Month: June 2007

bjork style

I wanted an excuse to post some Bjork videos. So here are some videos in which I really enjoy the look. Oceania – I want a crystal face too Isobel – She’s rocking that great metallic dress Who is it? Unravel All is full of love – just for kicks and god I love this version

Ya or Nay?

You call it. Beyonce in Balenciaga Ya or Nay. If Balenciaga is looking to go ghetto fabulous they might have succeeded. Ugh, I’m a total Nay. I can see House of Crap knockoffs in the fall though. EDIT: Video after the jump

i want: A Hussein Chalayan tshirt

A Hussein Chalayan tshirt He makes mens and womens tshirts too. They are pretty neat. I love this one called The Blind. Inspired by surveillance and CCTV culture in contemporary life depicts an illustration of a blind suggesting presence of someone behind and a sense of being watched. Hussein Chalayan has a Canadian stockist surprisingly Ursula B 1455 Rue Peel, Montréal, QC 514-282-029 thx stylescribble

i want…

Cufflinks by Enthral I want – I got reader Brandi from Nova Scotia send me a message about her jewelry which is created from vintage, reclaimed, re-purposed and recycled elements. I’m loving her cufflinks. This jade coloured Roman set are my favourites. The black ones are little more classic

Canada’s Next Top Model – Episode 4

I was disappointed that Gina went home, but she sucks. It was funny to see them at fashion week. I covered that Comrags show. LOL Mo finally got a good shot, that was nice. I love how they make it look like the girls are being driven into the city and you get that great panoramic shot of the lake and the CN Tower. Makes me laugh. The contestants stayed at 1 King West, which is like 10 mins away from the Chum building. They wouldn’t even see the lake on their trip over.

I’m a member now

I finally bit the bullet and joined the Toronto Fashion Incubator as an outreach member. I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head. I was pitched the idea of joining at the Juma Trunk Show by Gail who told me about the great reference section they have. And of course there is the Promostyl Trend Forecast seminars only available to members.

Talking to crazies

I had an interesting conversation with an older crazy lady about slips yesterday. I was in a store in Commerce Court this afternoon and she was looking for somewhere that sells slips in the area. Having tried looking for slips on lunch before I told her to goto The Bay. She then went off about how women these days don’t wear underwear and that we walk around and you can see everything through the clothes. That’s when my crazy bells went off. You have to remember, we are in the most conservative area of Toronto, the financial district and this lady is going off about I tried to explain that most people didn’t think it was necessary for the extra piece of clothing and we are hardly walking around with clothes that you can see through. Slips are necessary for some clothing, but not all. I told her that I even own a slip but I don’t wear it all the time. The dress pictured below is one I use a slip for, otherwise in …

Wow, is all I have to say

Roberto Cavalli at H&M With this year’s designer collaboration H&M opens its doors to the exclusive world of Roberto Cavalli. The Italian designer will create a one-off collection for women and men exclusively for H&M. The line will carry the vital touch and the intense sensuality typical of Roberto Cavalli, one of the world’s most exciting and creative fashion designers. “Roberto Cavalli has created a world of his own, iconic and full of fantasy, when it comes to colours, prints, and style. There is no place for shyness and no possibility of ending up with a mainstream wardrobe of everyday basics. The Roberto Cavalli collections represents an exuberant, successful lifestyle”, says Margareta van den Bosch. “As the first Italian designer in the history of H&M, I enthusiastically welcomed this invitation, proud to bring the lively and positive spirit of my work to a new audience, who will be able to see and interpret my style in an individual way. I love freedom and challenges: breaking down barriers, experimenting in different directions. H&M is all this …

i want…

Convertible Bag by Antrobus This is one of my favourite bags ever. All the different compartments and the added clutch and shoulder bag duo are great features. It’s pricey of course, $1,250USD Article that talks with Alison Antrobus, the designer. via images: