Month: February 2013

Banana Republic x Mad Men Spring Summer 2013

The Banana Republic x Mad Men collection is back and I have to admit it’s lasted longer than I expected. This season is my favourite of this collaboration. I think it’s because of the 60s influence and the print heavy collection. The collection has Canadians stamped all over it. The collection was inspired by Jessica Pare’s character Megan and Coco Rocha is heading up the advertising campaign. “With a new era of fashion inspiration, the design process was exciting for us and allowed for lots of creativity, which is completely visible in the end result,” said Simon Kneen, Banana Republic Creative Director and Executive Vice President. “We took Janie’s mod inspiration for the costumes on-screen and translated it in a way that today’s Don or Megan will aspire to wear.”(source: press release) “In my work with Simon for the Banana Republic ‘Mad Men’ Spring 2013 collection, the spirit and fashion-forward thinking we see on-screen in Megan was really inspirational for the capsule,” said Bryant. “I am excited about what we’ve done together, and I know …

Mary Katrantzou Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

I usually only post about my favourite collections of the fashion weeks. The Mary Katrantzou Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection a favourite not because I loved most of the looks. It’s a favourite because Mary did something I didn’t expect this season, she changed. I’ve anticipated this move since the Katrantzou print influence took over the fashion world. The typical Katrantzou print was out and photos by Edward Steichen, Clarence White, and Alfred Stieglitz were in. She explored new, angular shapes with some Japanese influences and toned down the colour. There was a lot of black in the collection. I appreciate the risks she took with this collection. The backstage photos posted on the Mary Katrantzou Facebook page should change anyone’s opinion of the collection, it’s just beautiful. “I wanted to step back from color and print and contemplate shapes and silhouettes. It was important for me to take that time,” she said. It was the first season we draped on the stand in a very complex way.” (source) Mary has commercial avenues with …

i want: Worksong by Cat Footwear

Seems like this summer is going to be good from my brogue collection. I love the Worksong style from Cat Footwear’s Spring Summer 2013 collection. The purple and blue one are my favourite but if you want something more subdued they have you covered. They will be available for purchase for $129.99 starting March 29, 2013 online at The Shoe Company, Capezio and Town Shoes also carry Cat Footwear, you can find more locations on the website. images: courtesy of Cat Footwear

Chatting with Dorothy Vogel at the Reel Artists Film Festival Opening Night

I didn’t realize I would be meeting an art world superstar on Thursday but I found myself sitting across for Dorthoy Vogal talking about art, booze and Downton Abbey. It was the Opening Night party for the Reel Artists Film Festival. The 10th-annual Reel Artists Film Festival presents a selection of international feature-length and short documentaries that address challenges and questions raised by artists both in front of and behind the camera. Through these films, subjects are revealed, experimental processes unfold, and events are staged. With these three categories in mind—subject, process, event—RAFF handpicked works by artists who play with the idea of documentary and show how cross-disciplinary connections can revitalize the medium, reigniting its creative potential.(source: press release) Opening night was a real treat as the Real Artist Film Festival brought Megumi Sasaki and Dorothy Vogel to celebrate 10 years of the festival and their new movie Herb & Dorothy 50×50. Megumi Sasaki’s Herb & Dorothy premiered at the Real Artist Film Festival in 2009. It documented the lives of Herb and Dorothy Vogel …

i want: Brooks Brothers x Liberty London Dresses

I finally visited a Brooks Brothers store in Toronto. I don’t know why it took me so long to visit the Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop. It’s a beautiful store situated in an old bank building and includes the vault! While I was browsing I noticed the dresses made from Liberty London fabrics. I can’t remember the Canadian price but they are listed as $248USD on the website which also ships to Canada. Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop 262 Bloor St W Toronto images:

I want – I got’s Fall Winter 2014 - 2015 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference

I want – I got’s Fall Winter 2014 – 2015 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference – Updated August 7, 2013

I want – I got’s Fall Winter 2014 – 2015 Fashion Trend Forecasting Reference This is a listing of links to fashion trend forecasting reports for the upcoming Fall Winter 2014 – 2015 collections. (yup, it’s that time!) They are posted for reference and easy access for your fashion trend researching needs. This page will be updated as more fashion trend forecasting reports become available. Updated August 7, 2013 – RESORT 2014 KEY COLORS. TREND COUNCIL Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S EARTH & AIR TEXTILES F/W 2014-15. TRENDSTOP.COM Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S TOP HANDBAG TRENDS F/W 2014-15. FASHION SNOOPS Updated August 7, 2013 – DIY REINVENTION WOMEN’S MATERIALS F/W 2014-15. TRENDSTOP.COM Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S WINTER COLOR F/W 2014-15. TRENDSTOP.COM Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S KEY TEXTILES F/W 2014-15. TREND COUNCIL Updated August 7, 2013 – MENS TOP FOOTWEAR TRENDS F/W 2014-15. FASHION SNOOPS Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S COLOR WINTER BLUES F/W 2014-15. TRENDSTOP.COM Updated August 7, 2013 – WOMEN’S TOP FOOTWEAR TRENDS. F/W 2014-15. FASHION SNOOPS …

Hermes Spring Summer 2013 – Long Live Sport

Hermès does an incredible job with their product videos. They are extremely well done and hit that sweet spot of cute and whimsical that wins me over every time. The Sporting Life is the theme of the 2013 for Hermès and this set of four videos does a terrific job of conveying the theme. Each video takes items from the spring summer 2013 and incorporates them into sporty vignettes. Ping Pong features the Toolbox bag and the Rallye 24 Porcelain Collection. Rallye 24 Porcelain Collection: The new Hermès porcelain collection designed by Benoît-Pierre Emery and Damian O’Sullivan will be available in Canadian boutiques in May 2013. Rallye 24 has the emblematic anchor chain caught up in and propelled along by a new story on porcelain. It is playfully reworked as a car race track with its straight lines and oval corners, all short-circuiting with their foot to the floor.(source: Hermès PR) Toolbox bag: A slight family resemblance… A cousin of the Kelly, with a vanity-case touch, this bag unites the Hermès spirit and the practicality …

Run, Don’t Walk to Roger Vivier: Process to Perfection at the Bata Shoe Museum

The Roger Vivier exhibit at The Bata Shoe Museum is coming to a close and if you’ve been putting off going you need to stop now. April 7, 2013 is the last day you can check out the work of this master shoemaker. I finally got off my ass and took in the exhibit this week. Roger Vivier’s work is of exceptional beauty and technical design. He invented so many of the classic shoe styles some of which are as popular as ever more than 50 years later. Roger pushed shoe design to new levels with his creative and technical sides. Vivier perfected the modern stiletto in 1954. He never used the term stiletto but aiguille (needle heel). The Choc heel which looks like a concave stiletto came along in 1959. My favourite pair of the exhibit are a Choc heel and pictured above. Roger also debuted the Tibet heel in 1959. It’s shaped like a small inverted pyramid. The Polichinelle heel followed, it has a low hourglass-shaped heel. In 1962 he introduced another heel …

i want: Embroidered Asymmetric Moto Jackets by Sacai

Sacai, Sacai. Is there many brands cooler than you? I don’t think so. Chitose Abe has created my dream moto jacket. The front of the jacket is true to motorcycle style but the back is loose and drapey. It’s the kind of coat that makes an entrance with this build in cape, superhero styles. It’s cut from the same cloth as my Moncler S Shihoko trench coat which was also designed by Chitose Abe. I hope Moncler S is coming back, I haven’t seen anything on the Moncler website for the Spring Summer 2013 collections. Sacai Embroidered Asymmetric Moto Jacket in White and Yellow is available for pre-order at Barney’s for $2130. Le sigh. images:

Sarah Stevenson Design Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook

Sarah Stevenson Design Spring Summer 2013 collection reminds me of the sea and Ming Dynasty porcelain. Sarah is a textile designer so she creates the prints herself and has them transferred to silk. Pattern Observer has a great interview with Sarah. All of her pieces are made in Canada. For those people who tend to skew a bit more conservative in their clothing can add a pop of colour and print with one of Sarah’s beautiful scarves. You can find Sarah Stevenson Design online at Ukamaku and images: courtesy of Sarah Stevenson Design

Breathless, Jean-Luc Godard and Seberg Chic

I’m a bit of a film nerd so I made sure to take advantage of Hulu free Criterion Collection weekend. I was able to knock off a couple of classics that we taking up a long residence on my Must Watch list. I finally got to cross Breathless off that list. À bout de souffle is the original title of film directed by French New Wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard and it translates literally into “at breath’s end”. A small time crook, Michel Poiccard, chased by the police after stealing a car, shoots one of them and flees. Back in Paris he finds an American girlfriend and succeeds in seducing her. He convinces her to go to Italy with him. But the police have discovered the murderer’s identity and are on his trail…(source) This movie is know in fashion circles because of the exception style the lead actress, Jean Seberg, a 60s fashion icon. I was awestruck by the wardrobe of her character Patricia in the film. I learned that there was no costume designer working …

i want: Nomad Dress by complexgeometries

The sleeves and the neckline is what draws me to this complexgeometries dress. The billowy silhouette looks so comfortable and perfect to pair with leggings and boots in the early spring and fall. The complexgeometries Nomad Dress is made of light weight cotton voile. It’s available on for $240. images:

AnU RaiNa Spring Summer 2013 – Tathya’s Garden

I’m a secret pomegranate junkie. It’s a problem that developed when I worked close to Chinatown. During Ppmegranate season, I developed the habit of buying up copious amounts of the fruit, taking advantage of the 3 for $5 pricing that dominated the many of the fruit sellers in the area. I knew which shops that consistently brought in quality pomegranates, knowledge after weeks of experimentation and research. I made the most of the short season and ate my way through it at every opportunity. I don’t work close to Chinatown anymore but my pomegranate addiction hasn’t stopped. My local grocer brings in good pomegranates during the season. They know my habits really well. So, it’s not a surprise that I love Anu Raina’s pomegranate dominated Spring Summer 2013 collection. My SS13 collection of prints is inspired by my memories of witnessing the majestic Echinaceas, the dew drop laden Daisys on the lazy Sunday mornings, the beautiful Pomegrante trees that humbly bore the weight of the biggest and reddest ever Pomegrantes, the riot of colour and …

i want: Accordion Briefcase by Philip Sparks

I’m excited about Philip Sparks’s new lines of accessories for men and women for Spring Summer 2013. Right now I have my eye on this leather and canvas mens Accordion Briefcase. I love the colour combination. It’s available for pre-order right now at or at the Ossington Shop until Sunday. It retails for $395.00 and will ship on March 15, 2013s ship March 15, 2013, images:

Keep the Kilt Kayne

I rarely talk about celebrities here but I was super disappointed that Kayne has tried to get photos of him wearing the badass Givenchy kilt taken down. That kilt made me love Kayne and it kills me to see him backtrack. During my ranting about this, I was sent this amazing video that Kanye posted in response to his critics. It made me love him even more. And I love his stylist taking scissors to Givenchy!

i want: Justice Sandal by Abel Munoz

Toronto based shoe designer, Abel Munoz has just launched online shopping at He has the Spring Summer 2013 collection in the shop now and he offers free shipping to customer in Canada and the US. Torontonians can see Abel’s shoes in person at George C. I’m pretty fond of these strappy plum suede sandals called Justice. They would be perfect day to night shoe.  I’d wear these to the office all summer. Everyone is gotten used to my crazy footwear. Abel has his shoes produced in Italy and they are leather lined and soled. The heel on these are 3.75 inches. The Justice sandal retails for $575.00. image:

Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

The Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 fashion show was EPIC. I’m totally blown away and my minor interest in Prabal is now a full blown addiction. Every look is just perfection. The show had strong military themes which means fashion boner for Anita. I’m gaga for military influenced clothing. Prabal really created the modern woman warrior uniform here. Of course everything looks better in video Can we talk about the shoes? I thought I wasn’t interested in the gladiator stiletto boots. That was until Prabal Gurung created the ultimate versions. No words. If you really want to geek out over Prabal Gurung’s Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection, head over to Moda Operandi and get zooming on all the details. His trunkshow runs till February 20, 2013. images:,

Dennis Merotto Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook

Toronto based designer, Dennis Merotto’s Spring Summer 2013 collection is perfect for office dwellers like me.  It’s beautiful, simple and professional but doesn’t skip out on the playful side by utilizing prints and colour blocking. The collection is combines silk, cotton, linen, leather, modal and polyester into wide legged pantsuits or easy wearing colour blocked tent dresses. Nathalie Atkinson wrote a great piece on Dennis at the National Post. He’s an industry heavyweight who worked behind the scenes for a long time whose now striving for his own spotlight. images: courtesy of Dennis Merotto

MAC Cosmetics – Year of the Snake Collection

The editorial shots for the MAC cosmetics are always great. The Year of the Snake collection shots are just so beautiful. I’m really enamoured with this beauty shot. Everything about it is just perfect. The snake-inspired collection is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes. Beauty powder illuminates the skin, eye shadow creates striking contrasts and pigments intensify the effect. Zoom lash adds definition and powerpoint eye pencil defines a razor-sharp line. Lipsticks quiver with lustre and m·a·c’s exclusive packaging slithers with chic – featuring beauty powder, lipsticks and eye shadows embossed with a gorgeous snake design. The collection is on sale now and is available at MAC stores and online. The Year of the Snake collection includes eye shadow, pigment, lipstick, eye pencil, beauty powder and mascara options. The price range is $18 – $29. images: courtesy of MAC

i got: Nicholas Kirkwood x Erdem Ankle Boots

Sneaky emails and reminder tweets enter my social space once the major discounts start hitting The Room at the Hudson’s Bay. It’s a good time to be hunting for bargains. It’s during these sales periods that I get strategic about things. It’s about desirability of the brand and price. During this magical time that ownership of the brands I lust for becomes attainable. The Room blessed me with an amazing Christopher Kane skirt. The Room has a great selection of shoes and the pickings are getting pretty slim by the time it’s 60% off plus an extra 40%. This shoe shopping experience was extra fun because I coerced my friend, Natalie into coming. There were a few choices of from my watch list of designers: Kirkwood, Sanderson, Olympia, Alaia, Atwood, Margiela. I tried on a few and stared wistfully at some wishing I had the same size feet as Stefania from I wandered the racks several times with a pair of pretty loud Erdem x Nicholas Kirkwood ankle boots. They were a thick tweed …

The Door by Ava DuVernay – Miu Miu The Women’s Tales #5

Miu Miu. How I love you for the latest film in your Women’s Tales series. I never expected to see a film with an all black cast by a black director associated with Miu Miu ever. As you can guess I’m pleasantly surprised to be wrong and totally in love with Miu Miu. The cast rocks Miu Miu designs and look smoking hot doing it. LOVE! The Door, by Ava DuVernay, the fifth Miu Miu Women’s Tale, is a celebration of the transformative power of feminine bonds, and a symbolic story of life change. The symbolic centre of The Door is the front entrance of the protagonist’s home. As she opens it to greet a friend in the powerfully framed opening scenes, she is shrouded in an oblique sadness. “In the film, characters arrive at the door of a friend in need, bringing something of themselves,” explains director DuVernay. “Eventually, we witness our heroine ready to walk through the door on her own. The door in the film represents a pathway to who we are.” …

Porsche Design TwinBag Preview

I attended the launch of the Porsche Design’s latest product, The TwinBag. This is the company’s first handbag and Thomas Steinbruck, Creative Director was on hand. Thomas is the Porsche Design’s first creative director joined the company in 2012. He has an extensive background in fashion industry as well as a bachelor’s from Studio Bercot and a Masters from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris. When I first received the invitation I was a bit sceptical of the handbag. I’m not honestly sure why since Porsche Design already has some classic luggage and briefcase designs. I was pleasantly surprised after some Internet investigation. Porsche Design managed to create a classic looking satchel handbag that converts to a shoulder bag when the clasps on the handles are released. I wanted to check the handbag out in person so I decided I would attend the launch. The Porsche Design TwinBag is beautiful. It’s a great size and well constructed. It sits perfectly on the shoulder when converted. The Italian manufactured handbag …