Month: December 2005

i want…

Secret Garden Print Bag by Marc Jacobs Summer Check Bag by Burberry London I usually despise Burberry. Totally Chav crap in my mind. This bag has softened me a bit. It’s just so colourful and fun.

i want…

Airyusha Robotan Toilet Paper Holder
Robotan Toilet Paper Holder

I have 2 cats. I love them dearly but 1 has a habit of destroying rolls of toilet paper. If she can reach the paper it’s done. I’ve had to remove them from the holder because she just goes to town on it. This Robotan toilet paper holder would be amazing. It doesn’t mount anywhere so I could just place it on the counter or shelf. Even for all it’s practical reasons the most impressive thing about this is that it’s so damn cute!!!

via OMGiwantit – Style for All

I love this site. Great clothes and great tips. They were originally called Style Intelligence but had a makeover (much like I want – I got did) and renamed to

Omiru is a style and shopping website dedicated to the concept of real style for real people. Through Style Intelligence Report, a style weblog, Omiru covers fashion trends, runway reports, street style reports, and an assortment of articles aimed at making style accessible to all.

Check out some of these great articles

1. Figure Flattery Guide – Tons of posts on what clothes with flatter your figure best. It’s about working what you got and not pining over what you don’t.

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I discovered on boingboing.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy lets you shop by color, place, time and material.

You can read more about here.

I can browse this site for days on end, there is just so many different things to look at. For example I purchased this tank top from Little Odd Forest out of Singapore.
Blue Owl Tank Top
When I opened this package I was so suprised by the presentation of the product, it was extremely professional and inlcuded some goodies (a button, some postcards and stickers)

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Lauren Felton Dress
Beautiful Lauren Felton Dress

I discovered this New York designer via local blogger La Femme (visit her site, it’s pretty freakin’ rockin’). Lauren Felton’s designs are very modern/futuristic looking (which I love being a total nerd). I really love her dresses and sleeveless tops.

Lauren’s trademark is an intellectual and sculptural approach to construction, and a thoughtful and serene beauty that unites each piece. Her clothes can be reconfigured and worn in multiple ways to create new and altered garments, for different moments and different moods.

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i want…

BCBG Max Azria Stand Collar Coat
BCBG Military Coat

I am head over heels in love with this coat. Click this link, you need to see a larger version of this picture. You need to look at that collar closely. This coat is dramatic, a statement ( I honestly didn’t lift that from the Nordstrom’s site, I noticed the similarity afterwards). If you are a size 12, Nordstrom is the place to buy. I’ll be keeping my eyes out on eBay though.

via Omiru aka Style Intelligence


OMG I want it.

OMG I want it is this really neat website I discovered.

OMGiwantit, short for Oh My God I want it, is a great place to find modern and unique gifts and home accessories. We are not a store, we don’t sell anything, we simply link to items that we think are cool/fun.

The site has a social aspect to it. You can upload a product and add products to your OMGPage. You can view mine here. The site features some really cute items like this one
Monkey Nail Dryer
It’s a monkey shaped nail dryer, how cute.


Anticon Hoodie on Sale now

You might remember a past “I want…” post featuring the Anticon Hoodie.
Anticon Hoodie

Well, they went on sale late last week. You can order online here. They retail for $105.00US. Shipping to Canada is a hefty $27.18 US (Total CDN $152.87), and then their is Mr. Taxman at the border. I’m not sure what the duty would be on this item. While I love hoodies, the unexpected suprise Taxman hit will prevent me from ordering as of yet. Perhaps if the word spreads and the hoodie takes off, we’ll see some local availablity.


Tano Handbags Redux

Previously I have mentioned Tano Handbags, there is only one place in Ontario that sells them

690 QUEEN STREET WEST – map it!!!

I checked out Response today to see what the selection is like. There were none of the bags I’m coveting, boo urns. The bags are around $269.00 and they look and feel wonderful, I definately want one. I’m not going to post pictures this time, but here are some product links

Luxor Dumpling Bag

Mercury Crunchlux

Voodoo Crunchlux

French kiss stcl np

Guerilla Fresco

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