i want: Prada “Made in India” Dress

In Dresses, i want, Prada, Spring 2011
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Prada PR are lovely people who keep me in the loop. I get a lot of updates about celebrities wearing the clothing that I enjoy receiving but don’t post about usually. However, Jennifer Garner in the Prada “Made in India” dress changed my mind.

Last year, I wrote about the Prada “Made in …” Project. A limited edition collection that partners with artisans from across the world. The ‘Made in India’ collection dress is handmade in workshops dedicated to Chikan. It’s an ancient type of Indian embroidery noted for its light textiles and floral motifs in delicate cotton thread.  The green dress is lovely but I had to include the celebrity photo for the other colourway. It’s beautiful.

Pains me to put a celebrity on the blog but the colour of this dress is really nice.

images: courtesy of Prada