shop being interested. She will be in town for The One of a Kind Show, so get down there and pick up some stuff.. ya, no. that’s not happening 🙁 image:

Tech Problems

It’s been a week of technical difficulties at I want – I got. So much so it’s getting me pissed. My site had some downtime earlier this week and I apologize to my readers for my host’s screwup. Anyone who is trying to email me at right now is getting a bounce message. I’m trying to get this resolved right now and hope that will be fixed quickly. Just a reminder to you folks that receive I want – I got via email. If you got this message in your inbox, then you have nothing to worry about you are on the correct service. If you are wondering why you haven’t received I want – I got emails in a week then you are on the discontinued service and need to re-subscribe using the Subscribe by Email link at the top right of the page. I’ll update this post when my email returns to normal. Until then please email me at

Have you been in H&M recently…

I have a real hate on for the spring merchandise in H&M recently. It’s terrible in there. I’m amazed at how awful everything is. Mind you I’m not impressed with Zara or Club Monaco right now either, but there are still some decent pieces in those stores. They are actually attempting to follow the trends for the season for people to purchase. I can’t tell what trends H&M are going for at all. This is Dallas tshirt has made me write off H&M this season. It’s offends all my fashion sensibilities and I pray I never see it on the streets.

I want – I got email via Feedblitz is stopping.

You’ve been warned and now I’m shutting down the Feedblitz email service for I want – I got posts. I wrote previously: For those of you that subscribe via email, I’m slowly going to move away from Feedblitz to Feedburner Email. I can’t switch all the subscribers over myself, so if you are currently receiving I want – I got by email. Please sign up for the new service and unsubscribe your Feedblitz based subscription. I will be maintaining both for now, but I will be dumping Feedblitz in the near future. So Subscribe to I want – I got via Feedburner Email so you don’t miss any updates. The near future is NOW. As soon as this last email warning to everyone goes out via Feedblitz I will be shutting down the account. If you wish to receive emails for I want – I got, please re-sign up using the handy submission form at the top of the page.

I got: Members Only Liquid Leggings

I wanted Members Only Liquid Leggings back in July of 2008. They were priced at $98.00 (yikes!!!) and available at Urban Outfitters. Today I found them on sale at Urban Outfitters for 20 bucks. Score!!! They really do feel a little weird. I don’t anticipate they breathe much, but they aren’t as bad as the American Apparel versions. I can’t help but love them, they are so obnoxious.

Open House at the Toronto Fashion Incubator

Toronto Fashion Incubator Open House. April 2, 2009 Affordable workspaces from only $275/month. Steps away from Liberty Village Known as a launching pad for only the best and the brightest, the TFI Resident Program is TFI’s premier membership program. Creative, caring and fuelled by a love of fashion, as a TFI Resident, you’ll enjoy a nurturing and co-operative workspace while you start your business, complete your first collection or develop your exporting capabilities. Residents are encouraged to learn the ropes of starting a fashion business from TFI’s industry consultants and Executive Director and also from other residents. In addition to many other fabulous benefits, only TFI Resident members receive EXCLUSIVE consultation time with TFI’s Executive Director Susan Langdon. EARLY BIRD DEAL! 25% OFF 3 Months Rent, Offer expires April 30, 2009 Sign up for the Open House on the Toronto Fashion Incubator site.

Yes, it’s LG Fashion Week

It’s that time again and LG Fashion Week, Fall Collections 2009 is upon us. I’m attending the upcoming shows. If any of you readers are attending, stop me and say Hi. Thursday March 19th Project Runway Canada Carlton Brown Women X Women Friday March 20th Evan Biddell You can see my coverage at blogTO’s Fashion Week Section.

Buy Design for Windfall 2009

Buy Design for Windfall BUY DESIGN, Windfall’s annual charity gala, is revolutionizing the party scene with a creative social media campaign and a night promising out-of-this world indulgences. For its sixth year, Windfall’s space-themed affair will have guests dancing to a supernova of ’60s mod music with host, Adrian Mainella of CBC’s Fashion File. Praised as a top Toronto event by BizBash magazine, BUY DESIGN is the universe’s best party since the Big Bang. Shooting down to earth Saturday, April 18th at 8PM in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District, BUY DESIGN supports Windfall, Canada’s only NEW clothing and basic-needs bank. A METEOR SHOWER OF ATTRACTIONS BUY DESIGN’s galaxy-renowned live and silent auctions bring in donations that will sate fashionistas, foodies and culture lovers alike. Earthly possessions up for bid include Jenny Bird handbags, a $1000 H&M shopping spree and gift certificates to the city’s best restaurants, spas, and salons. Be there for the curtained reveal and get first bid on items – from roundtrip Via Rail tickets to Montreal and autographed NHL and NFL jerseys, to …

geekiviews: The Arc Mouse by Microsoft

The nerd in me is all excited about the Arcâ„¢ Mouse I received Microsoft and Highroad Communications. It’s product that combines fashion/style and technology that would be fitting of a debut at LG Fashion Week. It’s an interesting departure for Microsoft; I don’t know them as a style conscious company on the level of LG or Apple. However, this mouse is making me change my mind. It’s lovely and I don’t usually say that about technology. Features of the mouse include 2.4 GHz – 30 ft. Wireless Range, Folds For Portability, Micro-Transceiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse and the ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way. It also has a little pouch for carrying. I immediately plugged it into my work machine. It worked without having to install any software. I had my Eee PC out at lunch and it was plug and play with that. My Eee PC runs Linux and I didn’t have to install anything. I was so pleased. It opens up to become a fullsized mouse that is very …

i got: Superfine Denim

I recently purchased some Superfine Denim on sale at Jonathan + Olivia. The style name was Liberty and it came with black sheen. They almost looked like pants instead of jeans. I don’t have any pictures of myself in them so I leave you with Doutzen being Doutzen instead. They are a great fitting pair of jeans. I have yet to wash them so I’m not sure how the colour and fabric treatment will fare afterwards. We shall see.

Greta Constantine Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

The Greta Constantine Ready to Wear Fall 2009 – 2010 show as held at The Courthouse. I had been hearing good things from Kirk and Stephen for months. I got a look at the fabric swatches in the fall, but I never saw the collection. I would have to wait to see this so called amazing collection. So, I’ve been on pins and needles for months wondering what the boys will come up with. I was hearing about dresses named after people I know and how freaking stunning they are. There was some logistical problems getting into the venue due to all the people there. It’s an interesting venue but I heard if you didn’t have a seat you didn’t see anything. The room had high ceilings and it was a little dark. I was talking with one of the Holts crew and she likened the atmosphere to a Miu Miu show, which was very accurate. The runway was a problem too. There was a section where I was sitting that was wood and incredibly …

Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

I wasn’t a fan of Marc Jacobs this year. He redeemed himself with Louis Vuitton. I’m so happy my girl Rose (pictured above) got to walk the show. Yes, Marc. Like the John Galliano show, I have video so I’m not going to bore you with photos. You need to see this stuff in motion. However you can see photos of the full Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 RTW collection at